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 on: Today at 08:35:50 PM 
Started by Major Carew - Last post by Major Carew
Any plans for a cassette release?

Not at the moment. Maybe in the future after the live tape series, photo booklet and 10".

Damn! do we have estimated times of release or are we to be kept in the dark?

Live tapes will follow next. We were going to do a box, but now there is a 5th tape, and possibly more will appear so will be a series like the old Come.Org tapes in uniform style with logo prints, very simple layouts & stamped logo covers. No dates yet, but hopefully not too long. Still working on the 10". The photo booklet will be as and when.

 on: Today at 06:41:59 PM 
Started by Major Carew - Last post by Harvest
Any plans for a cassette release?

Not at the moment. Maybe in the future after the live tape series, photo booklet and 10".

Damn! do we have estimated times of release or are we to be kept in the dark?

 on: Today at 03:35:26 PM 
Started by DSOL - Last post by l.b.
saw the doubleshot distortion in a case at the guitar shop and bought it un-heard just because of how stupid looking and ugly it is, and sonically it certainly lives up to its outward appearance. really nasty ripping hi-end. ability to dial in two settings and switch between them makes nice dramatic cuts. absolutely fuck-stupid little switches labeled "focus" are an added curiosity

 on: Today at 03:04:41 PM 
Started by GEWALTMONOPOL - Last post by cr
would love to hear those!
On the topic of Fushitsusha...Some of the live performances described sound awesome.
Just to give you folks an idea of what they post, these were shared in May on the Dime A Dozen tracker, and they're still there for the taking:
Sanhedrin, Tokyo, Koenji, High, November 4, 2009
Headrush, Tokyo, Shinjuku Loft, August 29, 2004
Keiji Haino & Masataka Fujikake, Tokyo, Iriya, Knuttel House, November 1, 2007
Keiji Haino, Tokyo, Shibuya, Apia, March 22, 2001
Fushitsusha, Tokyo, Shibuya,WWW, May 3, 2019
Fushitsusha 1981, Tokyo, Akihabara, Goodman, March 2, 2018

I didn't listen to Fushitsusha/Keiji Haino for a long time now, without any special reason. Also all the Fushitsusha records since 2012 are unknown to me. I tried to get everything I could from the middle of the nineties until maybe 2006/2007, which wasn't really easy back then (say middle of the 90s, no internet, etc.)
I think I saw Haino live 3 times, 2 earth shaking solo concerts and 1 time with Peter Brötzmann and Shoji Hano. A friend of mine brought a colleague from work to the trio show. After some minutes Haino moved to the microphone and started to scream without mercy. The colleague left immediately, almost in panic. Haha, nice memories.
On my first trip to London in the middle of the nineties I drooled for hours over the Soul's True Love box in the Tower records shop. But as I hadn't the money back then, I whispered a sad goodbye and left. As I was leaving the shop, my girlfriend back then bought it and sent it home through postal service and it arrived just right for my birthday. One of the greatest surprises and gifts I ever got.
So it seems the right time now to search the boxes for some Haino/Fushitsusha refreshments.

 on: Today at 12:58:51 PM 
Started by Urashima - Last post by Urashima
Ushi 008  The Rita - The Nylons of Laura Antonelli 4xCd in wooden box
‘’Here we have The Nylons of Laura Antonelli, a multi-item release by The Rita, Sam McKinlay. The version you have here is its third issue. This release is the sound of different models of nylon for legs used according to Sam's own purposes.  
If filled with a spirit of non-literalism, what is "Laura Antonelli"? Forward movement-wise I think of it as a series of inhibitors of varying volume. You can conceive of silence being the underlying reality on this release, and it allows you to feel each cell of the nylon fabric for what it is, which is basically a player in an offensive line guarding the object, the leg. Each sound could be received as a tiny scrum with the mic or the hand and the nylon.
The dimension (paradoxically) is added by the flatness of the nylon. What in forward movement is received as a struggle along tiny cells is properly interpreted when considering both forward movement and thickness of contact as a rappel against the flatness of the nylon. It's each of these things at once continually for the length of the release.
It's perfect. The sound and duration are perfect. It's impossible to stop thinking about the paradox I described. Everything I said in the last two paragraphs is everything I feel about "The Nylons of Laura Antonelli," excepting the content of this paragraph. When something is perfect and there is a finite amount to say, that's what you say, and this paragraph, where I describe the recordings as being perfect, is also necessary, and terminal. Sound work is unique and necessary and it provides a result that is affectively different from everything else.’’
Gabrielle Losoncy, 2019
Ten years after its first release in an eight-cassette box, The Rita's masterpiece The Nylon of Laura Antonelli is reissued in a black wooden box with laser engraving that includes 4 CD wallet with full color artwork, original 2009 insert, a foldable color poster and a certificate numbered in 300 copies.

Ushi 009  Vomir - Black Box  6xCd in wooden box
Vomir announces the cover box, with laser engraving on  black wooden, who is  the best HNW artist around. HNW stands Harsh Noise Wall, better known as Wall of Noise, and Vomir is Romain Perrot, who's best known for his habit of wearing a black bag over his head when playing live. Six solid CD that comes with a wooden box, resolutely occupy a narrow and strictly defined dynamic band, with shifting textures of distortion and heavy low end. In retrospect it's surprising it's taken Noise artists this long to notice the appeal of stasis – its ear-fooling potential amplifies minor structural changes and renders small sound events disproportionately large, as well as allowing them to generate a genre variant which is both intensively aggressive and strangely calming. Nothing is progress. Everything repeats itself endlessly and nothing stands out as important. Nothing more should be undertaken. We will never arrive at the final destination. The truth is over , comes the loneliness. These are definitive new CDs of total static harsh noise, crusting, crushing, crackling of 75 minutes each by the master of the HNW Romain Perrot. No ideas, no changes, no development, no entertainment, and no remorse.
Urashima continue the tribute of the genre with more than seven and a half hours of monolithic HNW on six CD with an astonishing black  wooden box. Each single CD comes in black wallet with no graphics plus individually numbered certificate in 200 copies and foldable color poster with picture and text in French and English.

 on: Today at 12:23:39 PM 
Started by MEATPUMP - Last post by karmagreg
pfffff hahaha . that scares me

 on: Today at 11:57:44 AM 
Started by Major Carew - Last post by Major Carew
Any plans for a cassette release?

Not at the moment. Maybe in the future after the live tape series, photo booklet and 10".

 on: Today at 09:41:43 AM 
Started by FreakAnimalFinland - Last post by P A N I C
Anyone already taken the plunge and tried to order something off the Bandcamp?

 on: Today at 09:37:59 AM 
Started by Major Carew - Last post by cr
Has anyone else received the controlled death masonna tape?
Paid for mine, sent email last week... Nothing

If you haven't let me know.. He's in my suburb, I'm going round next week, the police here are dogging me anyway, so...

I ordered mine on 14 May. Got an email on 21 May saying my order had been shipped. Then on 4 June I got an email from one Armour Group Noise that they posted the package that day. However, the tracking number they provided is from Singapore Post — whose website tells me my package was actually dispatched on 11 June... Trapdoor Tapes should certainly explain in their “shipping confirmation” that it doesn’t actually mean shipping to your address directly. But since they don’t, it’s pretty annoying that it took nearly a month for my order to be sent to me (if that is really the case now, although it does seem to be). I don’t mind delays if I’m informed of what’s actually happening.

Received the package yesterday. I ordered mine on 14 May. Got the first 'shipped' email on 22 May and the Armour Group Noise one on 30 May.

 on: Today at 09:24:11 AM 
Started by abusepotential - Last post by abusepotential

New from Birth Control Productions. Out 3rd release, from the Svensk artist also known as Världsbrand and Instrument of Torture.

World-burning industrial HNW from a living tomb of flames. Morbid and monotonous, but with subtle changes in texture over time.

Pro-C90 limited to 36 hand-numbered copies on black tapes with J-Card. Single 40-minute track dubbed to both sides. $5US at:


or directly from birthcontrolproductions@gmail.com.

preview and more information:

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