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Author Topic: Tapes for sale. a fucking bunch of them.  (Read 1681 times)
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« on: January 02, 2012, 09:06:43 PM »

here are a bunch of tapes for sale and a few LPs. please send me an offer for anything: scorpioandglass@gmail.com ( please do not private msg.) ... if offer is under $10 i must ask to include $3US/$4CN+MX/$5 WORLD additional for postage. thanks!

Aaron Dilloway - Boggs V1 (Hanson)
Abe Vigoda/Impregnable CS (la is wax paper)
Altar of Flies/Josh Lay (husk)
Analog Concept - Technological Progress Kill Spirit (holy cheever church)
Andrew Coltrane - Drifter (green records)
Andrew Coltrane - Eternal Cold Turkey (soundholes_)
Andrew Coltrane/Tar Pit - Degraded Synapse Response CS
Blue Shift (night people)
Body Morph - Negative Face (Arbor)
Body Morph - Self Form (i just live here)
Cherry Point - Death Screams (tone filth)
Christopher Riggs - Brujas al Acecho (30/30, holy cheever church)
Christopher Riggs - Crumbles Into The Cosmos (holy cheever church)
Christopher Riggs - Riggs Home Security (holy cheever church)
Coke Bust/Sick Fix live CS (drugged conscience)
Craniopagus - Scent of Cedar (ekhein)
Crawfish 81 - Cream of Wheat (self abuse)
Dead Machines - Mystery of the fall off islands 3 (fuck it tapes)
Dead Mountain - Hymns of Hate (husk)
Death Work (Thorax Harsh Cass)
Dog Lady/Sky Limo/Mossy Throats/Pure Skull 2xCS (exbx)
Door - Destroy All (arbor)
Dried Up Corpse/Droughter split (heavy psyche)
Eagle's Breast C120 (Razors & Medicine)
Emaciator - Defeat (monorail tresspassing)
Emaciator - Merit (arbor)
Emaciator - Translucent Dusk (buried valley)
Empty In Winterland CS (Nurse ETiquette)
Envenomist - Divine Intervention (husk)
Faceworker/Cloaked Light (Field Studies)
Feminine Toner (exbx)
Ferveur Noire - Prey (monorail tresspassing)
Filthy Turd - Clever Dick/Conceited Cunt (turgid animal)
Fossils - Unfrozen (exbx)
Fossils/Mold Resin (exbx)
Fossils/Villa Valley split (terror tapes)
Gelsomina - Deus ex Garbage Can (turgid animal)(
Gitche-Anahmi-Bezheu / Body Morph (exbx)
Goat - Contra Las Mummias De Robot (apop)
God Willing - Cleansing Hours 2xCS (arbor)
God Willing - Different and Worse (monorail tresspassing)
God Willing/Uneven Universe - Fryday the 13th (exbx)
Goldberg and the Universe (exbx)
Graveyards/Hair Police Live Frying (american tapes)
Graveyards/Pink Chunk (american tapes)
Haare - Psychedelic Funeral (Abisko)
Hellfire Holly - Hot Dish (exbx)
Hollow Bush - WRong Hole (trash ritual)
Human Compost (exbx)
Immaculate Grotesque - Morning Mourning (callow god)
Impregnable - Cherish (callow god)
Impregnable - Romantic Fever (tone filth)
Invasion Status/Pink Chunk (exbx)
Iron Lung - Cold Storage (chronically unique)
Iron Omen - In Solitude (hermitage tapes)
Jarl - Negative Rotation (Abisko)
Jean Street (Nate Young) - Chainfight CDR w/ ANTI-RECORD (early pre-#200 american tapes ltd to 20)
Jon Lorenz (wasteland jazz unit)/Jack Fraley CS
Josh Lay/Demonologists (side of the sun)
Leeches - Leeches CS (hermitage tapes)
Lifetones - Cop Time (holy cheever church)
Live Sex Show (new pledgemaster) - Muscles Relaxer (nurse etiquette)
Maim - Codeine Enema
Mania - Isolation is lonely Murder (self-released)
Matt Endahl/Christopher Riggs - Pride Obscures It (holy cheever church)
Medical lake - easy moves alright (exbx)
Migrations in Rust - Seasons Cast in Pearl (ekhein)
Mike Connelly - Fuck Wolf Eyes (hlah)
Mike Khoury - two sides of khoury (exbx)
Mossy Throats - Electric Marsh (pizza nugget)
Mossy Throats - Melted Dog (holy cheever church)
Mossy Throats - Melting Earth (nurse etiquette)
Moth Drakula - Sorrow Ward (swampland noise)
Mutant Ape - Folk Devil (aad)
Mutator - Demo (members of threatener, deerhealer)
Oscillating Innards - One Little Word (callow god)
Paranoid Time - Pass Out or Die Trying (monorail tresspassing)
Pedestrian Deposit - Severance (monorail tresspassing)
Regosphere - Like Surgical Steel
Roman Torment - Bewilderment (callow god/swampland noise)
Roman Torment - Worshipped Wounds (trash ritual)
Ryan Bloomer - Forearm Shiver (self abuse)
Sky Limosuine - Midnight Heat (exbx)
Sshe Retina Stimulants - Special Bill (tape fiend)
Storm & Stress - Moral Fibre (negation is freedom ... remember them?)
Strange Water (exbx)
Strange Water - Enviornments (Arbor)
The Punks - Live CS (Beast 666)
The Rita - Reptilian Corpse and Dirt special edition #2/4 (breathing problem)
The Sons of God - In The Service of Civil Defence
Three Legged Race - Living Order (tone filth)
Total Abuse - Sex Pig (this is austin not rustey kelley #1)
Trauma - The Calming Effects Of The Ocean Vol. 2 (exbx)
Treetops - As I Gaze (Arbor)
Treetops - If Only (Arbor)
Treetops - Shine With Youth (oversensitive prick dog tapes)
Uneven Universe - Endless Basement (exbx)
Uneven Universe - Live Puzzle (exbx)
Uneven Universe/Sam Golberg (exbx)
V/A BEAST CD (hospital, ft/ macroprurient, skin crime, stegm, sickness)
V/A Feeding of the 2,079,211 (w/ filthy turd, ashtray navigations, ocelocelot, mutant ape, astral social club, smell & quim) CS
V/A L.O.D. 2XCS (callow god, comp of american dark electronics circa 2009)
V/A SEA & SEA MUSIC FACTORY cs (early not not fun release, http://www.discogs.com/Various-Sea-Sea- ... ase/841436 )
Warning Sign Live Frying (american tapes)
Weak Sisters - Clairvoyance (box set w/ pantyhose and porn collage, Cipher Prod)
Weak Sisters untitled? CS in 7" reel box (self-released, #5/8)
White - Tormented (segerhuva)
White Blobs CS (tone filth)
White Leather - Kitten with a Whip (exbx)
White Morph - Let Me Into The Square (exbx, edition of 10)
Wilt - She Walks The Night + 7" (husk)
Without Belonging 2xCS (callow god)
Worlds demo CS
Wretched Worst - Dog Shit Deserver (nurse etiquette)
Yeast Curd (exbx)

Black Air - Plague Ritual (iatrogenesis, militant walls, dada drumming, rundownsun)
Circle of Dead Children - Genocide Machine (warning)
Devillock - These Graves (tone filth)
Mnem - Engrama (segerhuva)
Panicsville/Frankie & The Semm split (nihilist)
Pulse Emitter - Progression to Desolation (black horizons)
Rodger Stella - Foucault Zombie (gods of tundra)
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