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Author Topic: Schimpfluffer - Unofficial warm up, Bristol, Croft, 29.11.12  (Read 1131 times)
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Half Aborted
« on: November 27, 2012, 02:16:52 PM »

Facebook page

Frederick Butler (NYC)

Illustrating an obsession with consumer electronics (as commodities, not the band), the work of Frederick Butler presents a world of tightly amplified mechanical parts, open circuit feedback, and harsh computer noise generated primarily by chance operation and accident. Preferring to work with systems he does not fully understand, Butler's interest is aimed on the task of magnifying error and embracing unintended consequences as being of utmost importance. Previous live actions have
occurred with the noise rock duo Other Vultures and in collaboration with Wet Fur (Max/MSP programmer Reed Evan Rosenberg). This will be his first performance outside of North America.



Found the cloudbusting machine that Kate Bush were on about, so you know that something good is gonna happen.


Clive Henry

Bang the Bore organiser, Hunting Lodge bassist, Boduf Songs band member and tape label veteran under his recently retired LittleCreature moniker (to ignore his forays into indie, hardcore, terrifyingly creepy doom, improvisation etc. etc.) Clive has covered an insane range of underground music while never sounding like anybody but himself, and always with a unique physicality. His releases are prolific, obtuse and often remarkable, but for me the best way to experience the music is live where his complete immersive involvement in the music is utterly infectious and absorbing in a way that few performers manage. A multi-instrumentalist whose recordings increasingly examine the imagined and horrifying dualism between mind and body, Henry uses noise, malfunction and disturbance in performance in a manner that preserves their awkward unpredictability and visceral energy.


Duncan Harrison

Dense tape collage, carefully timed squeaking and scraping of amplified quotidian junk, sporadic vocal gurgle and icy feedback tones combine with a real flare for captivating performance. One of UK undergrounds most entertaining, and more importantly, best sounding live acts going. Releases on Chocolate Monk and Sound Holes.


Moss Piglets

Bromantic couple Pascal Ansell (Panelak) and Pete Cann (Half An Abortion) collide in the land of performance and sound. Their last live outing saw them try and fail to urinate into some empty oil barrels after Pascal had fucked with unspooled tape and impersonated Flavour Flav and Pete got increasingly impatient with various metal objects in his vicinity, breaking drumsticks, barrels and microphones in the process. A considered and engagingly absurd duo mixing the seeds of whatever sounds at their disposal and making it into a challenged but living and breathing whole.

£5 OTD, a fantastic warm-up to the Schimpfluch-Gruppe carnival starting the following night! Flyer coming soon.
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