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Author Topic: Galatea - Black Nylons & Rubber Boots. OUT NOW via Cursed Earth Cassettes!  (Read 130 times)
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« on: November 21, 2020, 01:48:26 PM »

C60 of gated and sputtery relentless walls that cascade into rich swashes of noise.


Dedicated to feminine winter fashion trends and the contrast between the soft and delicate sheer nylons and the immense, colossal form of the knee-high winter rubber boots.

“First manufactured by the North British Rubber Company in 1856, the focus was originally on work boots that made it easier to be productive during the harsh winter months. They were also effective for keeping the feet dry during the rainy season. The focus is always on making sure the feet remain dry and comfortable no matter what sort of weather is taking place. During cold seasons, the combination of the sturdy shell matched with the right inserts ensures that slogging through the snow to get to work will not lead to ice-cold feet. When it is raining, the boot design also ensures that no precipitation can get to the feet. When the boots are removed, the stockings or socks will be dry along with the feet. Now a staple of women's winter fashion, particularly in countries of colder climates, the rubber boot provides a necessary comfort, as well as creating the desirable contrast with the delicate, feminine stockings that provide a similar sense of warmth and comfort. The pairing of the two creates an immensely powerful visual union with the slightly lustrous, opaque nature of the boots and the sheer nature and 'haloing' of the legs that the nylon stockings provide. The union is intensely feminine as an everyday attire where fashion acts as beautiful and alluring armour against the harshness of the world."

Two Artist copies available (contact me directly)


innercityuprising.bandcamp.com/merch/cursed-earth-cassettes-distro (arriving soon)


https://nomamesdistro.bigcartel.com/ if in USA (arriving soon)
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