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Title: 4-track cassette recorders
Post by: Peterson on February 24, 2015, 05:47:00 PM
So recently I've been lamenting the absence of my Tascam Porta 03 MkII. I believe whomever I purchased it from may have rewired it to accept a different power supply, as it reads 11-15V DC on the bottom, but accepts only a 9V PSA adaptor, like the ones for Boss pedals or whatever. At one point, something seemed to happen like a "surge" from the power supply, causing it to fuck up, wherein now it only records for a few seconds before stopping. It can play, rewind, fast-forward, etc, like normal.

Does anyone have any clue what the issue could be, or at least see some familiarity to problems with their own 4-tracker?

If anyone here has used on and had to get it repaired professionally at some point, can you speak to that at all? I paid about $100 for mine, and I wouldn't mind spending just as much to get it back in working order.

If it's a forgeone conclusion, as far as fixing it, would anyone recommend a particularly better-quality 4-track I could purchase?

I'd even accept offers from outside the US (willing to pay high shipping!) if anyone's looking to get rid of a lightly-used, reputable machine.

Title: Re: 4-track cassette recorders
Post by: AXNAAR on February 25, 2015, 01:31:19 AM
Have you tried turning the wheels by hand (so they clunk) a few times without a tape inside? - In the past it's worked on machines I've owned that stuck.

I use a Fostex X-15 Series II. Fair decent - it's small, has a good pre-record and post-mix function where you can adjust bass and treble. Lots of line-outs on the side so you can use a mixer to master if you want to get fancy.

Title: Re: 4-track cassette recorders
Post by: sbtdoh on February 26, 2015, 10:14:44 AM
#1 I need to write you by email desperately. I am sorry for my delay.
#2 Tascam 424 mk is what I use for tape/analog recording. A completely untrained person in music/electronics/ just about anything but a random pile of useless facts and a few voices in my head, PTSD/ severe neuropathy (24/7) / depressed/ hyper manic panic disorder type folk like myself can use it. I swear by it. Its very easy .
AAAANNNNDDDDDD, fuck if you get one we can share knowledge all the time if we discover anything at all. I used one at a younger age and returned to it and actually want to buy  a few more
and maybe we could even do a collaboration by just sending tapes back and forth since we are using the same machine....just an idea. but I think you have to do it now.