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Author Topic: okto. Moloney•DiagramA•LaDense/Nundata•PregSpore•Discretion  (Read 955 times)
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John Madigan Moloney • I Love The Witches
Creepy ghost recordings. Lo-fi tone, but layered to a tasty degree. Little children gasping for air and attention. There are voices within the walls, fingernails driven into the floorboards, floating premonitions flitting into your field of vision like transparent moths. The best JMM recording yet.
OKTOo12. c47. ltd 30.

Diagram A • Fig. 5d Fibrous
Gargling, squacking posessed machinery. Dan Greenwood’s home-built instruments are masterfully controlled. He seems to be collaborating with the animal within his frying circuits. There is a missing visual theatrical element to his live show that cannot be communicated aurally alone. See Diagram A live! Thanks Dan for this great tape!
OKTOo14. c47. ltd 30.

Pregnant Spore • Chest Absence
Smooth, synthy wiggling that converges into nasty, grinding throbs of HN. Warm, groovy, harsh psychedlics. Recommended for fans of Astro or other noisy synth. I’m sure Justin uses more than synth on here, but that’s irrelevant. Just chill out, man. This is the killer next stage in evolution from Justin Marc Lloyd of Rainbow Bridge, Sensible Nectar, Dim Dusk Moving Gloom, etc.
OKTOo16. c47. ltd 30.

Julia LaDense & Nundata • Calm Before the Storm
Virtual collaboration from a lady from Maryland and a fellow from Serbia. The result is dreamlike, versatile music from a couple of weirdos. Most of the tracks combine to form a sort of folk-industrial. The terrain here never gets very harsh, but never quite reaches true drone work either. Use of hardly discernable spoken-word playback suggests a narrative that never sheds its mystery. Beautiful, spiritual listening.
OKTOo2o. c47. ltd 50.

Discretion • The Scrubbing Hole
Filthy, haunted walls from Ohio’s Justin Lakes of Pusdrainer, Dead Pope Productions, Orbiting Formats, etc. Fantastic shuddering distortion. Of the HNW persuasion that transcends harsh noise into violent ambience. Oceanic and meditative, this tape will scrub your mind clean. Listen to with good speakers, it makes a difference!
OKTOo21. c47. ltd 30.


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UPCOMING: The Vehicle, Kanible, Being, Diaphragmatic, I Am Foresight, Voyeurist, VOB, Inbreeder
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