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Title: True Force/Pain Electronics (label)
Post by: FreakAnimalFinland on November 27, 2022, 01:22:50 PM
Was listening to Men of the Iron Heel "First Pogrom" tape. Almost was going describe it as "new project", but damn… Men of the Iron Heel tape is already.. 15 year old? So questionable to say it would be very new. American project, that sounds in a way very european. Sure you could lump it in lines of Terre Blanche, Slave State and such, but vastly closer to to this type of raw electronic minimalist ”power electronics”/industrial noise sound, could be like Netzach, little bit of Viktim Kennel, most simple Operation Cleansweep comes to mind in few moments, even if reference is barely accurate. Just simple repetative, brutal..   Haven’t heard of any of these projects that were on label for years and years. Not sure if guys quit or if just not doing things in a way that it would be visible. I always found strange someone would quit noise (and related).

I was told that indeed Swollen Korps. actually released new tape in 2021, but on Packing Plant label. I guess True Force / Pain Electronics label is gone since 2011? Not long ago, was relistening some Liver Mortis stuff. I do have probably at least half of label releases, some newsletter(s) should be somewhere. Liver Mortis last (?) tape "Cut-Rate", was on Finnish E.S.T. label which was probably his best tape, but while early tapes may not musically stand out, now looking back decade later, there is quite neat compact label discography with quite focused approach.

Thoughts on TF/PE?

Title: Re: True Force/Pain Electronics (label)
Post by: TS on November 27, 2022, 01:46:25 PM
Everything I've heard from this label has been great. Unfortunately I have only heard a fraction of their releases, but standouts from what I do have are:

Pleasure Fluids - Scenes of Consequence
Very shady vibes coming off this. Subdued, kind of European as you say, but in my ears it exudes a distinctly American sleaziness.

Civilian - Unclean
I rarely hear anyone talk about this. Delicious crunchy noise. Really nothing groundbreaking, but always a pleasure to listen to.

Swollen Korps - Better to Destroy a Child than Repair a Man
Great title, great sound. Very distinct vocals with their ever echoing and modulated delays.

Title: Re: True Force/Pain Electronics (label)
Post by: TerribleMiasma on November 27, 2022, 03:53:02 PM
Great, very consistent label, maybe except for some of the earlier more improvised-sounding Liver Mortis stuff without vocals, but already the 'The Ideal Pain-Forms' CS is very good in my opinion.
My two faves would be Pleasure Fluids ‘Show No Mercy’ and the second Swollen Korps, just super well-executed and memorable rumbling PE. The two more HN-leaning ones, Civilian and Kakerlak, also rule.
Swollen Korps tape on Packaging Plant feels like something that might’ve been recorded back when the label was still active and then shelved, no vocals and the packaging is very nondescript.

I remember there was a post on the Pure Stench forums that the Liver Mortis dude broke his four track or something and couldn’t be bothered to buy a new one. Too bad, as far as I remember there was more stuff announced such as a Coma Detox CS and some skin flicks-themed comp.
He also did a Goregrind project which was pretty killer: https://youtu.be/DR9SB4aO3JY

Would be cool to see some more of their flyer/manifesto stuff, I only have the one mocking fun noise/No Fun fest crowd that came with the SNM tape.

Title: Re: True Force/Pain Electronics (label)
Post by: Into_The_Void on November 27, 2022, 08:15:44 PM
I only know Pleasure Fluids "Show no Mercy" thanks to the Breathing Problem repress, and I fucking worship that record. Don't know the rest of their stuff and I would gladly have them repressed / dubbed.

Title: Re: True Force/Pain Electronics (label)
Post by: Sadomaniac on November 28, 2022, 01:21:21 PM
Absolute cult label. Bad vibes dominate, reminding of Taint. Got majority of the discography and newsletters. Recall paying a decent amount for that first CDr later on, then receiving and it wouldn't play! Luckily worked on my next system. As already mentioned, the first few Liver Mortis tapes are slighty synth-wanky experiments but the rest are great. Although my most listened LM are probably actually his releases for other labels (Styggelse, THC, EST). Felony Sexual Assault is another good one-off. Always thought the gutter editions were a nice touch too, more labels should do that.

Title: Re: True Force/Pain Electronics (label)
Post by: TS on November 28, 2022, 03:27:46 PM
Bad vibes dominate

This is the essential quality that makes it stand out among other labels I think. It has that shady essence which is hard to pin down or describe in words, but you know it when you hear it.. Which reminds me that Kakerlak also did a fittingly dodgy tape on TF/PE called Crawling to Objectify. That yellow colour really brings the stench home.

Title: Re: True Force/Pain Electronics (label)
Post by: FallOfNature on November 29, 2022, 09:14:17 AM
Only heard a few tapes but I really like and often revisit Liver Mortis and Pleasure Fluids. The latter has been getting some decent playtime lately coincidentally.

Missed the physical editions back when they came out, accessible reissues would be great.

Title: Re: True Force/Pain Electronics (label)
Post by: cr on November 29, 2022, 08:36:01 PM
I have some tapes and also some of the "budget gutter editions".
Long time favourites of mine and highly rated treasures.
And yes, accessible reissues would be fantastic!

Long time ago there was also this thread:
https://www.special-interests.net/forum/index.php?topic=358.0 (https://www.special-interests.net/forum/index.php?topic=358.0)