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Author Topic: Floppy Kick sale (everything is 1€) ending today!  (Read 534 times)
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Floppy Kick - the floppy label

« on: December 02, 2017, 03:05:29 AM »

Floppy Kick sale (everything is 1€) ending today midnight! (UTC+2)

Download codes are included for all releases!

current catalog:


FCK 002  Computer Suspect - Aʞrótata (Miniature)  experimental from Greece, ltd to 18  AVALABLE
FCK 003  Arytnelanuko - Synechtrie        experimental noise from the Czech Republic, ltd to 18  AVAILABLE
FCK 004  Fecal Fetal - Mechanisms of the Hissing Field     experimental from Finland, ltd to 18  AVAILABLE
FCK 005  Ogun Oru - Voices of Dead Memories   noise drone from Peru, ltd to 18    AVAILABLE
FCK 006 Jez PA Speelman & Adam Hunt - Classic Pop  lo-fi noise pop from Australia  AVAILABLE
FCK 007 Raven - Hadron Collider     lo-fi noise from Serbia   LAST COPY!
FCK 008 Trocomordedor - Mundo Payaso 悪質な  harshnoise from Chile  AVAILABLE
FCK 009 Der Domestizierte Mensch - Not Today  industrial noise from Germany AVAILABLE
FCK 012 Supaypadadá - La Sien De Ciroan  noise rock / noisegrind from Peru      AVAILABLE
FCK 013 Xtematic - File X  experimental/noise from Croatia               AVAILABLE
FCK 014 Loopool - Egolosses  experimental noise from US   AVAILABLE
FCK 015 She Destroys Hope  experimental noise, Germany    AVAILABLE
FCK 016 Kylie Minoise - Flock Of Scythes   experimental noise from UK     AVAILABLE
FCK 017 Bass-O-Matic - Bonus Track   experimental bassguitar noise from Hungary  LAST COPY!
FCK 018 Spastic Burn Victim - Space Oggity  experimental / harsh noise from UK   AVAILABLE
FCK 019 BxUxG - Froward   glitchy experimental noise from Switzerland      AVAILABLE
FCK 021 1UP-Collectif - Disk Hate    chiptune from France        AVAILABLE
FCK 022 Psychotic Sufferance - Untitled  noisegrind from Malaysia   AVAILABLE
FCK 023 Melophobia - Sewn Wings / Apraxia   experimental noise from Greece   AVAILABLE
FCK 024 558701 -   22164094245332   experimental noise from Poland AVAILABLE
FCK 025 D.D.Dobson - A Cluster Of Lights  experimental noise from the US   AVAILABLE
FCK 026 Heidi Hörsturz - Ponyhof 2079   abstract experimental noise from Netherlands   AVAILABLE
FCK 027 Starlite Coffins - White Hill, Black River    dark ambient from the US       AVAILABLE
FCK 028 Nefasto Celiba - Electric Deserters   noisy lobit chiptune EP from Italy    AVAILABLE
FCK 029 23/14 - Третий Интернационал  experimental lofi ambient techno from Russia  AVAILABLE
FCK 030 Trou - Goatrape Nekroritual MMXVI  experimental noise from France              AVAILABLE
FCK 031 Binary Dirge - 3rd Loop   experimental/lofi drone noise from Russia      AVAILABLE
FCK 032 The New Blockaders & Kommissar Hjuler - Karawane #3  exp. noise from UK/Germany    AVAILABLE
FCK 033 Noestalgya - Lingser Wengi   dark ambient from Indonesia              AVAILABLE
FCK 034 Bookwar - Thermenvox Noise Sessions   noisy experimental from Russia   AVAILABLE
FCK 035 Corroded Master - The Orator Of The Deaf    lofi indusrial ambient / EBM from the US    AVAILABLE


FCKSPL 002  Chibre / Trou - Chibre / Trou split            noise from France      AVAILABLE
FCKSPL 004  Refrain (USA) / Lefterna (Macedonia) noise                    AVAILABLE
FCKSPL 005   mhz_ / жертва талидомида    noise / experimental  from Poland   AVAILABLE
FCKSPL 006  Zebra Mu / Robert Ridley-Shackleton   experimental noise from UK  LAST COPY!
FCKSPL 007  Ogata Tetsuo / Shhh...  experimental ambient, Portugal         AVAILABLE
FCKSPL 008  Omut Mora (Russia) / Feldgrau (Poland)  dark ambient / experimental     AVAILABLE
FCKSPL 009  Pregnant Lloyd / Team Phosphenes  noise/experimental from  USA and UK   AVAILABLE
FCKSPL 011  Ego Death (Greece) / Der Domestizierte Mensch (Germany)  industrial noise   AVAILABLE
FCKSPL 012  Natal Mors (Germany) / Струп (Belarus)  lo-fi noisy industrial      AVAILABLE
FCKSPL 013 Høly Vøid (Belgium) / Tristan Burfield (UK) dark ambient / chiptune      AVAILABLE
FCKSPL 014 Greg Shapley (Australia) / MWroblewski (Poland) glitchy ambient/experimental  AVAILABLE
FCKSPL 015 Velvet Worm / Южная Ликантропия ‎– experimental noise/dark ambient/drone from Russia     AVAILABLE


Floppy Kick Europe Vol. 1   AVAILABLE

Eco Series

FCKECO 013  mhzesent - Untitled  abstract lo-fi noise/chiptune/hiphop thing from Poland  AVAILABLE
FCKECO 014  Anti-Aesthetic - Damage Done   minimalistic harsh-noise from the USA       LAST COPY!
FCKECO 015 Begotten - Chirripó  ambient/dark ambient from Costa Rica                           AVAILABLE
FCKECO 016 Winjer3 - Blank VHS  lofi ambient/abstract techno from the USA                 AVAILABLE
FCKECO 017 Supaypadadá - Wasting Our Time  lofi industrial/noise from Peru                 AVAILABLE
FCKECO 019 The Serpentaire - Discordance  experimental/hindustani drone, France        AVAILABLE
FCKECO 021  No Way Out - Untitled   noisy dark ambient from France                            LAST COPY!
FCKECO 022  No Way Out - Huygens     experimental noise/ambient from France        AVAILABLE
FCKECO 023  Uromancist - Platitudes   (experimental) harsh noise from France          AVAILABLE
FCKECO 024  Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo - (((((   experimental / sound collage from Argentina AVAILABLE
FCKECO 025  Peza - Monday Blues / Tuesday Swing   free jazz saxophone from Sweden    AVAILABLE
FCKECO 026  Eurydyka - Journey       Harsh noise wall from Poland                                AVAILABLE
FCKECO 027  Bol E Zen - Gray Land AM  experimental/dark ambient from Slovenia     AVAILABLE
FCKECO 028  Lazyimbuzi - 042   raw grind/noise rock from Indonesia              AVAILABLE
FCKECO 029  mhzesent - Affineverse  lo-fi experimental EP from Poland             AVAILABLE
FCKECO 030 Kaarel Mihk - Teine Teisel Pool Akent   IDM/experimental from Estonia    AVAILABLE
FCKECO 031 Victor Zhdanov - Microcassette Audiocollage 001  exp. audiocollage from Russia   AVAILABLE
FCKECO 032  Starblood - Dragon, Ancient Serpent   lofi black metal from the USA     AVAILABLE
FCKECO 033  Survey Control - Decompression   lo-fi ambient from Australia     AVAILABLE
FCKECO 034  mhzesent - Avec Rabies Columbine - lo-fi abstract techno from Poland     AVAILABLE

more info & covers here: https://www.discogs.com/label/563484-Floppy-Kick
order @ Discogs (above) or in email, here:
floppykick at gmail dot com
First come, first serve, no reservations!
Paypal accepted!
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Floppy Kick - the floppy label

« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2017, 05:52:10 PM »

Some release almost sold out, still have 7 hours left!
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