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Author Topic: Self Abuse and related  (Read 829 times)
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« on: December 11, 2022, 12:37:23 PM »

A classic label. I just recently got the Proof of The Shooting - Demonstrative Evidence 4xCD and Grunt - The Lone Hunter 7" and was about to comment on playlist thread, but as they're both from Self Abuse (Proof.. with Fusty Cunt) let's start a thread of it's own. Demonstrative Evidence cd-box has some weird paint on the cover that sticks to everything. I have one s/t tape released by Collapsed Hole and it's heavily covered with goo that looks a like green snot. So the packaging continues this tradition. The covers fall apart but I guess this is NOT how it's supposed to be and it's just busted in the mail...fuck. Noise itself is pure gold from start to end! Four long discs with a unique feeling to it. Not always harsh and there's some ambient parts. It's a best of compilation and as the 90's releases are impossible to get, this is essential.

Good to see Murder Series being resurrected! I'm missing some of the older 7"s and they can be a bit pricy, so I was hesitant should I start collecting them...There's a constant flood of great new releases to buy so I just got the Grunt one. Good record, although I think Cast Iron Hand was better of the recent Grunt vinyl releases. Any comments of other new Murder Series...Yellow Gas Flames? Lussuria?

Or a favorite of them all? Marconympha is perfect with the parts of female screams and Atrax Morgue's eerie James Oliver Huberty. There's also an obscure movie based on the Huberty Case called Bloody Wednesday. A guy loses his mind and walks naked to a church. After he is released from mental institution he moves to an abandoned building and starts receiving telepathic messages from his teddy bear! I remember it being hilarious. It was mentioned on this board that there were plans of a cd collection, but Stimbox didn't want his material to be re-released. Hopefully this changes at some point!

When looking at the whole catalogue, Taint's Vice LP is one the most important releases when I was getting into pe/noise. Very fond memories of listening that for the first time.
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« Reply #1 on: December 12, 2022, 09:37:51 AM »

For me, some of the most memorable releases are the huge print run ones. While many rare tapes and long sold out goodies are great, there is something permanent in stuff like TOTAL Exploded Star Sad Servant CD, MACRONYMPHA Intensive care CD.

Then in other hand, having been involved in reissuing things from his catalogue, Mother Savage or Government Alpha, were among things that seemed mandatory.

It may not be objectively best, but Soundtrack For The End Of The World Comp CD was such a release I was exposed to several names that I only knew little. Music Should Hurt comp may be objectively better, but subjectively, in massive devouring of noise in mid 90's, when I got that CD I had already heard quite many of artists.

Murder Series is of course entirely worth of praise. Also fact that label doesn't release that much, compared to how old it is, leads me to think pretty much everything has more valid meaning. Not like some younger labels who churned batch after batch, that we can't even remember what all came within one year. With Self Abuse, there are lots of things like Aube 7" box, Merzbow "Green Wheels" CD+5", TAINT LP,  things that stood out from prolific artists discography with being somewhat unusual format or presentation.

Amount of 7"s on Self Abuse is also admirable. Con-Dom "Love", Killer Bug, The Haters "Truncated Formica" and so on...

Anyone can still support directly buying stuff from: selfabuserecords.net

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« Reply #2 on: December 12, 2022, 01:34:03 PM »

MACRONYMPHA Intensive care CD.

I wonder how big the print is? Released in 98 and still widely available.
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« Reply #3 on: December 12, 2022, 04:04:50 PM »

I have, and have had a few more, of the early Self Abuse cassettes - all Skin Crime and related - but it's the big pressings that I come back to the most. Older favorites are Intensive Care, of course, and TADM & Incapacitants - Stocks and Bonds from... 1999? The latter does get mentioned once in a while, but I can't help but feel it's slightly under appreciated. Such a wild, incredibly loud and punishing long disc. Perhaps the worst disc to give to someone who wants a smooth introduction to noise?

Favorites from this side of Y2K are Kakerlak - Reproductive Activity Rhythms (big run tape AND one of Throop's absolutely finest half-hours) and the fantastic  Skin Crime - House On The Cliff LP (recorded and pressed waaay back, but given a jacket and sold much much later?). Then there's the Paranoid Time tape, Torsion Field Ebonics, which I can't recall in detail, only that it is super good.
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« Reply #4 on: December 12, 2022, 07:31:21 PM »

I'm a little too late I guess, anybody knows where in Europe I can order the new 7"s?

Finding these high quality noise 7"s in the 90's was like finding nuggets of gold in a muddy river. My favorites:
- Both Skin Crime 7"s
- Pain Jerk / Skin Crime split
- Killer Bug
- Merzbow / MSBR split
- Madonna picture disc
- K2
- Runzelstirn & Gurgelstøck / Sudden Infant split
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