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Author Topic: A.S.K.E 2019 summer releases  (Read 547 times)
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« on: September 19, 2018, 07:08:14 PM »

Keiper Widow 'Fools Errand'

C60: a thick dense undergrowth drone. Keiper Widow is the experimental noise project that evolved from the one man drone genius Joseph Curwen. Although his more recent output has been more rhythmic and almost 'beat' based experimental noise I asked the artist if he could do me a release slightly harking back to his drone days and he did not disappoint. However this is in no ways a rehash of the subterranean lovecraft themed bass drones and more a tangled burial of textures. drone/avante garde

Unbirth Redeath.

CDr :A mirror to the occulted album that went out with the anti social kultur newsletter. Total reverence for the regenerative forces of rot, decay and decomposition. Find
yourself reborn in the stinking carcass of the world. raw bm/rawdm/ noisecore/ bestial

Gargoyle  'Misericords'

A mixture of dungeon synth,medieval and neo-folk. Comes as tape or CDr with A5 lyrics booklet based on dutch folk sayings. medieval/neo-colk/dungeon synth/martial industrial


A zine of art/writing and comics by Lewis Cor. Dealing in post-modern disgust, techno nihilism and general bile. Disclaimer: All views expressed within do not necessarily represent those of anti social kultur england or any of the acts or persons associated.

Tales From The Hive Mind.

A comic book by Totenhound art. Spazzy manga influenced cartoon comics a mixture of colour and black and white.

Please email slashercomic@gmail.com to purchase

samples can be seen here antisocialkulturengland.bandcamp.com  but it is advised you order direct through email as it will be cheaper for you.
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« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2019, 02:47:58 PM »


apologies as these latest tapes are not industrial or harsh noise. But many of my customers frequent this forum and they are genres that cross over.

Mists of Antiquity, 'Before the Dawn of A Noble Age' pro-dub cassette

This is a 2nd edition pro-dub re-release of Mists of Antiquity seminal 'before the dawn of a noble age'. Unfortuneately there was problems with the dubs of this tape first time round and I only found out much later, so if you bought a copy before and it was bad please do not hesitate to get in contact and I will replace it.  £5

listen here https://antisocialkulturengland.bandcamp.com/album/before-the-dawn-of-a-noble-age

Battalion 's/t' album  pro-dub cassette

Hard as nails RAC/metallic skinhead rock. in the vein of Vengeance and Absurd. Co-release with Heidenwut Productions. £5

sample here https://soundcloud.com/rottenalways/the-spirit-never-dies

Battalion 'demo'19' pro-dub cassette

Latest demo from aformentioned group. £5

sample here https://soundcloud.com/rottenalways/bitter-end

Hellscape issue 2 cut-up zine

Second issue of Lewis Cor's exploration into degenerate hyper-modernity/techno-nihilism. £4

Anti Social Kultur England 'inverted union'

classic union jack logo on black or white t-shirts  s/m/l   £10

email antisocialkultur@protonmail.com   to purchase

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