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Title: Wireless microphone for harsh vocals ?
Post by: W.K. on January 30, 2019, 08:56:45 PM

Currently I am using a Shure SM57 for my vocal duties, I like the mic but it's a bit limiting for my own mobility. Using it in a mic stand means I have to direct my vocals in that direction and having it in the and means not enough hands available for my synths.

So I'm thinking about getting a wireless headband mic like they use for presentations and the like, but I like screaming and shouting, is that an viable option or is the pickup in the mics way to sensitive?

Or are there other ways?

or the Shure WH20

I am always recording my synths and vocals at the same time, so a recording session can be quite a cacophony of sound so it can't be too sensitive.

Ideas? Experiences?