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Author Topic: General butthurt & pc faggotry etc  (Read 574226 times)
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If you're interested in another article and interpretation of the situation, here you go.  They're endless, and I've never heard of this site.  Seemed like a decently fair analysis though.


I'm interested in any article that doesn't exist for the sole purpose of sucking any one group's cock, I'm not so rigid about this particular situation but we live in bizarro-world where getting authentic information is becoming increasingly tough, I will give this a look at some point.

Does it matter that he, or anyone for that matter, who dies in that fashion was on drugs or had a syndrome?


People die from far less combinations of shit than fentanyl, other opioids, methamphetamine, caffeine, heart disease, hypertension and an enlarged heart all while smoking weed and cigarettes still. Entering a high stress situation/altercation and getting a knee on your neck for a while certainly doesn’t sound like much of a remedy for that disastrous cocktail either, why wouldn’t all of that matter? I even forgot to mention he also tested positive for COVID, he was apparently asymptomatic but it's just a cherry on top..

And before I get any 'AntiFa' sympathizers jumping down my throat, I’m for police reform if that includes prioritizing deescalation and not hiring all gung-ho meat heads, among other things.

I used to give a damn but I never gave a fuck fool.

You made an account so your first post was to respond to me first instead of partaking in other discussions so come at me in the PM, you little bitch.
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