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 on: Today at 04:05:50 PM 
Started by PTM Jim - Last post by Urban Noise
Honestly... I think it would look better if the knife (not sure about the name is english for those knives) was a drawing or something similar. It looks a bit out of place with that frame.

 on: Today at 04:01:41 PM 
Started by Andrew McIntosh - Last post by Ashmonger
Well, i admit that it's stupid to skip a band for their name only. But there's so much stuff out there that you need to filter on something i guess.
I said about exactly the same to somebody about King Dude last weekend. (Of course, since then there's another good reason not to check his music out.)
I think I listened to something from Evilfeast a while ago, but wasn't into it.

Right now, I'm impressed with the Icelandic Thule band. Anthology 1995-1997 has just been re-released by White Wolf prod. Have to snag a copy.

 on: Today at 03:59:45 PM 
Started by bitewerksMTB - Last post by Urban Noise
:::Not Noise, Not Noise, Not Noise:::

For those into Dark Folk, check out this track for the new Azagatel EP, "SOL".


 on: Today at 03:38:59 PM 
Started by PedestrianOrgans - Last post by wotzenknecht
I have Navicon Torture Technologies - "Church of Dead Girls" 2xCD, in VG/NM condition. PM me with an offer if you are still interested.

 on: Today at 03:22:51 PM 
Started by GEWALTMONOPOL - Last post by Bloated Slutbag
Encephalophonic – Psychopathological Entertainment
Man, I’ve got this guy all wrong. With X, the previous Freak Animal abetted racket, I was sure the Bonini had turned over a new leaf. Or if not a new leaf, had begun to mature. Or if not to mature, was evincing new respect for more drawn out, deliberate, musings. Or… well, anyway, scratch all that. Talk about Regressed Progress. Here the unwholesome ‘hole abuse picks up precisely where it left off x years ago with X predecessor Regressed Progress. Or... hold on a sec. As no Encephalo commentary could be complete without maximal confusion,  looking back through the assorted liner notes, it seems the actual “de-composing, recording and mixing” of X actually preceded that of Regressed Progress by a year or more…just that X was “mastered and edited” a bit later. Got that? No? Good. Okay,  let me just refer to my listening notes here-

“Psycho-spasty wack-a-jack-thwacky,
mess-alophonic chugga chugger blung,
cheeks prised open,
slammed home screeching,
Ruptured be thy bung”

Yup, almost without question more pathologically deranged and confused than ever. So natural progression slash regression from Regressed Progress, razors just that extra shave sharper, peaks just that extra prod pricklier, hyperspasmations just that extra splerk spasmated. Liner notes say this was a year in the making, a year that apparently did the good Bonini’s head in, as commemorated in opener “Crazy”. But holes be damned if this crazed n deranged profusion of confusion ain’t the most surgically crafted Bonini to date. Precision crafted incisions taken to a wide array of raw, junked, metallic, acoustic, crunch pinch n chisel, all of it on point, meticulously tweaked for maximal damage- to head, heart, and holes… hatred of the human body never felt so goood. And that’s pretty much all you get. Surgically precise hyperspasmations wacking and thwacking away. Upon the hated human body (or ‘holes thereof). Unlike the previous missives, earlier mentioned, there seems no real attempt to draw the strands together such that they cohere into semi-narrative whole. A few strategically placed docu-cum-porn clips here and there, but serving more as texture than wapping the listener over the head with theme. Or if there is to be theme, it is thoroughly sound-driven. Nope, nope, this is pure CRAZY all the way through. You say psychopathological entertainment I say mydriasis is on fire. Time to break out the- CUM ALERT! The- SOUNDS FOR BUTTPHONE! The- PISS ANGE… Look, would you mind? Some of us are trying to write stuff. Jeez. The seroquel. Break it out, now, the seroquel. 100mg ought to do the trick. Regardless of the grip on chronology, or sanity, the return to puritannical harshhead as ventured in Regressed days of yore is to be commended. None of that artsy crap for your Bonini, not this time. Well, okay, given the tight grip on surgical instrumentation perhaps just a wee bit of artsy. And not quite so dry out the gate as your Regressed Progressed, petite dabs of echo spattered about grabbing for attention as occasional peeps of daylight squeak in before bass-loaded turd-burgling crunchpunchers slam on through. The profusion of bass-loaded turd-burgling crunchpunchers slamming on through is itself a notable progression slash regression. This feels a lot more physical than a lot of other Enceph, choice cuts more adept at beating the holes to pulp proper. Nothing much more to add here except that the closer and title track is a furious rager of pure scorching encephalo FIRE.

Encephalophonic – Hurtcore
It sometimes feels like these surgical crafstman types need a bit of release. An opportunity to relax, if only momentarily, that tightest of grips constricting the poor, wound up, harshskull. Or maybe the filthy scalpels got left at the cleaners. Very live-to-tape feel here, no apparent edits, no bullshit. As if to prove that Bonini can twiddle knobs with the best of ‘em. And that he can! But with as much ear for brutal and pointed incisiveness as ever. Lots of hurt for your sorry ‘holes. Four pointed brevities on this c20, out the gate with all screeching force, not for a moment to kick back and plead for attention but simply to hammer away through amped up feedback strains. I hope I didn’t actually use the word “relaxed” earlier, did I? (Pause.) Oh, damn. Well, anyway the overall tone here is one of studied, frantic, tension, tightly squeezed pinched-til-it-hurts-to-the-core clench. Tense, clench-fisted, shriekage, with just the briefest loop percussive, reminding momentarily of transitional-era Pain Jerk, before falling back to frenzied, shriekus, interruptus, angular shards burnt to blackened ruin. Side second seems a bit more open-ended, even open-mouthed. Is that a molested screaming vocal I hear? Upper register squeaky-cheeks roughly prised open, through which crunchy frayed-edged chunkies are hacked. The closing ditty commences with total Pain Jerk worship before opening up to a much wider range of spastic attire, metal bashed excess fueling a spastic sputtering mess of scrunched seethe n stutter.

 on: Today at 03:11:36 PM 
Started by acsenger - Last post by Freek
Here is my review taken from Vital Weekly Magazine.

VAGINA DENTATA ORGAN – IRENE’S CUNT (CD by World Satanic Network System) Let’s start with a bit of history: in 1928 the French surrealist poet and novelist Louis Aragon published his short novel ‘Le Con d’Irène’ or, in plain English, ‘Irene’s Cunt’. The novel details the life and contemplations of an older man who has lost his ability to speak and move because of syphilis. Due to the novel’s slightly subversive content, Aragon used the pseudonym Albert de Routisie. Interestingly enough, even though the novel was considered extremely controversial in the 1920s, Aragon himself would later be nominated for a Nobel Prize for literature no less than four times! Serving in the French army in World War II, Aragon was awarded the Croix de guerre (War Cross) and the military medal for acts of bravery. After the defeat of the French army, Aragon joined the French resistance, both as a poet as organizer of resistance acts. Following the war Aragon became involved in Communism and publishing. In his final years he resumed to his surrealistic writing before passing on in December 1982. This album, tantalizingly packed in a silver foil bag, not un-reminiscent of those 1970s bags in which you would purchase your pornographic magazines, is intended as tribute to the famous novelist and his infamous novel. Now, as with Aragon it is impossible to predict Vagina Dentata Organ. The solo project of Catalan surreal artist Jordi Valls, VDO has been releasing intriguingly unpredictable sound since 1983. Therefore, I am not going to tell you what Irene’s Cunt is holding for you. You, dear reader, will have to buy a copy of the album and experience that familiar tantalizing excitement, reminiscent of the aforementioned magazine bag, of opening that silver foil bag and checking out its content. Be prepared for the unexpected. Nothing is what is seems – certainly not Irene’s cunt (FK).

 on: Today at 02:49:27 PM 
Started by Andrew McIntosh - Last post by urall
Black Metal, for the most part, is an irony-free zone. That has advantages and disadvantages, but Black Metal still demands you either take or leave it. Personally, I cherry pick - I'll listen to Immortal 'till the cows come home but I'll ignore their music videos, for example.

Hah, I actually BLASTED "At The Heart Of Winter" two days ago... I think Immortal is an exception to the rule, not in the way that they are a joke band, as they're definitely not (have you seen Abbath's video interviews, or videos of Abbath's guitar lessons?), just that they're an anomaly within the BM scene in my humble opinion. From "ATHOW" onwards, they succeeded in being a freaking rock band playing the most brutal music for festivals. I love the early material because it truly is amazing black metal, and personal as well, but I also love their post "ATHOW" material because it just rocks so much harder than most BM bands. Immortal had (have?) the attitude and the riffs, and are tailored for festivals, but I feel like even the "Fuck Christ" tour videos already show that. 98% of BM or DM bands aren't that way and are a real embarassement to see on stage. I can't wait for the death of "rituals" and boring/static bands, and the end of bands that wish to live the "metal dream" (big scenes, big lights, big shows) but suck because the only reasons behind their moderate success can be explained by virtual circle jerks of basement dwellers who spend too much time on forums, a few good riffs and an odd but fitting production. And yet they don't realise they can't convey any of it in a regular live context. The decline of Western civilization is definitely not for them.

Sorry, I got carried away. I just love Immortal and hate the current BM scene.

Don't know if it's irony-free. I have the feeling that lots of 'raw' black metal bands these days are taking the piss. But there are lots of good bands doing this don't get me wrong.

Well, i admit that it's stupid to skip a band for their name only. But there's so much stuff out there that you need to filter on something i guess.

 on: Today at 02:37:50 PM 
Started by Andrew McIntosh - Last post by NaturalOrthodoxy

I knew this was gonna be Peste Noire before clicking! These new live shows are fucking weird, as is the whole "glitzy"/polished NSBM thing at the moment (Asgardsrei etc)

 on: Today at 02:35:39 PM 
Started by Si Clark - Last post by Si Clark
Filth and Violence - new LPs in stock!

2 new LPs from Filth and Violence out now.

BIZARRE UPROAR - High Risk Lifestyle LP Gatefold - second album for 2017 in beautiful gloss cover (F&V)

VERNICHTUNG DURCH ARBEIT - Hungertod LP - second album from this anonymous group in beautiful gloss gatefold cover. Comes with double sided lyric sheet (F&V)


 on: Today at 02:34:31 PM 
Started by wotzenknecht - Last post by wotzenknecht
Hi there,

Because it's too edgy for Discogs, I am selling here a NM (pretty much new) VA - Hated Perversions CD/book from IOPS/FA. Reasonable offers by PM, thanks. Registered worldwide shipping for 5 euro.

Other than that I still have hundreds of titles on Discogs, lots of industrial, electronic, ambient, experimental etc. I'd be happy to give you a discount if you order plenty of things at once, directly through me.


Take care.

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