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Author Topic: Calling for >> "Confession V" - >13.10.12 London  (Read 2900 times)
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human zoo
« on: August 19, 2012, 08:39:53 PM »

Time to support your local noise/experimental/power electronics event-events!
Not sure this has been posted on this list yet.
A great night with some new exposures and well established criminals.
Expect the unexpected (as usual). > See you there.

Tickets now available online: http://www.wegottickets.com/event/180753

Confession V 13.10.12 Slimelight London

Bizarre Uproar
Leading figures among Finnish noiseOne of the longest running Finnish harsh noise acts, the first releases being released in the early 90s. 15 years of obscure tape, cd and vinyl releases followed, including cooperations with projects like Bastard Noise, Grunt, Facialmess, Gelsomina, and labels like Freak Animal, Cipher, Musically Incorrect, New Noise & their own Filth & Violence.

MK9,Death Squad, the new project of MICHAEL NINE, began in the latter half of 2001. Proceeding the end of Contreras' controversial and confrontational performances as the world renowned project Death Squad, MK9 brings the initiation of a different level of psychological intrusion. Through video projection and expansive audio constructions and performance, MK9 continues to investigate the varying aspects of extreme emotional states interrelated with the human condition and psyche.
Under the appellation Death Squad, Michael Nine has performed extensively across the globe. In 1992, Contreras founded Spastik Kommunikations, a record label dedicated to documenting and releasing works from Death Squad and parallel projects. With the inception of his new project a new record label evolved, "Neural Ops." Which became more suited to the current activities, performances and recordings.
Since 1992, Contreras has released and produced over 40 solo and compilation audio/video works which have been distributed internationally. Starting in 1997 he began touring and has performed nearly 200 shows around the world.The manipulated and presented video, sound and performance will address issues and perspectives dealing with curent global and social issues.
Focusing specifically on the overwhelming mass influx of imagery and information and its effects on an individuals psychological state in society.

Martin Bladh
Martin Bladh is a Swedish artist of multiple mediums. His work is dark, visceral, hypnotic and disturbing, laying bare themes of violence, obsession, fantasy, auto-eroticism, self-mutilation, domination, submission, narcissism. Further beyond that, there is also a tribal, base, essential quality to his work, a kind of saving grace which grounds his art and makes it extremely rare and extremely valid.
Shane Levene

Hal Hutchinson
"Hal Hutchinson is an English noise music artist based in London,recording as both a solo artist under his own name and with other noise projects such as Savage Discharge and Pollutive Static.He has recorded split releases and collaborations with many in the noise field such as Black Leather Jesus & Richard Ramirez,Mania,The Haters,The New Blockaders and Ulex Xane to name only a few.He has releases on labels such as Freak Animal Records,Unrest Productions,RRRecords amongst others."

Vera Bremerton
The latex lass with classical roots: visceral, disquieting and intense, Vera Bremerton’s music is the proof that opposites do attract. Long sweeping electronic drones and harsh pounding beats entwine in dissonant harmony to form a sonic carpet for Vera’s shamanic voice to run free on: she screams, coos, deploys a number of timbres and extended techniques, reaches heights and depths that perfectly fit her existential lyrics.

Dry Greed
Abusive Experimental Harsh Noise/Death Industrial/Power Electronics. DRY GREED "Injuries" (Card CDr, Self)A small rectangular object containing enough minutes to publish the recording of a piece of medium length: in an age where everything can be disseminated through the web with the risk, however, that things can often just a drop in the ocean, a CDr business card is more visible than a thousand files online; like "Injuries", sometimes even a source of real physical pain. The project of Edel Braun becomes the ruthless heir of homicidal electronics of Atrax Morgue and early Whitehouse. Radical music, evil, living in the absence of scruples, never using direct forms or metaphors, choosing instead the more violent and cynically real. A single song, deadly as a razor-slash, even when it "slows down" and frowns, in a final representation of everyday life seen as a perpetually open wound.(Gianfranco Santoro).

Content Nullity
Content Nullity is one of the youngest projects performing in the
power electronics scene, hailing from the rural and desolate county of
Dorset. A deeply personal expression of negativity and frustration
cast from the mould of day-to-day mundanity is represented with
scathing, hard electronics and scrap metal abuse. After only a few
years of activities, with one full length album and several
small-scale releases the project promises an obsessively bleak future
of output to come. Nullity is absolute.
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Content- ... 8737004765

BRUT has a smell. A body. A vagina. A mind. BRUT has a picture. A reflection. An interface. BRUT is strong and angry. BRUT is restless and manic. BRUT is political. Feministic. BRUT has a voice. It consumes and pukes out. BRUT is alcohol poisoning. A prescription drug. BRUT! Neither in or out. BRUT bleeds and shits and pisses. BRUT is outraged. It hates! BRUT is YOU as much as it is ME. BRUT does not vote, pay taxes or interact. BRUT breathes. Despises stupidity. BRUT is never satisfied. BRUT is hungry! BRUT is an entity I will give you. So you can see what BRUT wants you to see. BRUT does not believe in war or in peace. BRUT IS A WOMAN – WOMAN IS A WEAPON!

Jukka Siikala, (Art Installation)
I reach for ecstatic nausea with conflicting elements. I utilize painting techniques by mixing traditional layer painting and the popular imagenary in a vein of 70's American photorealism. In my latest works I have included expressive style as a contrast to small details. I try to avoid creativity and stylization as a humanizing factor. I copy the original models quite faithfully favouring strict cuts through human figures as compositional brutality. The same unintenional spirit of mercilessness can be seen in the errors of pixelated digital images that I have used as models. As a raw material I use amateur pornography, that is tuned up with more or less intuitive elements. The outcome is a mix of my own assosiations, reducement, medical illustration, own photographs etc. As a side product I reflect the trends of our time in a same wretched style as eurotrash and exploitation cinema. In fact I like to see my self as trash artist. I also feel resemblance with noise music. (from Jukka web page)



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« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2012, 08:49:26 PM »

Great lineup- period
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« Reply #2 on: October 10, 2012, 08:44:16 PM »

Will be there for sure and probably sticking around for slimelight 25th anniversary afterwards too despite having had some of the lowest most undignified times of my life at slimelight :)

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