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Author Topic: Load of vinyl, CDs, tapes etc for sale, (UK) - inc. Cheap GERO !  (Read 1436 times)
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« on: July 16, 2021, 02:31:08 AM »

EDIT: OK BETTER IDEA: here's an always-up-to-date list on google drive:


Hoarded way too much over the years, need to clear out some physical and mental space, and fund FUTURE NOISE, so getting rid of a few things. Some noise, some misc, mostly cheap, a few things are rare tho! Any offers welcome. If you need photos or more details on anything just ask.

I'm in the UK but can ship anywhere, let me know anything you are interested in and I'll figure out how much postage would cost.

To any of the artists who might be reading this: no offence that I'm selling your fine work, I can't keep everything forever as much as I'd like to, and anyway in very many cases I'm only selling because I ended up with 2 or more copies and am keeping one. :D


The Gerogerigegege ‎– Senzuri Fight Back 7" - new-old-stock from the label! Mint with maybe some minor sleeve wear from years of storage. I have 4 copies left I think.   £8

The Haters / Fckn'Bstrds 7" DMR 17 unplayed  SOLD

RRR-1000 12" (the greatest ever locked grooves record - mint unopened copy)   £18

Hal Hutchinson ‎– Wreckage & Reconstruction LP - mint.   £8

Dave Phillips ‎– Agitated Unfilled Extended Geometric Figure Made Of Ersatz Substance 7" - (ALKU).  SOLD

Dieter Müh -  Stockholm Monsters -  ONEMUH 001 Live LP 2001    VG   £4

Spastic Burn Victim - Care Home Inferno LP  - last few artist copies reduced to clear. Distros get in touch, I can do an even cheaper deal for multiple copies!    £6

Jliat - May - (ultra-minimal drone LP, I have a few unplayed copies of this) £2 to clear

Various ‎– The Date Fork Seeps The River Volume 3 (excellent locked-grooves and shortform-anti-music LP on the legendary Nauscopy label, featuring 6x Cementimental endless grooves by myself) mint - £8

Mangle // Meatpacker 7" NM £4

Clemon - Self Flagelation 7" Lathe - (HNW/minimal noise, new, feat. Cementimental :D )  mint    £5

Clemon - Love Noise Walls 7" lathe - £4

Jucifer ‎– If Thine Enemy Hunger LP (ltd 600, Relapse, red vinyl cutout sleeve version with sticker - https://www.discogs.com/Jucifer-If-Thine-Enemy-Hunger/release/1694385) VG   £25

Xiu Xiu / Parenthetical Girls ‎– I Am Hated For Loving / Handsome Devil 7" mint £10

Parenthetical Girls ‎– A Song For Ellie Greenwich 7" - mint sealed £4

Angel Witch ‎– Angel Witch 7" 1980 - £10


Horse Vomit - Studio Vomit (London noisecore/doom-noise stupourgroup, possibly my favourite release I've been a part of but we didn't promote it enough at the time so have quite a few copies left. Distros get in touch for even cheaper deal! This needs to be out there. Highly recommended if I do say so myself! Green or beige vomit coloured variants available)    £3 to clear

Rainmaker - Alienation (ODEBYGD #7 2013, ltd 103 copies - screamo/post-rock)       £12

Seagrave releases, these are unplayed distro copies. £5 each to clear:
- Cignol / Stellar Mass - Scan transfer EP (techno) (x3 available)
- Josh Millrod - Chasing Ghosts (ambient) (x3 available)
- Ovis Aurum s/t (dubstep/noise/ambient) (x2 available)

Death Grips - Ex Military (Third Worlds 2nd edition 2011. Played only twice on a good clean hi-fi deck)    £80

Remember  ‎– ルートバックホーム (original 2015 Dream Catalog release, blue cassette)    £35


Hospital Productions BEAST 21/30 - Macroprurient/Skin Crime/Stegm/Sickness CDr "Special Edition released in 2006 for the UK Tour which came in a fold out cardboard package with differnet inserts. Limited to 30 hand-numbered copies."    £30

One Eye Has Threeheads - Sounds of the Microverse - 2004 Ocular Records.
Ridiculous ultra-rare Brethren sideproject! This is a spacey synth/noise concept album based on the Micronauts comic/toy range...!?!? Pro-duplicated Cd-r ltd to 25 copies. Uber-rare, never seen this for sale (wasn't even listed on discos at all till like a year ago) hardly any mention online other than some zine interview. Own a real curio of SERIOUS INDUSTRIAL CULTURE :D - £250

Feast Of Ishtar ‎– Hack Off Her Limbs One By One Voltagestress*R019    £4

Rudolf Eb.er ‎– T. H. I. E. R. Signed + numbered 68 / 93 £8

Anubi ‎– God's Pantheon - Odium Records ‎– OD002   £8

Plaistow ‎– Lacrimosa 2012 - mint sealed £5

Smegma Nattering Nabobs of Negativity - £5

Blue Velvet OST - Japanese edition Victor VDP-1205 £5

Necromandus - Orexis of Death (1992 reissue of 1972 doom rock album, prod. Tony Iommi) - Audio Archives AACD013    £10

Various ‎– Vidas Ilustres (Bananafish #11 cover disk, without the magazine) £6

Björk ‎– Celebrating Wood And Metal - Available only to the first 20,000 Bjork Fan Club members    £10

Spatial (2) - Infra001-4 (CD, Comp) - mint, shrink-wrapped    £5

Afrirampo ‎– Bakaが来た!    £20


SPECIALTEN Issue 15 - Art/video magazine + DVD with Terry Gilliam, The Knife, Polysics etc stuff - £5

Cementimental's Untitled Harsh Noise Graphic Novel - http://www.cementimental.com/noisebook/index.html A few artist copies £5 to clear!! (It's still available to buy online worldwide from lulu.com indefinitely too)

Cementimental Chipnoise Zine Issue 1 Feb 2010 - Mini art zine with pixel/8bit weirdness, cutup text, unsolicited Deadly Orifice 'interview' - £2

Kenji Siratori - MOBILE@ANGEL (Can't really even find any mention of this one online any more so it's 'rare', but I guess it's basically the same as 100s of his other books. Seems people are listing his stuff 2nd hand for like £25+ but *nobody* is buying them for that I am certain. :D So, yours for £2. SOLD

Lords of Chaos paperback, cover a bit creased - £8


thanks for looking, will try and add more soon
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« Reply #1 on: July 26, 2021, 10:21:12 PM »

...also currently selling various great pedals (EHX 2ube, Dano Black Paisley, Dano Fab Tone, Vox Trike, Boss SYB-3 etc), a Novation Circuit Monostation, some video hardware and a bunch of nerd junk on ebay UK, please take a look :) UK but can ship worldwide on most stuff https://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/timdrage/m.html
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« Reply #2 on: November 27, 2021, 09:46:23 PM »

Shameless non-excessive bump as I still have a bunch of things left: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1KEC_80llrCg-DEO-NlzjO5gZ-LeddHSL298iN2uXnhY/edit?usp=sharing

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