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Author Topic: Sacramence/Canal Street Electronics Split LP (Found Remains)  (Read 48 times)
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Found Remains
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Song samples on Bandcamp!

A bleakness exists even in the brightest of colors. As life radiates and pulsates, it so too uncovers the full potential of disappointment and failure. It takes a lifetime for most to embrace such aspects of existence and fully come to terms with the brevity of our time here on this rotten husk of dirt. Often it is far too late to appreciate what failure, disappointment, hope, passion, and success offers you and stories of deathbed revelations or regret are far too common. Teaming lifelong miscreant and devotee of depravity, Michael Berdan, and his most recent act of recalcitrant rebellion, Canal Street Electronics, with the still somewhat budding and blossoming Sacramence will help those on the verge of self-discovery (or immolation) to levitate beyond those realms once thought unattainable.

Long-suffering routine offender Michael Berdan and his new project Canal Street Electronics further displays his dogged persistence in the pursual of electronic Valhalla. Watching and listening to his forays into this field over the years has been nothing short of amazing: this is a man who was so fiercely up against the wall, beaten, broken down and seemingly defeated. This sense of defeat has invoked a fierce reality and flight or fight mechanism throughout all his work, with Canal Street Electronics sounding like the most effective culmination of a lifetime of disappointment and a realization that succumbing to such tragedies was never an option. This is Berdan fighting, brawling, and overwhelming his enemies within and triumphantly seizing that spark of alarming spirit which burns inexorably inside of him.  Beautifully ugly, terrifyingly honest, and most of all bitterly powerful. This is Berdan at pure, peak performance.

In contrast, S. Jordan and his Sacramence project has eschewed the detrimental elements of one-man dark synth projects and produced a pounding, draining, and altogether inspiring journey into the narrow field of sorrow-drenched joy. The thing that always appealed to me about synth-driven electronics projects was the forbidden ecstasy, the unbridled excitement, and almost guilty urge to lose yourself completely in something so decidedly enjoyable when you inexplicably felt compelled to hate yourself at almost every other turn. Sacramence provides an escape, a temporary reprieve from the mundane and allows something primal to bubble to the surface. This is music to listen to during those times when you stare into the mirror long enough to almost like what reflects back at you.

(Text by Sam Vince/Down & Out Zine)

Absolute attention and care was given to this LP to maximize both the sound and presentation. The vinyl has been cut and mastered by Josh Bonati and was manufactured by Brooklyn Phono on red colored vinyl. The LP jacket has been professionally printed in color with black reverse board ink inside the jacket. Also included is a double sided black and white insert with release credits and exclusive artist portraits for this release.

This pre-order includes shipping in the total and can be combined with other items into a single order! Other items will ship ASAP while this pre-order will ship by the release date.

Rest of the World


Edition of 150
Found Remains 11 (US)

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