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 on: Today at 11:10:32 AM 
Started by FreakAnimalFinland - Last post by tiny_tove

 on: Today at 10:14:16 AM 
Started by GEWALTMONOPOL - Last post by theotherjohn
Quite liked Hereditary myself although even the cinema I saw it in had a couple of people laughing unfortunately. It reminded me of the more low key (and far superior) Proxy that Andrew recommended here some time ago.

Caught a recent screening at the BFI Southbank in London of British performance art films from the 1970s which included a 2K restoration of COUM Transmissions' short film After Cease To Exist - it's not aged well. My favourite film in the programme was Cast by Peter Dockley which was an altogether far more disturbing effort (and with a better soundtrack too, courtesy of Barry Guy). There's a brief excerpt from it here.

 on: Today at 10:10:18 AM 
Started by radiumk9 - Last post by radiumk9

**** Last Day to get the discounted special price ****
***** USD $25+Postage *****

12 Episodes - 4 DVD9 Set (Professionally Printed)
16 Page Full Color Booklet
13 Hours Of Archival Footage
Edition of 350

Influencing Machine Records & Spastik Visuals Proudly Present:
The Pain Factory A Public Access Live Noise Show 1995-1997
Channel 53 San Francisco, California

DVD Menu Disc 1

ORDER HERE FOR USA / Rest of World - $25.00 (USD) + shipping
Contact: influencingmachinerecords@gmail.com

ORDER HERE FOR CANADA / Rest of World - $31.00 (CAD) + shipping
Contact: order@thepainfactory.info

Discogs Listing With Detailed Information

Wholesale discounts welcome, please contact.

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Official Site

This 4-DVD set features 16 page full-color booklet with original flyers, artwork and liner notes
by G.X. Jupitter-Larsen, Scott Arford, J. Campbell, Jeff Gunn and Michael Contreras.
It contains approximately 13 hours of footage, including nearly every performance
and video submission broadcast as part of The Pain Factory series:

Live Performances:
Killer Bug   Crawl Unit   Seethe   Flat Tire   Fin   Nihil   Spastic Colon   The Haters
Big City Orchestra   Radiosonde   Not Breathing   Dr. Crystal Mess   YAU   Anal Sadist
Stimbox   Hungry Ghost   Sirvix   Loaded   Chris Cobb & Yael Bartana
Moe! Staiano   UBZUB   Instagon   Air-o-gant   Death Squad   Frank Moore   Glass Crash

Taped Submissions and Performances by:
Xome   The Amputease   Taint   Scott Arford   Seedmouth   Genetic Death Cell
The Haters   Death Squad   Rotten Jesus   MSBR   Electronic Karma Sutra
Macronympha   Stimbox   Frank Moore   Instagon   Death Keeps Me Awake

Short Films and Video:
The Digger  Snuff Balloon   Holes On The Neck   Institutional Broadcast
Serrrations   TV Homicide   Dahmer Spectacle

 on: Today at 09:40:55 AM 
Started by voidhead - Last post by voidhead
This is available now. 10€ incl. postage Finland / Europe. 12€ incl postage elsewhere. Ask about wholesale prices.

Clips / previews soon come.

Email tyhjio [at] g mail [dot] com or pm.

 on: Today at 09:03:17 AM 
Started by bitewerksMTB - Last post by Andrew McIntosh

 on: Today at 08:34:19 AM 
Started by Brad - Last post by Andrew McIntosh
It's not just phones, though. There's a whole system in place which has no genuine alternative, apart from, arguably, Islamism and even jihadists use mobile phones, Facebook and memes. And it's not just the technology, it's the consumerist mentality driving it all.

The last hold-out of hope I had was that when more home-recording technology became widely available there would be no need for a music industry and it would become weakened. I was extremely wrong. The music industry is bolstered by legions of hopefuls who could do it all themselves, even the business and promotional end, but instead use all that to get the beloved contract. It's an insanity I can't understand either. As much as they shit me I can't help but also pity the current younger generations who have no idea of anything beyond the system they're in to the point that even "anti-capitalists" are just conceiving of "inclusive" and "intersectional" capitalism.

Now the last hold-out of hope I have is that global warming really does kill all Life on Earth. I bet I'll be disappointed with that, too.

 on: Today at 03:24:07 AM 
Started by GEWALTMONOPOL - Last post by absurdexposition
Saw Hereditary on my birthday a couple weeks ago. I need to rewatch it at home. Packed theatre full of laughing adolescents ruined any mood the film was trying to establish. Though I can't see myself liking it much more, and it seems like most who are raving about it maybe forgot about or haven't seen any of the 60s/70s classics it draws heavily from.

Tremors on Sunday. Hadn't seen it since 2000 maybe. Still just ok.
Humanoids from the Deep yesterday. The monsters looked incredible. Otherwise, not enough hunting/killing/"mating" to match its description.
Eugenie de Sade tonight. My favourite Franco that I've seen to date.

 on: Today at 01:42:03 AM 
Started by bitewerksMTB - Last post by DSOL
rough mix for the project I'm working on


4 track demo now up

 on: Today at 12:11:48 AM 
Started by online prowler - Last post by online prowler
Time-limited tape sale on selected store titles. All new stock:

Murder Cult “The Bridge” (strange rules): 5,50 euro

10        0                                        40

Cheapmachines “Quiet Trade” (strange rules): 5,50 euro
Complex and meticulously crafted electronic music touching the fringes of advent industrial, avant-garde, devotional and contemporary academic music. Minimal electronic and concrète works exploring the boundaries of: Harmonics, tonality, texture, micro-composition and multiple architectonic sound images.
    Four transcendent and forceful compositions. One passing the twenty minute mark - three subsequent - clocking around ten. Organ, piano, analogue modular synthesizer, computer, objects and surfaces.

Petals “A Time Before The Lagoon Was Depressed” (strange rules): 5,50 euro
Petals’ release “A Time Before The Lagoon Was Depressed” on Strange Rules bridge sonic territories: Industrial, ambient and appropriated music with traditions from 21st-Century academic contemporary music to improvised jazz.
     The singular composition on this release have a distinct ‘live sound presence’, and emits a dusty and slightly deteriorating analogue sound production. The structure and momentum of the track is built around several parallel cyclic movements, free form improvisations and micro structures; which evolve, cascade - recur… with the meditative semi-claustrophobic elegance – of a underwater current generating froth-besieging waves crashing ashore. Dense, but soft and opaque sub-frequencies tremor and avalanche /// throughout // the / audial strata; while chiming and ethereal high to mid-tonalities congregate and linger above in dualistic, yet lyrical dis-harmonic / harmonic spherical formations. “A Time Before The Lagoon Was Depressed” is an intriguing piece of linear and expanding music with bio-rhythmical imprint. The audial space is refined and attentively articulated; always engaging with an in-room life-like presence throughout the composition’s duration. What could be considered technical flaws blend into the composition as added sections of instrumentation; creating an in-moment experience with gentle abrupsions, in tow textures, novel atmospheres - as well as debris passages. If composers Akos Rozmann and Bjørn Fongaard ever where to perform live with Kevin Drumm alongside Æthenor ('En Form For Blå’ era); this is how the constellation could potentially sound.
    The track could well be developed as a orchestrated 4/8-track sound collage, tracked room & studio recording - or hybrid solution of both suggestions; utilizing a selection of: Electronics, synths, equalizers, tape manipulations, objects, field recordings, samples, loops, efx, spoken word, percussion, various string instruments and mixer.

Nearfall “Nearfall” (Audio. Visual. Atmosphere): 5,50 euro
Each building collapsed, each prosperity crashed. As nature takes over, these are the traces amidst the debris.
    Perfect harmony of life and death. Maximum minimalism.
Geographic industrial manifested through spatial field recordings. Highly recommended cassette for fanatics whom are into: Hibiskofon, Strange Rules, Järtecket or Verlautbarung imprints.

Monnik “Horizon” (Audio. Visual. Atmosphere) first edition: 5,50 euro
The night shines light, on fields and valleys beyond.
With it’s debut still close in his tracks, Monnik brings us these two delicate, but all-consuming compositions.

Fingering Eve “Detach” (Cønjuntø Vacíø): 5,50 euro
Third release from up and coming project Fingering Eve. Detach is electronic music to its core conjoined with the heritage of ‘90s - to present industrial, edm and techno. Bass-heavy and glistening metallic compositions with reverb warehouse dynamics. Dark and narcotic.

Brethren “Alienated and radicalized” (Freak animal records): 5,50 euro
Reissue of Freak Animal release anno 2012. Elite industrial / power electronics from US. Modern classic.

 on: June 19, 2018, 11:06:25 PM 
Started by PedestrianOrgans - Last post by PedestrianOrgans
Hoo, another artist pretty lost to the few who bought in back when. Anybody willing to sell or trade for anything you might have? Looking for pretty much everything except the tape on Monorail Trespassing.

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