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Author Topic: Murderous Vision- Abscission C-30  (Read 322 times)
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Available August 1st via Chthonic Streams...

MURDEROUS VISION has been the solo project of Stephen Petrus for 25 years, during which he has released close to a dozen albums and numerous compilation tracks on several noted industrial and ambient labels, including his own Live Bait Recording Foundation. Chthonic Streams is proud to help celebrate this milestone with an album that hearkens back to the project's 90s roots with a sound akin to Cold Meat Industry and Slaughter Productions classics.

Abscission delves deep into the dark and foreboding areas of both the forest and the mind. Abscission is "the shedding of various parts of an organism, such as a plant dropping a leaf, fruit, flower, or seed. In zoology, abscission is the intentional shedding of a body part, such as the shedding of a claw, husk, or the autotomy of a tail to evade a predator." Danger is lurking, and the only way to survive it may be to lose a piece of yourself.

Mixed and mastered by Derek Rush, with guest appearance by THEOLOGIAN on one track. Releasing on cassette and digital August 1.
PREVIEWS: https://soundcloud.com/chthonicstreams/murderous-vision-abscission-unmastered-previews

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