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Author Topic: Kafkex-Ritual Stance, Werewolf Jerusalem, WGM & IWN floppys  (Read 955 times)
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« on: November 08, 2011, 02:14:19 AM »

New Floppy Disk releases on Kafkex Rex - Disketiquette!

KR016 - Loathings - Audio/Visual Hallucinations In B1 - 2 x Floppy Disk (10 Copies)

With a mind once near lost to hedonistic ways, Loathings presents an answer to the sum of Sleep Deprivation + Isolation.
This double floppy disk release is rough sounding field recordings as recorded through a shit dictaphone with nothing but paranoia for company on a long night shift in B1.
Expect the hum of background noise brought to the foreground and the sounds of aged pneumatic equipment in this release.
This Is Shit Noise!

KR017 - Ritual Stance - Feeling Lust, Dripping Sweat, Dangling Pearls, Zippered Mask - Floppy Disk (10 Copies)

Words from the man himself - "The Wall, Impenitrable, The Nearly Unplayable. A Dead format, The disc becomes a wall in itself, uncomprimising, unchanging."
Ritual Stance presents a bass heavy wall of noise on this floppy disc. Those familiar with Ritual Stance can only testify to the excellent aesthetic and ideas behind this project, as proved by the quality rhetoric behind this release not to mention the uncompromising walls of noise that are summond from beyond the void!
The floppy disk has a fold out insert and is packaged in a special way as shown by the main batch photo.

KR018 - Werewolf Jerusalem - La Llorona - Floppy Disk - (10 Copies)

It's hard to attempt to allow words to do justice for any projects involving Richard Ramirez and it is very tempting to just allow the sounds to talk for themselves...but...
Werewolf Jerusalem have always been a personal favorite of mine (that is a favorite of mine within the entire scene and a personal favorite for me of RR's projects) and I had the pleasure of witnessing WJ live in London earlier on in the year and it was fantastic.
Static when you need static. Dynamic when you need dynamic. Subtle when you need subtle - thats Werewolf Jerusalem. Fuck my words - you've made up your mind!

KR019 - White Gimp Mask - Rotten Toes - Floppy Disk - (10 Copies)

White Gimp Mask presents a HNW release themed around rotten toes.
Cue artwork featuring manicured and mangled feet and sonically distant, almost ethreal sounding walls of noise from the man behind the excellent Streetmeat project and you've another solid HNW under the belt of a brilliant artist.
Each disk is wrapped in a a rank, used girlie sock...enjoy!

KR020 - I.W.N. - V + VI - Floppy Disk - (10 Copies)

I.W.N. present two small static walls here with some deviation from the more crushing, full on aspects of the I and II 3"CDR's. While the first and longer track is in familiar territory, a crushing, but this time static wall, there are experiments with sine waves that occupy the background of the second wall here with the forefront having a slower crackle than previous efforts.

It is worth noting that each release has a duration of approximately 5 minutes.
Each release is presented in a hand modified polythene slipcase and includes a "Kafkex Rex - Disketiquette" sticker for you to stick somewhere nice.

Single floppys are £3.00 each. (plus Post and Packaging)
Double floppys are £4.00 each.(plus Post and Packaging)

There is a deal for the single floppy disk releases:
1 disk = £3.00
2 disks = £6.00
3 disks = £9.00
BUT you can buy all four single floppy disks for £10.00

Post and packaging for up to four of the releases (single or double) is £1.50 Europe and £2.00 Rest Of World. (if you require any more than four releases then we will figure something out)

all orders contact me at - kafkexrex@hotmail.co.uk
(don't PM!)

I am up for trades but as these releases are special (and very limited!) it will take something pretty special to tempt me but there is no harm in asking!

On a final note - if anyone would like to purchase one of these releases but hasn't got a floppy disk drive, I can send the file to you as an attachment via email.

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