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Author Topic: Pink Piss Classics Series: TNB, Smell & Quim, MB, Macronympha, MO*TE, etc.  (Read 384 times)
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Pink Piss Classics Series (via Old Europa Cafe)

A series of 10 classic Noise / Power Electronics titles each featuring artwork by Lilian Pelizzari Giust.

The New Blockaders, Smell & Quim, Maurizio Bianchi, Folkstorm, Macronympha, Black Leather Jesus, MO*TE, etc.

Available now:

TNB ‘Live At Morden Tower’:

'My first listening experience of TNB was 'Live At Morden Tower' in 1983. I marveled at the unbelievably relentless inaccessible intensity of their sound. I became fascinated by them. I became a kind of TNB 'groupie.'' Toshiji Mikawa / Incapacitants

'TNB subject their audience to a pummeling that even a young William Bennett (Whitehouse) would have been proud. Piercing electronics create what can only be described as pure cacophony. Steel bars get thrown around and nails get hammered into floors. Full-on brutalism that would lay down the gauntlet for the likes of Merzbow to pick up later.' Idwal Fisher

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