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Title: Receiver Problem
Post by: Johann on June 12, 2016, 03:43:03 AM
Hoping someone can offer some advice, I have a The Fisher 550 Receiver from 1968. It's in near perfect condition but I'm having trouble with the left channel speaker connection. It's sometimes totally clear but within 1 or 2 tracks on an album it becomes staticky and the sound drops out, I then fiddle the wires and then it might become clear for another track or two.

I already flipped by speakers so I know the problem is in the receiver. So far I've taken it apart and sprayed some electronics cleaner inside and out on the knobs and on the screws where you wrap the speaker wires around. This has helped somewhat, it's less scratchy when turning balance etc but it hasn't solved the problem. I noticed today that the solder that is connected to where the screws plug in is a little brown and was wondering if maybe I should put some cleaner on the solder or any other suggestions I could try before taking it to a tv repair joint.

Thanks a bunch

Title: Re: Receiver Problem
Post by: Theodore on June 12, 2016, 01:59:15 PM
Electronics cleaner, you mean Deoxit stuff ? If no, try to clean with Deoxit stuff the connections -as much connections as you can-, that solder too ofcource [Is that the left channel ?]. Next step maybe is to de-solder / re-solder the thing you suspect is causing the problem, if you know how and have the tools to do it.

A possibility also is that a capacitor is failing.