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Author Topic: [CHN] SKIN GRAFT - BLIND CRUELTY C30  (Read 1061 times)
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« on: June 23, 2015, 07:48:57 PM »

out now....


"if you know skin graft, you know the sound of hopelessness.

like trying to dig up a decaying corpse in total darkness with your bare hands to rob for drug money while dopesick, this is one of the more decrepit recordings from the rust-belt exercise helplessness known as SKIN GRAFT. during the half hour duration of this wreck, wyatt works deep underground, drunkenly stumbling around and passing out several times before giving up on finding a way out. scrap metal appears to be the only murder weapon used on the a-side - often not full on bashing, nor delicate placements - more like a half dead mentally disabled person thinking the grime of an abandoned factory is the best thing to eat, drink, sleep and bathe in. the b-side plays like humid, oppressive saturation. waking up locked inside an old, filthy, moldy refrigerator that has been left in the cleveland city garbage dump in the middle of summer. finally, some signs of life near the end of the tape... that quickly come to an end. no salvation. no redemption"

edition of 53 hand-numbered copies on type II tapes that have been severely violently abused - beaten, scraped, scratched, attacked with a knife, roughed up to the point that they look like they sound - in total ruins.

after the beating, tapes were painted and dubbed real time - deep in the red for maximum grime. packed in 5x6" ziplock with painted corrugated cardboard insert. image of guy shot in the head stuck to the front and text about women mutilated by the "torso murderer of cleveland" on the back for additional misery. image available upon request. 

$8 post-paid in USA / $13 post-paid international (sorry for the high price but i got a direct quote from the post office and it is what it is)

*all tapes were dubbed after being roughed up, and re-checked for quality - so they are 100% playable despite looking destroyed.

**also VERY FEW copies remain of these:

- VIODRE - Deep Blue Series - c20 - $8 ppd US / $13 world
- AHLZAGAILZEHGUH - Memory And Hearing (artist edition w/ collage sleeve) - $10 ppd US / $16 world
- AHLZAGAILZEHGUH / BRAD GRIGGS / BREAKING THE WILL / DEVELOPER - Summer Scum 2014 - c10 - $5 ppd US / $10 world
- V/A: links between environmental contamination & chronic diseases - 2x-CDR - $8 ppd US / $16 world
- V/A: Hard Panning - CD, Triangle - $8 ppd US / $16 world

***please no PM's - contact = collapsedhole{at}yahoo{dot}com
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« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2015, 10:50:51 PM »

Copies are now available at Analog Worship.

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