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Author Topic: PLAYLIST with COMMENTS/REVIEWS  (Read 2234400 times)
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« Reply #7470 on: June 22, 2019, 02:35:54 PM »

Keiji Haino - Milky Way LP
Fantastic! From 1973(?!). Whoah, it's even two years before Metal Machine Music.

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« Reply #7471 on: June 26, 2019, 07:34:40 AM »

D Jackman – Herbstsonne
No small degree of anticipation greeted the formal announcement of this singular piece from the singular dronemeister. From the promo blurb alone, I knew I needed it. And needed it now. Well, now that I do have it deep in my hot little ‘holes I can safely say, with no fear of contradiction, that the anticipation paid off. It would have to. That’s the way anticipations of such insane degree work. If it weren’t automatically worth it I’d be forced to kill myself. And kill myself now.
   But, as I’m sure you’ll have not failed to notice, I’m not quite dead. Can’t speak for what will transpire at the end of this commentary.
   Let me start by trying to parse why this particular offering generated all that internal hoopla. One word: tanpura. The last time I’d encountered the word, and the instrument, was via the quietly gorgeous Sorow under the Organum monicker. Sorow, following in the mold of the previous Omega, was a victory lap after the successful completion of the Amen-Sanctus-Omega trilogy. A victory lap somewhat dampened by the more recent, more headscratch-worthy, Raven. Quoth the promo blurb, “Herbstsonne consists of a single 47 min. long track”, the promising longform presentation also consistent with Sorow.
   For further reference, let me again quote the promo blurb (as usual, the disc and accompanying sleeve don’t say jack shit). Herbstsonne uses “the sounds of Tanpura, Piano, Organ and Bells”. But where in Sorow the organ is quite dominant, here it is significantly stripped back, allowing the tanpura to really set the tone- reminiscent of the brief, quieter passages of Omega. Measured, delicate pluckings underscore a restrained easterly headwind, the constant twangy drone very slowly breathing and exhaling through a hushed field only occasionally visited by the Piano, Organ and Bells. When they do visit it is in mighty pounding chords, swells, clangs, Gloria! Sanctus! Omega! Amen! all but obliterating the tanpura, but then only for the fleeting-est moments as the echoing thunder dissipates in the wake of steadily resurgent twang, church bells faintly doling out their assurances, melancholic strain of organ fluttering into the shadow, steadily melting hints of divinity, nirvana, wavering in the distance.
        Ultimately, what you are getting is not far from what has been got for the last several Organum offerings. Amen. Sanctus. Omega. Sorow. Raven. Herbstsonne. The sound color across this spectrum is so similar that one could almost suggest these as a constituting a single long series of alternate takes or mixes of the same session. Remix might be the wrong term. Perhaps, re-spacing. Or re-shaping. Certainly, a considerable degree of re-arranging. Here one element is added (tanpura). There another is reduced (organ). Differing relations with time, space, contrast, convergence. The tapestry of elements is nevertheless so rich as to offer so much within its folds. As though this- the "Tanpura, Piano, Organ and Bells" is the full orchestra put into play, and into which endless variations may so satisfyingly elaborate.
   As to what you're not getting, well, conspicuously less of the lush, full-flavored, droning depths that so saturate the Organum palate proper. Possibly here a hint as to why the Jackman solo credit, who can say? I can say that lush of a different sort prevails, full and flavorsome depths divined through shifting elements in continuous convergence and dialog with one another. A politeness, a distance duly accorded the myriad hue and shade. In this regard, Herbstsonne could be one of the most classically musical projects proffered by the inscrutable source, under any name. Something I never would have consciously anticipated, and something that only feeds my delirious anticipations of more to come.

the above now significantly altered per my mood of the moment
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« Reply #7472 on: June 26, 2019, 10:37:24 PM »

I also really like Herbstsonne by David Jackman. It’s like a companion piece to Organum’s recent Raven. I also don’t quite understand why it came out under Jackman’s name and not Organum, but it’s not important after all.

While I like the “classic” Organum sound, I’m also a big fan of the 7”s that came out in the early-to-mid-2000s (Die Letzte Musik Vor Dem Krieg, Ein Schwärzeres Schwarz, the Organum/Jackman split) which depart from Organum’s previous sound and combine a few simple elements (some of them musical, some of them not) to create fantastic and unique pieces. I still have to get Valentin and Feldzug/Stumpf (although this one might still be scraping/droning Organum).
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