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 on: Today at 09:27:46 AM 
Started by GEWALTMONOPOL - Last post by FallOfNature
Had enough time to waste this week so I ticked off a few from the watchlist;

You Were Never Really Here
I was expecting some kind of Taken/The Equalizer type film with a bit of film-noir atmosphere with this one. While I wasn't 1000 miles away , this was far more psychological drama than I expected. A bit underwhelmed at first partly to the lack of brutal violence that might be implied, but kept me thinking long after it'd finished. Good, and I'll probably watch it again.

Didn't completely hate this like I predicted. Above average but still just ok. Watched it back to back with The Nun which probably made it seem alot better, as I lost interest in that after 30 mins.

Bad Day for the Cut
Nice surprise with this one. Indie revenge thriller set in Ireland.

On a side note picked up the blu ray for this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCpY5QZSAqE NZ horror film that was banned in my state for a long time. Never even heard of it.

 on: Today at 06:16:55 AM 
Started by absurdexposition - Last post by molena
this saturday folks!

 on: Today at 02:08:59 AM 
Started by deutscheasphalt - Last post by HateSermon
Insane. Definitely picking up the VHS.

 on: April 23, 2019, 09:43:30 PM 
Started by GEWALTMONOPOL - Last post by moozz
Merzbow - Batztoutai Mix (Slowdown Records)

Recorded and mixed in 1984-85, released in 2019. This one contains two different mixes of Batztoutai - The Nightingale's Song that can be found on Batztoutai With Memorial/Material Gadgets. Both mixes are about 23 minutes in length (which is several minutes more than the original) and quite similar to the original. Loads of sounds/samples appearing and disappearing, never getting too harsh (nothing much did in 1985). It is all highly entertaining, like a crazy circus fever dream. If you like Batztoutai With Material (or Memorial) Gadgets this should be right up your alley.

 on: April 23, 2019, 08:16:38 PM 
Started by Nascitari - Last post by Nascitari

Tonight we have a collaborative work between Italy’s Lorenzo Abattoir and legendary UK project Satori.  Recent albums Aether, and Megaloschemos are densely constructed and multi-layered assemblages of chordal swells, whirring machinery cogs, aberrant rituals, and sprawling, tar-black atmospheres. Even as parts reach cataclysmic levels of intensity and magnitude, this is the sound of chaos merging with order, where every detail and nuance seems to be carefully regulated and controlled.  Music that is based on the physical and mental disconnect facing everyone in the modern world. A constant pervasive undercurrent of violence, the feeling of a society on the brink of a total meltdown and the fears and torments of the powerless individual.

Formed in 1982 and immersed in the industrial and power electronics culture, Satori has released music on the legendary Broken Flag, Tesco, and Cold Spring, with "Aether" representing a new statement of intent of original member Dave Kirby.

Lorenzo Abattoir is an Italian-based noise artist and sound engineer whose work takes shape in a context of underground extreme music to become accessible through various projects related to contemporary art, including Psicopompo with German composer Hermann Kopp, the electro-acoustic collective Mare Di Dirac, and a collaboration with Phurpa.

This duo create absorbing music sure to appeal to fans of all sub-genres of true industrial music.


Since its conception in 2012, Brighton-based noise artist KNIFEDOUTOFEXISTENCE (aka Dean Lloyd Robinson) has fixated on the duality between energy release and its very suppression; the act of catharsis and the forces – both external and internal – that conspire to stifle it. Inhibitors is the most potent examination of this dynamic to date. Within every instrument, Robinson imbues a struggle to communicate freely and coherently: synthesisers choke on chunks of distortion, feedback bleeds across field recordings of public spaces, noise and tannoy slapback are draped, like burdensome chainmail, over feverdreamt screams and lethargic croaks of defeat.


Opening tonight we have Bristol based duo Organchrist.  Creating  layers of looped and abrasive drone, mixed with feedback and techno to induce the listener into a state of ritualistic rapture.  Described as 'electronic warfare' they revel in the unforgiving, as will you.





 on: April 23, 2019, 07:44:31 PM 
Started by GEWALTMONOPOL - Last post by Strangecross
OHM+ the early gurus of electronic music DVD 2005 2 and a half hours of archival footage

Overall- a sort of mis-guided DVD that feels too much like NYC MOMA, but some REALLY good takeaways- I will just comment on the good tracks on this DVD. You would be better off seeking out the uncut performances and interviews, but i guess if this DVD was found for cheap, like i found, it is a lot less effort

Clara Rockmore I don't know if this is the best Theremin music i've seen, or if its just really cool to see a decadent old lady doing it. I never thought Theremin could work this well in non-noise, this piece called 'Hebrew Melody" and is a live recording in intimate setting in a mansion or something with people like Robert Moog there.
Jean-Claude Risset video is better than sound but i guess its the first use of FM synthesis
Steve Reicha pioneer, but they choose a work from 2004. its ok, video loops, some cool graphics like GX Jupiter Larsen stuff, and some not. Good themes of cloning and cyborgs.
Holger Czukay Floatspace this is sick, indoor fireworks, at least this capture of footage is really appealing and some sounds almost dark ambient by ARP odyssey.

Bebe Barron Great Interview segment- apparently the Forbidden Planet soundtrack was composed of sounds from living circuits-Cybernetic tape music.

Leon Theremin Leon giving a private in home Theremin lesson to Paul Lansky. Same lesson was given to Lenin.

Iannis Xenakis nothing special
Milton Babbit He describes working on the first synthesizers

David Behrman music with melody-driven electronics 1975. K-hole-esque video with Chelsea Girls type multiple frames and utilizing mirrors. Spaced out jam with 3 guys in cowboy hats even sheriff badge, some homemade electronics. very nice.

Laurie Spiegel never seen a Alles Synth before, 1977 bell telephone labs. not a great composition.

John Chowning Nice explanation with graphs of the Stria composition which is sort of a negative version of golden ratio music.

Robert Ashley weird in a good way i guess

Alvin Lucier 1965 solo,  Using Air Force brainwave research equipment he uses he brain waves to play percussion, including timpani. waves seem to flare up if he presses on he closed eyelids, i think i've seen this before but it was nice to see again.

Robert Moog short excerpt from moog documentary

 on: April 23, 2019, 07:42:32 PM 
Started by deutscheasphalt - Last post by Theodore
Thanks ! - Survival Unit video is unavailable, it says.

Looks and sounds great ! Looking forward for the release.

PS: That guy from Agonal Lust, is he a wrestler ? Haha. I wouldnt mess with him !

 on: April 23, 2019, 06:11:02 PM 
Started by Grübelschlinge - Last post by Grübelschlinge
Maybe not right forum but looking for this for some time without luck.
I am based in Germany.

 on: April 23, 2019, 04:57:33 PM 
Started by KHH - Last post by deutscheasphalt
Clips from Endangered Species show at Club Rectum (in running order):

Ferro Mortem
Omega 7
Agonal Lust
Young Hustlers
Die Kombination
Survival Unit

Full video coverage will be released on VHS cassette.

 on: April 23, 2019, 04:56:18 PM 
Started by deutscheasphalt - Last post by deutscheasphalt
Ferro Mortem
Omega 7
Agonal Lust
Young Hustlers
Die Kombination
Survival Unit

Full video coverage will be released on VHS cassette via Endangered Species.

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