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Author Topic: Loads of Tapes For Sale UPDATED 04/04/18  (Read 735 times)
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Most of these are new and unplayed old distro items that aren't listed on my website, some are second hand but rarely played. Please make offers or check discogs. Willing to sale most for cheap just to get rid and make some room.

Distro: www.stoic-strength.co.uk
Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/user/stoicstrength

A. Jarvis - “She Is Also Phasing” Tape (Peasant Magik)
Abduct - "God Complex" Tape (Pale Horse Recordings)
Abusive Delay / Consumer Moves ‎– Split” Tape (Righteous Conservative)
AeA ‎– "Apparitions" Tape (Ruido Horrible)
Agathocles - “The Struggle Continue” Tape (React)
Alex York/Sunken Cheek - "Split" Tape (Prime Ruin)
Alisa-Yhtye - “S/T” Tape (Monopolka)
Alisa-Yhtye ‎– “Alisa-Yhtye” Tape (Phage Tapes)
Alistair Crosbie / BM / Divine Coils / Family Battle Snake ‎– Split” 2x Tape (Sound Holes)
Amniosis vs. The New Parallelogrammers - "S/T" Tape (Ruido Horrible)
Amp-Arm - “S/T” Tape (Jersey Flesh)
Amputation Theory ‎– “Reign In Blood” Tape (The Institute For Organic Conversations)
An Innocent Young Throat-Cutter ‎– “Gli Occhi Dentro - Tribute To Bruno Mattei” Tape (Nil By Mouth)
Andreas Brandal/Taklamakan ‎– “De Caelo Et Ejus Mirabilibus Et De inferno, Ex Auditis Et Visis” Tape (Geluidsoverlast!!!)
Andrew Quitter ‎– "Forgotten Farms" Tape (Diazepam)
Andrew Quitter & Nick Hoffman ‎– "Nu Grotesque" Tape (Diazepam)
Angelfolc - “Reactive Identity” Tape (Strange Rules)
At Jennie Richie / Plethora - “Split” Tape (Ready Made Tapes)
Atomizador ‎– "Núcleo" Tape (Afeite Al Perro)
Avaruuden Sähkö ‎– "Avaruuden Sähkö" Tape (Heavy Meditation)

Baphometic Dawn ‎– “Solve” Tape (Blud Auk Tapes)
BBBlood - “RRRecycled” Tape (RRR)
BBBlood - “Untitled” Tape (Beartown Records)
BBBlood - “Visions Of Lizard Ecstasy” Tape (Unrest Productions)
BBBlood ‎– “Molecular Beam Epitaxy” Tape (Trans-Dimensional Sushi Recordings)
Black Leather Jesus ‎– “Psycho Sexual Mating” 2x Tape (Skeleton Dust)
Black Sue - “Untitled” Tape (Beartown Records)
Blackmoon Wariror 88 - “Crushed By The Sunwheel” Tape (Self Released?)
Blackmoon Wariror 88/Totenkopf Kommando - “Split” Tape (Self Released?)
Blackmoon Warrior 88 - “W.P.G.” Tape (Self Released?)
Body Collector - “Removal” 2x Tape (Nurse Etiquette)
Body Collector / Taskmaster - “Gun Metal Black” Tape (Nurse Etiquette)
Bore / Rotted Brain ‎– “Split” Tape (Alienated Hominid Recordings)
BPNM ‎– "Private Museum" Tape (Heavy Psych)
Brandkommando - “NOW!” Tape (Phage Tapes)
Brandkommando ‎– "From Past... 2012" Tape (Mask Of The Slave)
Brendan Murray ‎– “Due Locations” Tape (Long Long Chaney)
Brown Snake Kills Dog ‎– "Others See What We Are Blind To" Tape (Self Released)
Brutalomania - "Mess" Tape (Black Psychosis)
BT.HN. ‎– “Rawmada” Tape (Lake Shark HN #04)
BT.HN. ‎– “Ritual Totemic Stone” Tape (Trash Ritual)

Caligula031 - "Amria" Tape (Wrath)
Carrion Black Pit/Nascitari ‎– "The Conqueror Worm" Tape (Forever Escaping Boredom)
Chants From The Void - “Untitled” Tape (Gravgaver)
Circuit Wound - “Hunger Of Insects In Dry Places” Tape (Swampland Noise)
Circuit Wound - “Taken Apart” Tape (Trash Ritual) First Edition
Cirrhus ‎– “Demo 2008” Tape (Klaxon)
Claudio Rocchetti ‎– “DavidLeeRoth” Tape (Long Long Chaney)
Clay Figure/Half Mile Down ‎– "Atavists' Apprentices" Tape (Untergeschoss)
Clive Henry ‎– "XXX Colder" Tape
Coàgul/+Dvnkel Reich+ ‎– "Sangrar De Dos Dolores" Tape (Afeite Al Perro)
Cober Ord ‎– Le Revers Du Soleil" Tape (Turgid Animal/Phage Tapes)
Cold Earth Calling ‎– Montañero" Tape (Pastel Voids)
Con-Dom - "Calling All Aryans" Tape (Con-Dom Edition)
Con-Dom ‎– This Sickness Faith" Tape (Con-Dom Edition)
Con-Dom/Nails Øv Christ ‎– "Vilification" Tape (Con-Dom Edition)
Conure And 15 Degrees Below Zero - "S/T" Tape (Danvers State Recordings)
Cracksteel/Fecalove ‎– "Noisedeath Orgasm" Tape (Turgid Animal)
Crown Of Cerberus ‎– "Her Everlasting Strength" Tape (Terror)
Culver & La Mancha Del Pecado ‎– "Collaboration 3" Tape (At War With False Noise)

Dain Daller ‎– "The Tirehouse Tapes Vol. 1" Tape (Lighten Up Sounds)
Damno Te / Medea ‎– “warofthenoises” Tape (dollfullofrivets)
Dao De Noize ‎– "War In The East" Tape (Virrash)
Dapper Dan ‎– "Public Bath" Tape (Pastel Voids)
Dark Session ‎– "Hel(l)sinki" Tape (HATEHATEHATE Tapes)
Dead Body Collection ‎– "Under My Hands... She Dies On The Hospital Bed" Tape (Murder Cult Editions)
Dead Body Collection & J.Adolphe ‎– "Deep Into The Halls" Tape (Geräuschmanufaktur)
Dead Machines - “Minister To A Mind Diseased” Tape (Hanson)
Denim – "The Hand That Wounds" Tape (Prime Ruin)
Denton/Watson ‎– "Latencies V, VI, VII, VIII & IX" Tape (KIKS)
Deprivation/Autocancrena - "Split" Tape (Angst/Diazepam)
Depths - “S/T” Tape (Dead Medium Tapes)
Diet Pills - “S/T” Tape (Force Fed Records)
DIOS Project ‎– “..Retrieved From The Wreckage” Tape (Righteous Conservative)
Disleksick/Humanextermination Project ‎– "Split" Tape (HOMF)
Dissecting Table ‎– "The Universe Is Only An Object" Tape (Danvers State Recordings)
Dolmen Dweller ‎– “Ascent Toward The Plateau” Tape (Self Released)
Dotåbåtå ‎– "The Great Eagle" Tape (Cantankerous Records)
Dry Mouth/Club Sound Witches ‎– "Split" Tape (Altered States Tape)
Duncan Harrison ‎– “Affirmations” Tape (Self Released)
Dusty Fingers ‎– "As They Crawl From the Sewer" Tape (Crippled Sound)

Earhate/Cookie - “Split” Tape (Phage Tapes)
Earth Crown/Villa Valley ‎– “Spilt” Tape (Irrational Tentent)
Ebola Holocaust - “Life Ender” Tape (Self Released?)
Ecoute La Merde / Invaders From Mars - “Split” Tape (Underground Pollution)
EDASI ‎– "The Discoverie Of Witchcraft" Tape (Self Released)
Educator - “Skin” Tape (Produck)
Emaciator ‎– “Possessive” Tape (Hanson)
En Nihil/Procession Of The Black Sloth ‎– "Mask Of The Predator, Flesh Of The Prey" Tape (Whispering Eye Recordings)

Fäkalien ‎– "Hur Finna Glädje I Allt Detta Lidande" Tape (Angst)
Family Battle Snake ‎– “Ventral Stream” Tape (Gold Soundz)
Fckn'Bstrds / Takashi Ohkawa ‎– “Split” Tape (Stront)
Fecalove / N.D.E.K / Pig Molester / Ecoute La Merde ‎– “Sounds Of Mass-Murder” Tape (Ars Funebris Records)
Filthy Turd/Offal - "Split" Tape (Brazilian Waxx)
Fish Narc/Dapper Dan ‎– "Split" Tape (Pastel Voids)
Flesh Coffin - "Black Lakes" Tape (Self Released)
Fletcher Pratt ‎– “Mind Gunk Vol. 3” Tape (LoveLess Tapes)
Flutwacht ‎– "Closecuts [Live]" Tape (Mask Of The Slave)
Flutwacht/Ego Death ‎– "Stahl Gegen Stein" Tape (Mask Of The Slave)
Ford Maddox Brown / Smear Campaign ‎– “Split” Tape (Total Vermin)
Francis Harold And The Holograms - “FH+H” Tape (Self Released)
Front Towards Enemy - “S/T” Tape (Abrasive Records)
Fungi From Yuggoth/Liturgia Maleficarum - "Split" Tape (Diazepam)

Ganzer ‎– "The War Scroll / Nahtriheccunde Gahinneverahtunin Zehgessurklach Zunnus" Tape (Rokot)
Gasoline Rainbows ‎– "Shattering Glass" Tape (Pastel Voids)
Generic Shit ‎– “S.H.I.T. 04” Tape (Scotch Tapes)
Generic Shit/Eyes In The Furnace - “Split” Tape (Scotch Tapes)
Giel Bils ‎– "Cascade" Tape (Under)
Giel Bils ‎– Abide To Hate" Tape (Under)
Gimp Nipples / Gas Satori / Infected Fungus ‎– “Untitled” Tape (Underground Pollution)
Government Alpha ‎– "DGTL Salvation" Tape (Fluxus Montana)
Government Alpha ‎– “The Day Of The Light Crimson” Tape (Cipher Productions)
Green Mist/BBBlood - “Poo & Wee” Tape (Self Released Version)
Grimorc ‎– “The Devil's Touch” Tape (Swordslain Distribution)

Haare ‎– "Musta Magia" Tape (Heavy Meditation)
Harshcore / Ecoute La Merde ‎– Split” Tape (Underground Pollution)
Hasserben ‎– “Chants d'Automne” Tape (Infernal Kommando Records)
Heartbrains - "S/T" Tape (Prime Ruin)
Hedorah / The Fortieth Day - “Split” Tape (The Institute For Organic Conversations)
Hedorah/Marlee Matlin ‎– "Split" Tape (HOMF)
Hefaistos - "S/T" Tape (Heavy Meditation)
Hellbridge ‎– "Muerte En El Mar" Tape (Moral Defeat)
Helm ‎– “Direct Landscapes / Monuments” Tape (Tone Filth)
Henbane/Dødsishul ‎– "Split" Tape (Moral Defeat)
Hheva ‎– "Her Frozen Heart Bore The Weight Of A Thousand Stars" Tape (Geräuschmanufaktur)
Hive Mind & Mammal ‎– “I've Been Sick” Tape (Animal Disguise)
Hogra/Hexteria ‎– "Split" Tape (Love Earth Music)
Hollow Bush ‎– “Negative Line” Tape (Hanson)
Holocaustus ‎– “Die Erste Dekade” Tape (Winter Solace) (#14/33)
Humor Vítreo ‎– "Madrid Gernika" Tape (Afeite Al Perro)
Hunting Rituals ‎– “Wood Haunts” Tape + CD-r (Cloud Valley)
Huren Aquarium / Ecoute La Merde ‎– “Split” Tape (Self Released)

I Died / Xenization ‎– “Split” Tape (Black And Purple)
I/C/O/C / Amniosis ‎– “Doppelganger” Tape (Ruido Horrible)
Ichorous ‎– "Fleeting Glimpse" Tape (Danvers State Recordings)
Impregnable - “Romantic Fever” Tape (Tone Filth)
Indch Libertine / Toby Dammit ‎– “Se Sei Vivo Spara” Tape (Narcolepsia)
Infirmary ‎– "Avalanche" Tape (Crippled Sound)
Infirmary ‎– “Moira” Tape (Enemata Productions)
Is - “Rose Dustings” Tape (Nurse Etiquette)

J.L. Maire ‎– "Dogon" Tape (Afeite Al Perro)
Jack Lord - “S/T” Tape (Rusty Crowbar Records)
Jake Vida / Nkondi ‎– “Theprisonoftheskull” Tape (dollfullofrivets)
Jake Vida / Tusk Lord ‎– Split” Tape (Knife In The Toaster)
Jan Warnke ‎– "Shade / Wraith" Tape (Geräuschmanufaktur)
Julien Skrobek ‎– "Minutes" Tape (KIKS)

Kayaka - "Operation Deep Freeze" Tape (Mantile)
Keuhkot ‎– "TVO-Live-2006" Tape (Arkisto)
Knifedoutofexistence ‎– “The Weight Of The World (Spread Across The Length Of A Year)” Tape (KIKS/Girlfriend)
Knunn ‎– “Downhead Rabbit Tarots” Tape (Second Sleep)
Krypta ‎– "Summoning" Tape (Moral Defeat)

La Mancha Del Pecado - “Witchskinner” Tape (Agorafobia)
La Mancha Del Pecado & Culver ‎– "Collaboration 5" Tape (Narcolepsia)
La Pera ‎– “Tortura Inquisizione” Tape (Red Light Sound)
Lace - "Supine" Tape (Prime Ruin)
Last Rape ‎– “La Ragazza Che Sapeva Troppo” Tape (Gaping Hole)
Le Scrambled Debutante ‎– "Symmetrical Stupidity" Tape (Ruido Horrible)
Lea Cummings ‎– "Spectres" Tape (KIKS)
Leeres Hirn - “Kill The Scum” Tape (Crippled Sound)
Legion Of Swine/Brown - "Split" Tape (Horrible Injury)
Leslie Keffer ‎– “Pollutes” Tape (Gameboy Records)
Lexes ‎– “Crickets” Tape (Nil By Mouth)
Lidane Livering/Dogs Of Yama ‎– "Sheltering Void" Tape (Moral Defeat)
Los Heraldos Negros - “S/T” Tape (Ruido Horrible)
Love Letters / Rotted Brain ‎– “Split” Tape (LoveLess Tapes)
Love Letters/Jake Vida ‎– “The Vanishing” Tape (LoveLess Tapes)
Love Letters/Oubliette - “Split” Tape (LoveLess Tapes)
Lucid Pyramids ‎– "Demo I" Tape (Prime Ruin)
Lucifugum ‎– “Sectane Satani” Tape (Propaganda)
Lyke Wake ‎– "Let The Suffering Grow Inside" Tape (Angst)

Maim - “Dead River” Tape (Audiobot)
Malvoisie - “Necro Molestor” Tape (Infernal Kommando Records)
MB + ICS – Vir-Uz” Tape (Red Light Sound)
Mêlée ‎– “Violent Forms Of Laughter Pt. 2” Tape (Arbor)
Mémoire De Neige ‎– “Aux Funérailles De L'Hiver” Tape (Infernal Kommando Records)
Memory Smoker - "Synth Eternal" Tape (Self Released)
Mess Folk - “7 Minutes Of Shit” Tape (Self Released?)
Mess Folk/Dunce Club - “Split” Tape (Scotch Tapes)
Metek / Obsolete Office Equipment ‎– “Untitled” Tape (Noise Pollution)
Mixturizer / Los Heraldos Negros - “Split” Tape (Ruido Horrible)
Moffarfarrah ‎– "Dead Right" Tape (Virrash)
Moth Drakula - “Black Meat Hospital” Tape (Swampland Noise)
Moulded Flesh - “Death Is Redemption” Tape (Skeleton Plague Records)
Murder Cult ‎– "The Bridge" Tape (Murder Cult Editions)
Murder Cult ‎– "The Folly" Tape (KIKS)
Muscletusk / Smear Campaign - “Split” Tape (Total Vermin)
Mutant Sex Quartet - "Chapter Eight" Tape (Phage Tapes)
Mutant Sex Quartet ‎– "Chapter Nine" Tape (Second Sleep)
Mutilated Slut - "Acid Attack" Tape (Terror)
MX Nihil ‎– “Fuck Me Killer” Tape (World Nihil)
MX Nihil ‎– “Rösner” Tape (World Nihil)
Myrrh - "Hymns" Tape (Lighten Up Sounds)

Nacht Und Nebel - “466 Days” Tape (Self Released)
Nacht Und Nebel - “Hronir” Tape (Self Released)
Need - “S/T” Tape (Crippled Sound Records)
Negativeself/A Happy Death./Autocancrena/Cassandra/IRS ‎– "Aktion No 1" Tape (Angst)
NS King - "Taming Of White Stallion / Secret Fertility Tips" Tape (Trash Can Dance)
Nummy - "S/T" Tape (FTAM)
Nyctophobic - “Live, Meksplas (B) 2.4.95” Tape (Self Released?)

Odio ‎– "Rain Is Pouring Through The Bunker's Ceiling" Tape (Virrash)
Operativ Permanent ‎– “Visual Confrontation” Tape (Heidenlarm Sounds 2004)
Oscillating Innards - “One Little Word” Tape (Callow God)
Oscillating Innards / Nkondi ‎– “Hateyourcomputers” Tape (dollfullofrivets)
Oscillating Innards vs. Rainbow Blanket - “S/T” Tape (Callow God/Iatrogenesis Records)
Osirion - “Har Sabbat” Tape (Infernal Kommando Records)
Oubliette ‎– “Rural Cartography” Tape (No Horse Shit)
Oxycodone/Ritual Stance ‎– "Untitled" Tape (Cruel Nature)

Partly Zombish ‎– "August Cake And The Cardboard Sessions" Tape (FTAM)
Pentadrvg/Abstinentiadivinorum/Ritval Addict/Persistence In Mourning ‎– "Alice" Tape (Cruel Nature)
Pietro Riparbelli ‎– "SORTIE" Tape (Geräuschmanufaktur)
Piss Lemonade / Gin Mill ‎– “Split” Tape (LoveLess Tapes)
Plague Mother ‎– "Departures" Tape (Prime Ruin)
Priest In Shit ‎– “Our Population In Ruins” Tape (Cipher Productions)
Procession Of The Black Sloth ‎– "Portrait Of The Corporate Psychopath" Tape (Whispering Eye Recordings)
Procession Of The Black Sloth ‎– "RFID Parasitosis" Tape (Whispering Eye Recordings)
Prurient – Caribbean Overdose" Tape (Hospital Productions)
Prurient/Kevin Drumm - “All Are Guests In The House Of The Lord” Tape (Hospital Productions)
Psychoneurosis - “Co Się Dzieje Z Naszymi Pieniędzmi?” Tape (Czerwony Diabełek)

Radical Creation/Dead Body Collection ‎– "Split" Tape (Virrash)
Raspberry Bulbs ‎– “Lone Gunman” Tape (RB Records)
Ratbag & MSMiroslaw ‎– "Live At Loophole" Tape (Ruido Horrible)
Raven - "Inhuman Conditions" Tape (Diazepam Records)
Rectal Machete/Funeral Mongoloids - "Split" Tape (Hiisi Productions)
Repulsive Bile - “S/T” Tape (Abandoned Records)
Rewalia ‎– "Demo + Rehearsal Outtakes" Tape (Self Released)
Rex Satanachia ‎– “First Legion Of Hell” Tape (Satanic Deathcult Productions)
Ring Of Smoke Through The Trees - "S/T" Tape (Danvers State)
Ritual Suicide - “SadistiK Saints And The Rotted Shells” Tape (Adzove Vrbe Records)
Roadside Picnic Meets Dominique Ciancio ‎– "Sword Fighting Jazz" Tape (Cruel Nature)
Robe. ‎– “Antiquated Silhouettes” Tape (Underground Pollution)
Robert Ridley-Shackleton ‎– "Melting All My Years In2 Tears" Tape (Hissing Frames)
Rodger Stella ‎– "Detroit Live" Tape (Skeleton Dust)
Romain Perrot/Gerritt Wittmer/Francisco Meirino ‎– "In Absence Of Song" Tape (Geräuschmanufaktur)
Roro Perrot/Angola - "Split" Tape (Turgid Animal)
Rotat ‎– "Mob Justice" Tape (Deviants Clove Productions)
Rotat ‎– "Rotat" Tape (Deviants Clove Productions)
Rotted Brain / I Died ‎– “Split” Tape (Black And Purple)
Rotted Brain / Oubliette - “Split” Tape (Alienated Hominid)
RU-486 ‎– "Blitz Aktion Contra" Tape (Danvers State Recordings)
RU-486 w/ Steel Hook Prostheses & Demonologists - "S/T" Tape (Whispering Eye Recordings)

S C K E ‎– Disclosure" Tape (Hairdryer Excommunication)
Satan's Satyrs - “Lucifer Lives!” Tape (Emptiness Productions)
Scumearth ‎– "Magnetosphere" Tape (Afeite Al Perro)
Seabrook Collapse ‎– "In Defense Of Indifference" Tape (Posh Isolation)
Seagull Overseas - "While You Plan It" Tape (Terror)
Sebastian Kruse ‎– “Dog Voyeur” Tape (Posh Isolation)
Sewer Pyysalos ‎– "II In I" Tape (Arkisto)
Shitnoise Bastards/Nekrokyrpä ‎– "Noise Vomit Feast" Tape (Supreme Analog Torture Records)
Shitty Vibe Smasher ‎– “Untitled” Tape (Cherried Out Merch)
Shiver/Sterile Garden ‎– "Candle Burning Magic" Tape (Diazepam)
Sick Buildings ‎– “Cave Dwellers Society” Tape (rundownsun)
Sinestesia - “I” Tape (Ruido Horrible)
Sir Isaf Gul ‎– "Sir Isaf Gul" Tape (Lighten Up Sounds)
Skull Mansions ‎– "Ossifica" Tape (Dew Crux)
Smash Tennis / Dotåbåtå ‎– "Split" Tape (Cantankerous Records)
Snuff Budgies ‎– Maths" Tape (Cantankerous Records)
Soft Option Killing - “Rogue State” Tape (Unrest Productions)
Soft Option Killing - “Untitled” Tape (Self Released)
Soft Option Killing ‎– “Reprisal” Tape (Self Released)
Solar Horn ‎– "Rebirth Ritual" Tape (Kaos Control)
Solhverv ‎– “94/96 Sessions” Tape (Posh Isolation)
Sonic Disorder / Emil Beaulieau ‎– “Untitled” Tape (Smell The Stench)
SSRI - "Focalor" Tape (Black Psychosis)
SSRI - "Rebis" Tape (Mask Of The Slave)
SSRI - "Robust" Tape (Narcolepsia)
SSRI/Fecalove - "Split" Tape (Untergeschoss)
SSRI/Hippycrack - "Split" Tape (Untergeschoss)
SSRI/Nunnauuni ‎– "Split" Tape (Untergeschoss)
Stabwound Empire - “Demo 08” Tape (Self Released?)
Stegm - “Harm Reduction” Tape (Cipher Productions)
Stimbox / Nkondi ‎– “Whatflavorisnoise?” Tape (dollfullofrivets)
Stumblesome ‎– "LOVEREVOLVER" Tape (FTAM)
Stupor/10000V/Body Stress ‎– "Mayhem Live Series #1" Tape (Moral Defeat)
Suburbia Melting ‎– “More Metal Than Man” Tape (Phage Tapes)
Suicidal Winds - “Definitely War: Demo 98” Tape (Self Released?)
Sunken Cheek ‎– "Each Actual Other" Tape (Prime Ruin)
Sunshine & Gasoline ‎– "The Village Candlemaker" Tape (Pastel Voids)

Temple Below - “Temple” Tape (Turanian Honour Productions)
Tenzenmen ‎– "Quarrychase" Tape (Arkisto)
Tethaum – “Gematrix” Tape (Sephirotic Publishing)
The Afternoon Gentlemen ‎– “White Cider Chronicles - The Birdshit Basement Sessions” Tape (Keep Screaming)
The Barracks Of Afghanistan ‎– “Mother Tongue” Tape (Spaceless Jam)
The Barracks Of Afghanistan ‎– “Psychobabbling Alarmist Reactionary” Tape (Nurse Etiquette)
The Bear Faced Boy & Anti Child League - “Clean Yourself” Tape (Abrasive Records)
The Bitters ‎– “East General” Tape (Release The Bats)
The Cherry Point - “Cloudburst” Tape (Samsa Records)
The Cherry Point - “Death Screams” Tape (Tone Filth)
The Cherry Point & At Jennie Richie - “Untitled” Tape (Enterruption)
The Cherry Point/Oscillating Innards - “S/T” Tape (Iatrogenesis Records)
The Dead Mauriacs ‎– "Are You Here?" Tape (Geräuschmanufaktur)
The Fortieth Day - “Pelusium 540 AD” Tape (Cipher Productions)
The Hermetic Trio - "S/T" Tape (Lighten Up Sounds)
The Nevari Butchers - “Arms And Everything Else” Tape (Hanson)
Thin Vision ‎– "Early Spoiling" Tape (Unseen Force)
Thra'el - “The Baneful Spirit” Tape (Palehorse Recordings)
Tiese ‎– "Ant Širdies" Tape (Terror)
Torturing Nurse / Ecoute La Merde ‎– Split” Tape (Smell The Stench)
Total Abuse - “Sex Pig” Tape (This Is Austin Not LA #1)
Tusco Terror - “S/T” Tape (Hanson)

Umpio/Vassbotn ‎– "Split" Tape (Obscurex)
Unamed ‎– "I Naturligt Tillstånd/I Min Ensamhet Härskar Jag" Tape (Cursed Tapes)
Unclean - "Deranged" Tape (Untergeschoss)
Uncodified ‎– "Drug Street" Tape (Nil By Mouth)
Unexamine - "Bokeem Woodbine" Tape (Heavy Psych)
Usurper / Green Mist ‎– “Untitled” Tape (Sick Head)

V/A - "Untergeschoss Compilation Vol. 1" Tape (Untergeschoss)
V/A - "Voyeurs Of Modern Decay" Tape (Cursed Tapes)
V/A - "Writing Her Diary - A Tribute To Brainbombs" Tape (Danvers State Recordings)
V/A - "Your Own Shadow Blocks The Light" Tape (Hyster)
V/A - “A Room Without Doors” Tape (Knife In The Toaster)
V/A - “BTHO E#2b” Tape (Ecstatic Peace)
V/A - “Underground Series Volume 1” Tape (Hanson)
V/A - “Underground Series Volume 2” Tape (Hanson)
V/A - “Underground Series Volume 3” Tape (Hanson)
V/A - “Underground Series Volume 4” Tape (Hanson)
V/A ‎– "New Noise Year's Party" 3x Tape (Con-Dom Edition)
V/A ‎– “Naked, Bruised” Tape (Callow God)
Vagrant - "Canal" Tape (Moral Defeat)
Vassbotn ‎– "Besøk Fra Italia" Tape (Terror)
Verivala ‎– “Uuden Aamun Sarastus” Tape (Antihumanism Records)
Vestigial Limb ‎– “Lung Fluid” Tape (905 Tapes)
Vice Wears Black Hose ‎– “Part 1” Tape (Cathartic Process)
Videotrage ‎– “Signaltures” Tape (Obscurex)
Vidharr - “Eclipse” Tape (War Flagellation Productions)
Villa Valley - “Drain Our Humours” Tape (Nurse Etiquette)
Visceral Reply ‎– "Visceral Reply" Tape (Prime Ruin)
Vixens - “Baptism/Demo 2011” Tape (La Vida Es Un Mus)
Vomir ‎– "Quest, No Conquest" Tape (Geräuschmanufaktur)
Vomir / Ecoute La Merde - “Split” Tape (Narcolepsia)

Weak Sisters ‎– “Untitled” Tape + Biz Card CD-r (Abhorrent A.D.)
Wet Dream Asphyxiation - "Crushing Inward" Tape (Distorted Visions)
Whalley - “Untitled” Tape (rundownsun)
White Eyes Wide ‎– Innocent Inscest" Tape (Apostle Of Purity)
White Torture / Selymes Viragszirom ‎– “There Are Worse Things Than Being Alone” Tape (Narcolepsia)
Whitewater Orgasm - "Moments Of Suffering" Tape (Danvers State Recordings)
Wilt/Prurient - "Bottomfeeding Whore" Tape (Turgid Animal)
Winter Ritual ‎– "Blind Hex" Tape (Prime Ruin)
Witchblood ‎– "Ecsed" Tape (Matching Head)

Zaklanie/Hazetomb ‎– "Svlt" Tape (Cruel Nature)
Zenta Sustained ‎– “Breaking Through The Terminal Stasis” Tape (Nurse Etiquette)
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