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Title: EBAY: signed/autographed MERZBOW LP
Post by: ChromePeelerRec on November 28, 2010, 07:48:10 PM
This is an auction for a SIGNED copy of the MERZBOW / THE GUILT OF... split LP released by Chrome Peeler Rec. in 2010. It was signed by MERZBOW aka Masami Akita after his show at ISSUE Project Room on 9/23/10.

About the record:
Japanese noise legend Merzbow offers up an assault of violent, swarming electronic distortion swirling with shards of brutal high-end feedback and cosmic oscillating tones, creating a vast whirlpool of caustic aural grit and buzz while Industrial noise punks "The Guilt øf... " a New Orleans-based group made up of Mike IX Williams (EyeHateGod, Outlaw Order, Arson Anthem) and Ryan McKern (Wolvhammer) layer waves of piano, fuzz, tortured vocals, drums and distorted sub-bass to create a mesmerizing and crushing drone-like effect.

Proceeds of this auction will go towards releasing more records on Chrome Peeler Records.

The auction is here: