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Author Topic: 08.11.12 Melbourne, Australia: Sabbatical Presents New Releases  (Read 2079 times)
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« on: November 01, 2012, 12:27:12 AM »

Sabbatical is based in Melbourne, Australia.

Sabbatical Presents: New Releases

Launch show for the latest releases in Sabbatical's Cassette Series.

Featuring Performances by:
Justin Fuller
Eko Eko Azarak
Default Jamerson
Hans Harms
Dick Threats


New releases available on the night:
Justin Fuller 'Mental Shelf'
Eko Eko Azarak 'Eko Eko Azarak'
Hans Harms 'Vulnerable Sources Project'
Dick Threats 'Excellents'
Dead Boomers & Wife 'Dry Process'


Thursday 8th of November
The Gasometer Hotel




SBBCS010 Hans Harms Vulnerable Sources Project
Vulnerable Sources Project is the first recorded collaboration between Mark Groves, Leith Thomas, and Dave Coen. The brutalist rhythms and unforgiving electronics of related projects Dead Boomers and Ivens are present here, offering a skeleton in which vocal lines unfurl. These four pieces are principally concerned with a cynical, disillusioned observation of contemporary Australia: the systemic misuse of authority, persistently disappointing discourse, wilful ignorance and an ever-present internalized inferiority complex.

SBBCS011 Dick Threats Excellents
Excellents marks a shift in the sound of Mark Groves and Sharryn Koppens' Dick Threats project. While the absurd track titles and tape hiss of 2011's Meat Cash remain, a darker quality is evident in these six pieces. This time Sharryn's trumpet is for the most part pitch-shifted and droning, while the hectic plundered rhythms of Meat Cash have given way to intermittent rolling shapes drenched in cavernous reverb. Severe jump cuts between tracks are also eschewed in favour of vaporous fades between passages. This is undeniably a new atmosphere for a resurgent mission.

SBBCS012 Justin Fuller Mental Shelf
Extended electronic excursions generated by perpetually active Melbourne based practitioner Justin Fuller – principally known for his involvement in rock-derived units such as Zond, Täx, Divorced and many others. Here Fuller diverts from his familiar guitar-based actions, bathing digitally composed 4/4 rhythms in gushing currents of analogue colour. At times these waves of stomp-box and synth motion become confrontational, threatening each central pulse with heavy tremolo and insistent stereo panning of a contrary rhythmic disposition. Recorded with magnificently austere clarity by Marcus Cook in Fuller’s lounge room in East Brunswick during July 2012.

SBBCS013 Dead Boomers and Wife Dry Process
The idea of irrefutable truth is the bedrock of public discourse. It is used to form opinions and decide alignment within argument. But these fervently held beliefs -- often taken as unimpeachable gospel -- are built on subjective presentations of fact. Taking the public furore surrounding the Lindy Chamberlain case as source material, Dry Process acknowledges the subjectivity at the heart of public truth and invites participation in the creation of yet another version through the window of the photocopier plate. Dry Process is a collaboration between Dead Boomers (Mark Groves and Leith Thomas) and Wife (Samaan Fieck and Eric Demitriou). The groups have created a series of sound works to accompany the Dry Process installation housed at Rearview Gallery in Collingwood 10-31 August 2012.

SBBCS014 Eko Eko Azarak Eko Eko Azarak
Eko Eko Azarak is the solo musical undertaking of Emma Albury (Yolk Yolk/ex-Leopard Leg). Based on instrumentation and vocal explorations of areas that crossover the supernatural, the occult and the very human, the outcome is dark and dense but driven by the sincerest of warmth. This self titled release on Sabbatical documents early works from the project. These essentially vocal-lead pieces survey a curious passage through recognizable terrain, assembled from horror flick ambience, benzodiazepine imbued metallic mire, animalistic utterances, and seductive cinematic gesticulations within a spacious, stately dwelling. Cover art drawn by Bonnie Abbott.

All cassettes include download codes.
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