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Author Topic: Tape Manipulation artists  (Read 893 times)
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« Reply #15 on: January 09, 2020, 11:26:50 AM »

Have you heard the trilogy of P16.D4 - Distruct,  Mixed Band Philanthropist - The Impossible Humane, and  Nurse With Wound - The Sylvie And Babs Hi-Fi Companion?  Also maybe  Bladder Flask - One Day I Was So Sad That The Corners Of My Mouth Met & Everybody Thought I Was Whistling.

Good suggestions!  I haven't heard Bladder Flask at all, and MBP is still something I could use to be more familiar with.  

My reply reads way more facetiously than intended. It was more thinking out loud (or on a computer) about the topic as I’d spent a lot of the day pondering it on and off. It was a tougher question to answer than I first thought it would be which makes it a question well worth asking.

When I talk about ‘95% of artists using tape’ that’s obviously quite hyperbolic and not something that could be accurately measured. I just see it a lot personally in the music I listen to and happen to see live.

But I do think that prolific use of tape can fall into a number of camps: focussing on the possibilities of the machines or simply the sound quality of the tape or even just the portability of the format as much as the manipulatable aspects of the material i.e. cutting, splicing and physically moving it around the heads. Things get further muddied when you consider whether an artist commits specifically to any of these methods or it’s just a part of what they do. But I enjoy working out the differences and crossover.

What you are talking about is definitely a recognisable and identifiable sound though and I may back and add some more suggestions as they come to me. Lots of Chocolate Monk releases - especially of the last few years - have this kind of thing in spades and sound great. Highly recommend checking out any of Bob Delsaulniers projects on that note. So good.

Glad Noetinger is working for you. I haven’t heard this one but saw him perform live recently with a Revox and a couple of loops. Utterly insane. Using the thing as a sound making device far beyond anything i’d ever seen before. Got something like a 5 minute standing ovation! One of the best performances of experimental music I’ve ever seen.

I understand the difficulty in drawing the line, and I appreciate you listing these things.  When I posted, I initially was looking mostly for that good 'ol tape loop grit, but I am generally into the sound of tape manipulation itself, regardless of the audio that is actually on the tape.  People like Severed Heads or Kurt Volentine making bizarre music with tape loops is even more appealing, but obviously a little harder to suss out.  I'm very much a fan of loops,  repetition, and dare I say "rhythm" in noise and experimental music, and I posted partly to hone in on these things.  If there is a more experimental Renaldo & The Loaf out there, I'd love to know about it.

On that note, I should add that Nachtluft is great for this, if anyone hasn't heard them.  They are not strictly tape manipulation, but I definitely wish they were sometimes.   https://www.discogs.com/artist/157642-Nachtluft  
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