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Author Topic: Occult Books for Sale (Mainly IXAXAAR)  (Read 323 times)
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« on: April 10, 2019, 03:57:00 AM »

Fosforos: $220 USD
Catechism of Lucifer: $200 USD
Liber Falxifer III: $220
Argarizim (x2): $150 or $90 a piece
Book of Sitra Achra Azerate Pact Edition: $320
Book of St. Cyprian (Humberto Maggi Leatherbound edition): $200

I'm letting these go under current market value. This does not mean that they have never been sold for cheaper. Sometimes you'll find an idiot that will let one of these books go for chump change.. but its rare. If you want them now and at a reasonable price with resale possibility down the road, DM me or reply here.
I am even willing to do a bulk deal if you can cover the shipping cost of such a heavy weighted shipment. cheers.

EXTRAS: Beauty Labyrinth of Razors (Japanese edition, not the creation books one): $250
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