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March 21, 2019, 03:30:22 PM *
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 on: Today at 02:58:29 PM 
Started by treebeard - Last post by treebeard
I'd like to turn one into a backpatch for a denim vest of mine.  If someone actually has a backpatch of them available right now, though... hit me up.

And no, I don't want one right now - it'll have to wait until next month...

 on: Today at 02:37:33 PM 
Started by bitewerksMTB - Last post by Major Carew

ZSS - 'Demented by Pain'


 on: Today at 02:19:17 PM 
Started by Lazrs3 - Last post by APPLE
One week away.

Bring out the PE goons!!!

 on: Today at 11:56:57 AM 
Started by Neanderthal - Last post by Theodore
I wrote a message to tapeline, we'll see what they say.

Let us -me- know what he will answer re: chrome.

and use dolby B, there are hardly any players which don't offer it and it does quite a good job

Dolby is for pussies ! - Seriously, better dont use it if it is the recorded tapes to be played on other decks. Decks are old, many are misaligned. Dolby will make things more complicated. If you use it, then stay close to 0 , dont record in the red. That said only as safety measure to record / playback staying close to the original. Not for better or worse sound.

 on: Today at 10:09:02 AM 
Started by Olegh Kolyada - Last post by Olegh Kolyada
And do not forget it is a co-release, so you are welcome to arrange trades / wholesales with Eibon Records.
Here is Mauro's contact form: http://www.eibonrecords.com/contact.php

 on: Today at 07:44:49 AM 
Started by Olegh Kolyada - Last post by MyrtleLake

The first CD. Yes.

 on: Today at 07:08:49 AM 
Started by Olegh Kolyada - Last post by Olegh Kolyada
It's also harder to sell CDs in North America over a certain price point. I had to pass on the IRM reissue.
Also the initial release occurred less than a year ago on a US label right?


Anyway, if distros out there do not want to support the label - it is not the end of the world, no problem. You can always support the artist, so I am confident the best way is ordering the copies from Mike directly.

 on: Today at 05:59:02 AM 
Started by Olegh Kolyada - Last post by Mikerdeath
I would think Skeleton Dust & New Forces will be getting some copies for distribution.

@bitewerks I will have a copy for you with a nam patch.

 on: Today at 04:27:07 AM 
Started by whiteheatnoise - Last post by whiteheatnoise

Skeleton Dust presents:

-Glands Of External Secretion-

Long-running sound collage noise unit from San Francisco, CA. Sub-conscious chunks of sound blended together with accompanying visuals.


-Wasteland Jazz Unit-
Cincinnati sax scorchers. Shrillest band ever.

-Mass Comm-
Dayton prismatic noise video collision.

Sunday April 14th 2019
Skeleton Dust Records
133 E. 3rd St.
Dayton, OH 45402
7 pm
$5 donation


 on: Today at 12:58:07 AM 
Started by Neanderthal - Last post by drcz
Hi! Just my 5 cents:

(1) I didn't try these Germans: https://tapemuzik.de/ but they do have type II, custom lengths and custom shells, also sell cases, and seemed slightly cheaper than tapeline was;

(2) tapeline seems to have moved their bargains to ebay (though they will prolly tell you that anyway) so I second deutcheasphalt's point; also recently got some unused type II C90s from Spanish ebay and they are nice, though that's just as you said, just have to wait for the offers of 50-100 (that's one thing their annoying alerts _sometimes_ do help).

(3) Oh yes, one more thing: tapeline offers superferric tape only now, which is claimed to have slightly better characteristics. Maybe worth giving it a try? I only have one (and ~8 ferrics from them) so I can't do any comparison for you right now...

(4) http://stereostyle.pl -- but you have to email them to get any prices. They do answer quite fast though, also (just as tapelike nad tapemuzik) do polygraphy [quite nice] and duplication [okay-ish]. I paid ~110eur for 30 (type-I) cassettes with one-side print and glossy o-cards with printing. it's significantly cheaper for 50+ cassettes and for plastic cases ofc. but that was last year, so just check if you're curious. small choice of shells but you should be good (with plain white or black I suppose). I guess I'll use their services once more anyway...

(mind that if you are outside of EU you might be charged some customs fees for those 3 though)

Also my [tiny] experience is if you are more into low hiss level than sharp/clean sounds and duplicate at home, try recording slightly hotter signal, like +3dB (and use dolby B, there are hardly any players which don't offer it and it does quite a good job) -- I was amazed it's not necessarily badly distorted. But I'm a half-deaf ignorant too and I record lengthy ``drone walls'' only.

Last thing:
(5) I was advised to avoid tapes from aliexpress, though prices are attractive at least their ferrics leave a lot of dirt on heads/pinchrollers...

Good luck, last December tapeline did offer a pack of 40 or 50 type-II C20s, so it does happen!

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