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Author Topic: Punk/Hardcore  (Read 228781 times)
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« Reply #810 on: September 16, 2019, 02:06:37 AM »

Nelson Ribas on the Skitslickers plates:

The original Skitslickers plates for the "GBG 1982" 7".

SL-8206 or Studio Lane, June 1982 (recorded in April of 1982).

There's probably no other set of plates that have made their way around, been lost and recovered, and been the subject of so much confusion in the history of hardcore punk. These plates have been used for the original release, unauthorized pressings and semi-official versions. That doesn't include the various bootlegs made without them. How original plates were used for so many illegitimate pressings is a mess of a story with gaps left to speculation.

While some of the reported illegitimate pressings were probably done with the best intentions while getting permission from some members of the band (the Malign Massacre version, for instance), others were done solely for quick cash and passed off as legit.

When Lasse was asked about how the plates were let out of the control of the band in the first place, he replied:
"I don't know. A good guess is that someone (Jonsson?) lend the plates to them without telling the rest of us. I got back the plates from Bodenmalm [Distortion Records, Sweden] in the the middle of the 90's. Jimmy [guitarist] hold a shotgun to Bodenmalm's head when he "forgot" to pay us royalties a couple of years ago, so, yes, you are right, and we know of all his scams against a lot of bands."

After all this, the plates were thought lost once again. Lasse couldn't find them for the EP to come with Negative Insight, and we were resigned to the fact that we would have to use a lower quality DAT tape as the source instead. Lasse decided he'd take one last look. We were the relieved and excited when he replied "Well, I found the father and mother matrices from 1982, in my vinyl collection, in the cover of Elvis' Christmas album. Where else."

Where else?

Once we got the plates, more issues arose. They were an odd an obsolete size from old European plants. We tried a few places that all said there was no fucking way. Eventually we got hooked up with Martin Frings in London. He wasn't sure if they could make it work due to needing odd sized seals but couldn't be certain without the plates being sent there. He was reluctant that he could make it work, but jumped through hoops to give it a try. It ended up paying off.
Martin reported "After a good rummage through many dusty boxes and screaming at a few spiders I found some seals that fit!! The very last ones! So basically it's all go, I can do it!" A true hardcore hero.

The SL-8206 plates were returned back to Lasse where they now reside safely back inside the Elvis Christmas album cover.

Thank you!
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« Reply #811 on: September 17, 2019, 07:24:17 PM »

Went on a D-beat deep dive again.  C.U.M. (aka Cumbrage, that has quite a good full album that I didn't know existed), Time Square Preachers, Dismachine...Dis bands that would, funny and oddly enough, fall into that 2nd tier range.  Yeah, I can still do hours of Dis-bands and love every second of it.

Karst from California sounds like a slightly crusty, and more deathy, Unruh.  I've somewhat been waiting to hear Unruh influence from somewhere, and I think Karst are it.  I would guess they don't know it, so it is likely my imagination.  I happen to love Unruh.  Not that it matters at all, but Unruh was like His Hero is Gone inasmuch as they were some of the most talented musicians with a punk background at the time and with good musical ears.  Undecided whether I like Karst all that much, but it was cool to think of them this way.


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« Reply #812 on: September 17, 2019, 07:59:46 PM »

I definitely share the love for Uppsala D-Beat bands, Your Own Jailer, etc... The first Times Square Preachers 7" and the Harass one are "modern" classic as far as I'm concerned.

And Unruh's LP definitely rules.

Today was an Assück and Hail Of Rage day over here. A good drummer definitely makes the difference...

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« Reply #813 on: Today at 09:27:55 PM »

Hail Of Rage.

Wow totally forgot about this band. Def need to pull out their 7" 's  out of the shelves again.

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