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Author Topic: 30 SHIRTS FS Whitehouse/Brighter Death Now/Sutcliffe Jugend/Earth/Melvins/etc  (Read 2603 times)
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« on: October 24, 2010, 02:32:50 AM »

please EMAIL blackoperations_uk at hotmail dot com
first come, first served.
no guaranteed reply to messageboards PMs. sorry.
prices in GBP £. not including postage. open to offers.
payment via PAYPAL only and promptly please.

BIRTHDAY PARTY, THE. 'Prayers on Fire' logo in white and skull logo in red on black shirt. Size XL. GBP 8.00

BRAINBOMBS. 'Jack The Ripper Lover' artwork (Yorkshire Ripper police photofit) and logo in white on black shirt. Made by Load Records. Size L. Never worn. GBP 8.00

BRIGHTER DEATH NOW. 'Innerwar' shirt in red on cream coloured shirt. With backprint. Made by Cold Meat Industry? Rare. GBP £ 20.00

CAN. 'Future Days' artwork in red on black shirt. Size XL. GBP 8.00

DEAD KENNEDYS. 'In God We Trust Inc'. Size XL. Album artwork on grey shirt. Some wear, print fading, neck a little stretched. GBP £ 3.00

DEEP WOUND. Logo on front and small on one sleeve in white on black shirt. Size XL. £ 10.00

DISCHARGE. 'Fight Back' 7" artwork in black on white shirt. Size XL. GBP £ 8.00

EARTH. 'Pentastar' longsleeve. White. Album artwork on front. 'Earth - New and Improved. Crushes The Competition' and small Sub Pop logo backprint (top of shirt). Small flames at bottom of one arm. Some wear - bit of print cracking, a little yellowing, neck a bit stretched, shirt a bit out of shape. Very very rare. Size XL. GBP £ 25.00

EARTH. 'Extra-Capsular Extraction' artwork with metal style Earth logo on white shirt. Size XL. Worn/washed once. Rare. GBP £ 25.00

EARTH. Blue/white Southern Lord designed logo on black shirt. Size L. Worn/washed once. GBP 15.00

EARTH. 'Hex' logo in gold on black shirt. Never worn. Size XL. £ 12.00

EARTH. 'Hex' logo in gold and 'Live Hex' artwork on brown shirt with small backprint. Sold on 2006 euro tour. Size M. Worn/washed twice. GBP £ 20.00

EARTH. Green/black raven design with gold writing (Earth logo at bottom and small yiddish writing at top) on black shirt. Sold on 2008 euro tour. Size XL. Never worn. GBP £ 15.00

END OF GREEN. 'Infinity' longleeve. Full colour design. With backprint. 'DEPRESSED SUBCORE' on sleeve. Navy blue shirt. Some wear - print cracking, shirt fading. Rare. GBP 6.00

ENGINE KID. Sweatshirt. Size XL. Embroided logo on left breast. Navy Blue. Worn/washed once. GBP £ 10.00

ENDVRA. 'Black Eden' artwork on black shirt with backprint. Size XL. Very rare. GBP £ 25.00

MARZURAAN. Logo and design in black on olive green shirt. Worn/washed twice. Size L. GBP 10.00

MARZURAAN. Logo cross in white on navy blue shirt with small backprint. Size L. Never worn. GBP 8.00

MELVINS. Kiss style logo in white on black shirt. Size XL (though fits more like size L). GBP 10.00

MULTI-DEATH CORPORATIONS. Artwork in red on black shirt. Size XL. Some wear, print cracking, shirt fading. GBP 3.00

NEGATIVE FX. Album artwork on grey shirt. Size XL. GBP 8.00

PUSSY GALORE. 'Sugarshit Sharp' artwork (Neubauten rip) in black on white shirt. Size XL. Rare. GBP 15.00

SKULLFLOWER. 'IIIrd Gatekeeper' artwork in white on black shirt. Size XL. Never worn. GBP £ 8.00

SUTCLIFFE JUGEND. 'We Spit On Their Graves'. Logo on front. Victim's names and dates and 'WSOTG' on back. Black on white shirt. Made by Cold Spring. Very rare (70 only). GBP £ 35.00

VILE' 'Solution' album artwork in black on white shirt. Size L. GBP 6.00.

VOORHEES. 'Violent...' artwork on black shirt. Size XL. Sold on 1996 US tour. Neck a bit stretched. GBP £ 10.00

WHITEHOUSE. 'Birthdeath Experience' artwork on white shirt. No tag but must be a size XL or XXL. Handmade in small numbers by Dwid Integrity/Psywarfare in the 90s. Rare. Neck a little stretched. GBP 15.00

WHITEHOUSE. 'Baby/Vulgar' Trevor Brown design in pink/black on grey shirt. Only worn/washed a few times, shirt possibly a little out of shape. Size XL (though may fit more like a size L). Rare. GBP £ 15.00

WHITEHOUSE. 'Mummy & Daddy' child-ish design on brown shirt and logo. Made by Susan Lawly. Size XL. Some slight wear to neck. Very rare (100 only). GBP 30.00

WHITEHOUSE. 'Total Sex' CD artwork in white on black shirt. Size XL. Never worn. GBP £ 6.00.


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