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Title: Sale T-Shirts, books, zines and misc Coil, Genocide Organ, Posh isolation
Post by: emboscado on July 20, 2019, 10:01:50 PM
PM if interested. All official unless noted. If need photos or measures, etc. let me know.

Eingreif Division - A.r.y.a.n. Wrath CS 8€
Eingreif Division - Institute of w.h.i.t.e. power Wrath CS 8€
Hymenal Opening - The red wig Wrath CS 8€
XE - First tape Sec Ed. CS 9€

SOLD - Coil - Everything fornicates all of the time, double printed twin Coil letters on back L EX Condition 20€
SOLD - Genocide Organ - Urban terrorism double printed ´There is one in every crowd´ on back L black NEW 18€
SOLD - Genocide Organ - Autodefensa XL black NEW 13€
SOLD - Genocide Organ - We grow (non official, good quality) double printed back text of Klan Kountry L black NEW 15€
Tesco ORG - Soccer style with emboidered front logo and TESCO name on back S black NEW 6€
Arditi - Logo L black VG+ cut label but great shape 5€
Boyd Rice/NON - Wolfshook M black/black EX Condition 10€
SOLD - Demon knight-Tales from the Crypt. Double printed. L black VG+ 18€

Zines and books (english)
-Filth. F&V zine. Number 2 (Edge of decay, XE,Toni Kandelin,VDA,Black State,Maskhead,Whiteswan,Contortus...). You know what to expect. 6€
-Mandatory publication 2014 Xmas Special. A5, inside original paper bag. 10€.
SOLD - Max Hardcore aka DIRTY OLD MAN. Wonderland Media, LLC. Nasty as f*ck. 8€
SOLD - SHOCKTILT #2 / NEONS #3: A4, 64 pags, B/N. 5€
-Excessive Voyeurism #1. A5. 4€
-Sol Invictus Lyrics book. Prologue by Wakeford. English/Hungarian. 223pags. Rare. 14€
-Dead Dogs Vaginas, Elles sont de Sortie n°99 (Timeless) Hard cover 15€
-Keizo Kitajima 1977 Photo Express Tokyo. Steidl/Le Bal. Collection 12 zines each 16pp. facsimile inside a special carton box. 50€
-100 Artists see Satan. Grand Central Press/Last Gasp. 2nd ed. 15€

Genocide Organ - Ballchain metal pendant -not key ring- military badge with GO logo -offer-
SOLD - Coil - Watch works backwards - Musick cures you of time
Posh Isolation - Scarf - TOKYO COPENHAGEN Big Love NEW 30€
Der Blutharsch - 4x Poster set printed on money paper with embossed Iron Cross logo on corners. Dim.aprox. 29,5x40cm.NEW. Rare -offer-

Title: Re: Sale T-Shirts, books, zines and misc Coil, Genocide Organ, Posh isolation
Post by: emboscado on August 06, 2019, 08:59:46 PM
Update: added some Wrath and XE tapes. Genocide Organ military pendant. Coil watch.