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Author Topic: Small Number of New Forces Sold Out Titles Available  (Read 268 times)
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« on: January 28, 2018, 05:42:09 PM »

I found a small box of some sold out titles that I had previously set aside for tour and then misplaced during a move. I added them to the webstore, newforcesnoise.limitedrun.com. Limited quantities of everything, mostly just 2-3 or each.

Heat Signature - People's War (harsh noise from members of Being and Action/Discipline)
Constrain - Option to Hide (dynamic harsh noise, one of the finest releases in the New Forces discography)
Scalp Elevator - Reenactment (harsh noise from Ryan Bloomer and Andrew Nolan)
Skin Graft - Activity Tolerance (no description necessary)
Action/Discipline / Orgasmic Response Unit / Legless / Unpenis (4-way split showcasing the best in contemporary Americanoise)
Rodger Stella & Scant - Third Phalanx (flawless noise collaboration)
Facialmess - Dingy Little Back Alley Of A Country (cut-up harsh noise, one of Japan's finest)
Knurl - Ectodurotomy (king of junk-metal noise)
Vat - Bubble Probe (crude harsh noise, Americanoise king)
Unsustainable Social Condition - Your Strife Means Nothing To Me (grinding noise/core)

"It took all my strength not to slam dunk them into oblivion" - Matt Boettke
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