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Author Topic: Altar Of Flies/Edward Sol CS (Sentimental Productions)  (Read 288 times)
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Frans de Waard (Vital Weekly #1180): "split of Edward Sol with Altar Of Flies, the project of Mathias Gustafsson,
who we know better these days from work carried out under his real name (Vital Weekly 1173
and 1070). In 2016 he was on tour with The Skull Defekts and armed with a reel-to-reel, tape
recorders, equalizer, oscillator, field recordings and contact microphone he plays some intense
electronic music. Recorded with a microphone on 7/4/2016 in Göteborg, we experience some
rather dark tones being produced via slowed down the tape and looped around, so it seems.
You could imagine the sound of a rowing boat, perhaps, taped on a rusty cassette, with some
other highly obscured sounds to go along. It is a very fine piece of music that needs to be heard
with considerable volume, I think. Edward Sol's piece is called 'Silence Is Not The Gift' and is
basically a montage of various concerts, spanning a total length of fifty minutes. It is interesting to
hear this, right after 'Teen Sharp', which had quite a collage-like approach but with much shorter
pieces and throughout not as many drones. In a live situation, apparently (I never saw him play a
concert), he goes for a more drone-like approach, curious enough and there is a lot less 'other'
sounds in here, or they exist in the background. It sounds like one solid concert, going through
various motions, and it is hard to say how many concert excerpts have been used, yet it is a most
enjoyable supplement to the Edward Sol we heard in recent times. Much darker and it is also a
more monolithic approach that he is going here for. I'd say that putting up the volume is a
requirement here."

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