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Author Topic: new Sarutra's Music releases  (Read 1316 times)
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« on: April 27, 2011, 09:38:56 PM »

Latest releases from Sarutra's Music:

SMph026: Flat Affect - The Harvest

Flat Affect isn't pretty when it comes to music. He likes it both ways, going harsh from time to time, but always coming back home to the dark (ambient) side. If we had cookies, he ate them all. The Harvest is a collection from compilation tracks of last year. Half of them were made but never released, the other half was well received and stars on a couple of good albums. There doesn't seem to be a certain here, we jump from one style to another between tracks, but they are arranged in such a way that each track complements the next or the previous. It ultimately climaxes in a couple of 4 second tracks. Prepare to be hissed and crackle-popped right up to heaven! Limited to 30 copies.

SMph027: Unisono - I Canti Iniziaticit

Unisono consists of three members, each adding a new set of instruments and a new range of moods to their music. There's Nascitari with freaky guitar manipulations and a violin, Poseitrone who provides vocal nuissance, drummer ruckus and strange harmonica- and didgeridoo scenery, and Carlo Quaglia who plays a second violin, distorts a piano and lets us enjoy his vocal poetry (lit.). Overal this is quite the extraordinary experience. They all have their own projects, all experimental in nature, but underneath this collaboration lie roots of musical insight and dawning forms of free jazz, reminiscent of early Interstellar Nightmare. Regarding genres for this project, you could say it weaves through ambient, drone, noise and free jazz, a pretty satisfying experience. Limited to 30 copies.

SMph028: 1+1= a window - Colours of the Room

A regular visitor to the Sarutra’s Music record label, 1+1= a window is always a returning favourite. Never lasting longer than three inches, he brings sounds of crushing devices and loud colour palettes and tells stories of the immense emptiness of desolate ideas. This time though he brought with him stories of the immense depth of colours. The title for this album “Colours of the Room” remind me of a song from the fictional Friends character Phoebe where she lists every colour in her room. I’d like to believe this is similar, but the end result is so abstract it seems there’s more behind it than just simple mathematics, in spite of the artist’s name. It so overwhelmingly complex you can almost see the sounds shifting in colour, like an epileptic chameleon. This comes with a small insert with a tracklist. It’s limited to 32 copies and comes in four different coloured versions.

SMph029: Le Cose Bianche - Magus Nero

Le Cose Bianche is extremely hard to categorize in just one genre. At first, when he sent me his demo submission, I was very skeptical about what to expect. When the music started playing I reckoned it’d be nothing exceptionally, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Magus Nero feels like a compilation of everything you’d expect to hear at Sarutra’s Music: there’s dark ambient, eerie industrial, nostril-widening noise and peculiarly poppy ambient. Rhythmic structures wrap themselves around every obstacle and become intertwined with the coagulating composition. This is no ordinary music, its presence is so present, it becomes part of your life (for 40 minutes long). Get this baby while it’s hot. Limited to 30 copies.

SMph030: Canine Court One - The Triumph Of The Laser Eyed Caesar

It’s been a while since Sarutra’s Music released something related to more popular forms of sounds, called music. A long time ago we presented you with Dotåbåtå’s post-post-rock masterpiece ‘Cloudburst’. Now we’ll entertain you with ‘The Triumph Of The Laser Eyed Caesar’ by Canine Court One. What do they play, you ask? Extremely gritty base-driven improve old-school black metal. And noise. Imagine vulture-like gurgles layered with whomping bass riffs, screeching sizzlings of noise and hallucinatory synth bits. I’ve always been looking for the perfect alternative soundtrack to the experimental film ‘Begotten’, and I think I may have actually found it this time. Limited to 40 copies.

SMph031: Cooloola Monster - The Call Of

For those of you who’re not yet familiar with Cooloola Monster, they’re a technoise band, somewhat reminiscent of Black Dice. Yeah, you heard me. I think these need no further introduction, as this comparison says so much already. They sound like friggin’ toothpaste smeared out on the innards of an AM/FM radio, bouncing all over the place in a steady jugular rhythm. They playfully terrorize our ears with what should be standard music at the raviest rave parties. They already released a few albums with other labels, some of them a bit more noisy and less techno-driven, but this album, ‘The Call Of’, somewhat reminding me of Combat Astronomy’s ‘Lunik’, actually makes me “crank up ma stereo”, as they say in slang. Peas out, yo. Limited to 40 copies.

1 CD-r = 6€
up to 3 CD-r's = 5€ / copy
4 CD-'rs or more = 4€ / copy
lp-series = 10 / copy
Season Box = 20€ / copy (+ shipping outside of Europe)
Paypal = available (ask for address).

Also available:
SMph006: Reaching. - Châtelperronian Industry
SMph007: Smetnja - Beautiful Imprint
SMph009: N.R.Y.Y. - [kuro]
SMph010: 1+1= a window - A Cunt Amongst Gods (3")
SMph011: Saturn Form Essence - Philosophy Of Chaos Structure (3")
SMph012: Earth Incubator / ___dREàgänN|||||| - Loli Treasures (3")
SMph014: Whitewater Orgasm - Lust Year
SMph015: Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt - A Gathering Of Geminis
SMph016: Fear And Aghast - Troubled Thoughts
SMph017: the mist toggles / Baron Knoxburry - Unconventional
SMph020: Julia LaDense - Sexy Noises
SMph021: ___dREàgänN|||||| - Music For A Winged Man
SMph022: 1+1= a window - Black & Red (3")
SMph023: Saturn Form Essence/Corpoparassita/+C+P+B+ - Nothing Compared To The Rest
SMph024: Earth Incubator - Wake Up
SMph025: Pale Tongues - Self Contained (3")
Fukte & Ezcaton - Season box
SMlp001: ___dREàgänN|||||| - Reincarnation

Sarutra's Music
email: sarutrasmusic@gmail.com
« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2011, 09:41:11 PM »

I am also officially out of artists to release. Contact me for your awesomesauceness.
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