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Author Topic: Rape Over Chaos, Reptile Womb etc. (Bestial Burst)  (Read 382 times)
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« on: November 26, 2019, 07:45:57 PM »

(BeBu-032) GOATMOON (Fin) / RIDE FOR REVENGE (Fin) - In The Spirit Of Ultimate Sacrifice split digipak wholesale CD
-Digipak cd re-release of a true Bestial Burst classic originally from 2008! Two Finnish black metal heavy weights united, unstoppable as you very well know. Tape and double lp long sold out and this is already a third cd pressing. 67 minutes of madness.

1. Goatmoon - Tormented by Memories
2. Goatmoon - Never Forget   
3. Goatmoon - Quest for the Goat
4. Goatmoon - Diktator
5. Ride for Revenge - The Evil Complete
6. Ride for Revenge - Planet on Fire by Cosmic Beams
7. Ride for Revenge - Sexual Rhythm of Death
8. Goatmoon - Alone
9. Goatmoon - Pure Blood 
10. Goatmoon - Eclipsed by Ravenwings
11. Goatmoon - Blackmetal Winter
12. Goatmoon - Der Sieg des Ziegenmondes
13. Goatmoon - We're Ready
14. Goatmoon - Kunnia, Armageddon!
15. Ride for Revenge - The Spirit of Ultimate Sacrifice

Ride For Revenge YouTube song:

(not distributed by Record Shop X, try elsewhere)
(BeBu-058) RIDE FOR REVENGE (Fin) / BELOW (USA) split CD
-Originally released as limited tape 2013 and limited lp 2015, both sold out years ago, here's finally a first official cd version of the album. Finnish heavy and deep occult black metal vs. reptilian black blood death trance from pre-Reptile Womb. Artworks of both previous versions combined and more.

1.   Ride for Revenge - Lust Fuck for Torment
2.   Below - Prayer of No Return
3.   Below - They Are Seven
4.   Below - Necromancy of 18
5.   Below - XIII

Ride For Revenge YouTube song:

Pre-order from Record Shop X: (Finland, reasonable shipping rates everywhere)
(BeBu-129) RAPE OVER CHAOS (Ger/Fin) - Destruction digipak CD
-Collaboration of RxAxPxE, Chaos Cascade and Will Over Matter. 41 minutes of crushing, loud and destructive power electronics with sickening pulse beyond all belief. Eye gouging vintage damage artwork. Not for the faint at heart, not for the faint at soul.

1. Destruction pt.1
2. Destruction pt.2

YouTube song:

Pre-order from Record Shop X: (Finland, reasonable shipping rates everywhere)
(BeBu-130) C.B.A. (Li) - Death To The Modern World CD
-So, if you sow chunks of old school Swedish death metal together with rancid eighties d-beat punk and savage ImpNaz-styled black metal, inject the pulsating piece of mutant violence with a burning hatred towards this whole motherfucking “society” and the current ways of man, you'll end up with the delicate tunes of CBA. Rabid dogs howling at the Kali Yuga moon, proclaiming the demise of the modern world!

1. Scavenging the Ruins of Weakness
2. Your Stupid Face/My Iron Fist
3. Pervitin Warmachine
4. The Tears of Strangers are only Water 
6. Erase your Face
7. Generation Xerox
8. Go Go Gopnik Go!
9. Filipino Junkie Treatment
10. Good Boy Fritzl
11. Safe Space Invaders
12. Trigger Happy

YouTube music video:

Pre-order from Record Shop X: (Finland, reasonable shipping rates everywhere)
-Compact disc version of the split released a while ago on 12"vinyl. Obscure underground black metal from two esoteric Finnish projects. CT is inspired by the classic Greek bm kults, yet definitely has an original path and very dark identity. Hail Conjurer takes another step down the abyss of Hell, powerful as ever. DVD size digipak with stunning artwork by Hell Kettunen Art.

1. Ceremonial Torture - My Dragonpath under the starlight 
2. Ceremonial Torture - Eve of the crimson hearted 
3. Hail Conjurer - Fallen and erected

Hail Conjurer YouTube song:

Pre-order from Record Shop X: (Finland, reasonable shipping rates everywhere)
(BeBu-135) REPTILE WOMB - Excretory Dæmonolatreia CD
-The putrid fangs of black blood death trance sink into flesh again... Smear yourself with excrements and drink from the rotten chalice of black metal and noise presented by the disciples of thy reptilian cult, Dweller Of Endlesse Græves and Harald Mentor. Warning: The cover art contain images with acts of obscenity and symbols that may be illegal in your country.

1. Swallowed
2. Adversaryan II 
3. Lustful, Serpentine...
4. Corpse-Fed Imprecation
5. Digested 
6. Semen-Soaked Faces Of Innocents
7. Sanguiphage
8. Excretory Dæmonolatria
9. Excreted

YouTube song:

(not distributed by Record Shop X, try elsewhere)
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