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Author Topic: Tapes for sale. Need to go in 24 hours or so, EDITED  (Read 1097 times)
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« on: May 19, 2019, 09:17:09 PM »

Got a buyer chomping at the bit for these tapes so I thought I’d let y’all take first crack. Please email me at chriskatchucka@gmail.com with watchoo want you got 3 hours
MB box set
MB industrial  murder
Lussuria standstill box
4th world comp
Bizarre uproar antibliss
Akitsa grands tyrans
Akitsa Credo
Akitsa Au crepuscule
Thesyre Akitsa split
Survival unit- continuity
Anenzephalia programmitika
From sickness to death comp
Alfarmania- disputation
anenzephalia noeham
Alfarmania Waiting grave
Anenzephalia Live in boras
Alfarmania viskan
Alfarmania Vid somnens
Alfarmania luciavata
Alfarmania trerikroset split
Alfarmania Proiekt Hat split flugnornas
AlfarmaniaProiekt Hat split astral slaktmask
Alfarmania Urban savage split
Apostles demos 1-4
Apostles Cartography
Aryan art- something in Russian
Assault guard- for those appreciative
Aakon kereth-Dans la foret
Aakon krereth Journey into the depths
Angeneigt- Demo ii
Aesir- el llamado
Alberich- turned back
Alberich Precursor
Alberich Heat death 2
Alberich Fall where they would
Alberich Ames sanglantes split
Blodvite- rites de passage
Blodvite jarketnet
Blood &sun- demo
Blood of thee Christ- pisselpra
Bone awl- almost dead man
Bone awl Up to something
Bone awl Lowest road
Bone awl All has red
Branikald- blikk au kald
Branikald rusimod
Caligula 031Bachelorette party
Caucasian colony- stars off africa 1 & 3
Nick cave- good son
Chainfight- 1992 & blessings
Combat- north wind
Condom- dragged into the gutter
Condom Recycled
Country club- pigs unscathed
Crowley-wax recordings
Darkthule- wolforder
Departure chandelier-Black crest of death
Deterge-truth of attraction
DetergePrince of Palo Alto
Deterge wtpotus
Deterge Stress orphan split
die kombination live at mayhem
Parties mobile 1st press
Dj speedsick- nyss
Dj speedsick One on BPP
Dzlvarv- demo 96
Elisha Morningstar- cronic
Enema syringe- flapper
Everlasting punishment/plantation- creation
Evil- depression and mourning
Evil hammerstorm
Evil Pagan fury
Evil lecha split
Faethon- s/t
Ffh- recycled
Ffh Symbol
Ffh To find men
FfhZyklon and leather
Ffh Anything is possible
Final solution- all new power
Forest- something in Russian
Forza albino- mot
Furdidurke- s/t
Dave gilden- Texas chainsaw dopefiend
Godflesh- post self
Grafvolluth- long live death
Graveland- thousand sword
Graveland Celtic winter
GravelandIn the glare
Grunt- sacrosanct
GruntChance to be cruel
GruntDance for the genocide
GruntRitual of mortality
GruntSwarm of parasites
Hcod- s/t
Hcod Instruments of decay
Hall of the wolf- in the cold and fierce lands
Halo manash- we dance
Halo manash walfeus
Halo manash unetar
Luke Holland- decomposition
Jarl- negative rotation
Jim Jones- last sermon
Jim Jones In praise of Jim
Kommando rjf- s/t
Dee dee king- standing
David koresh- music & message
Kristallnacht- blooddrenched memorial
Legion of doom- desecration
Lone wolf insurgent- defeat never
Lussuria- silk and honey
M ax noi mach-solitude demos
Malcriado- joy of erection
Charles Manson- words and music
MansonShort stories
MansonSaints are hell
Manson family sings
Macronympha- insane torture device
Macronympha Deep reeds
Macronympha Metal
Menace ruine- in vulva infurnum
Military position- Black noise
Moon lay hidden beneath a cloud- France May 13
Movmiento d’avanguardia ermetico- ignis
Nekroholocaust- in memories of fire
Nitberg- donner welter
No fun acid- demo
Northern cross - s/t
Novy svet- selected ambient works 1
Nurse with wound/ current 93- mi mort
Organized resistance- day of the rope
Perinde ac cadaver- exercitia
Peste noire- ballade Cuntre
Peste noireLorraine rehearsal
Pogrom- fatherland
Prurient- Bermuda drain
Psychic tv - 3 live bootlegs
Puce Mary Viewer
Pucemary Ultimate hypocrisy
Puce maryGreat panic
Puce Mary Fear and pleasure
Puce Mary Split with Rodger Stella
Raggradarh- oda
Redrot- s/t
Rivière du nord-mon voyage
Rope society- dissolve
Sadio- sophisticated methods
Satanic warmaster- revelations of the night
Satanicum tenebrae- seul
Satanicum tenebrae Voices of the dark
Seeth- s/t
Severe storm- ragnarok
Sewer election/puce mary
Shift- ruminations
Shroud of winter- solstice eclipse
Sick seed- beasts among men
Rodger Stella- death loop
Sudden infant/grey wolves/ macronympha- inter zone 3
Svartr sturm- radikal view
Sverigedemokraterna- bevara
Sylvester anfang II- levend op de
Taint- recycled
Thallium-howling from a thousand years
Trepaneringsritualen- septentrional
Trerikroset- venal
Type o- origin of the feces uncensored
Vermis crux- rehearsal
Voivod- war and pain
Vorde- s/t
Vzaeurvbtre- aux confins
White medal- blod o
White wolves kommando demo2
WWK Demo 3
WWK Empire of shadows
Winter frost- return of the north eastern hordes
Wolfulf- from the corpse gate
Zero Kama- secret eye
Afflicted man’s musica box
Der totala raggarkrieget
Endlosung vol 2
King of extreme underground 2
Rotten contingent
Slutstationen  trapdoor tapes vol 2
Atrox Petis
Celluloid murder- dig up
Culled- free fall
Mania/deterge split
Engurdetz- hasta lab
Lingua fungi-  azure beyond
Templum nr- Underworld edition
Aeoga- impaled
Slogun- a breed apart
Geography of hell- Mexico City
Kristian olsson- genfard

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« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2019, 11:42:04 PM »

Sent ya an email with a list!
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« Reply #2 on: July 02, 2019, 10:52:24 AM »

Avoid this scum. Sent him an order for +200€ for around 30 tapes.
Never come back to me after the payment and never received a shipping confirmation. Just pathetic excuses.
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« Reply #3 on: July 02, 2019, 01:51:21 PM »

Avoid this scum. Sent him an order for +200€ for around 30 tapes.
Never come back to me after the payment and never received a shipping confirmation. Just pathetic excuses.

Experienced the same issue. Purchased a bunch of tapes totaling $170 and he ended up selling a few of them to a record shop and tried to lie about it when the shop explicitly told me they got the tapes from him. Went from instant communication to complete silence and after 3+ weeks of not hearing back, I’ve had enough and had to open claims.
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« Reply #4 on: July 03, 2019, 12:54:16 AM »

Same.  I got taken for $50.  I want the tapes more than I want the $50.  Sorry to see that the two of you were taken for much more.

You know what though, for me, I am not mad.  I actually feel a little bit of pity for this guy.  How bad must you imagine that you need this money to take advantage of such a small group of individuals?  Most of the trades/sales here are built on honesty and integrity. 

This guy doesn't have much of either one of those, so I feel sorry for him more than anything.
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« Reply #5 on: July 04, 2019, 11:36:46 PM »

was curious what the viodre 's/t' tape was, since there is none, never got a response...

anybody who says 'need it now or never' is likely a drug addict - beware unless you know guy is really trust worthy.

guy was probly coming into $ for his next fix in a day or so but went through his stash too quick, and/or his script ran out and was a day from refill... gotta be a real piece of shit with no options or creativity to rip off such a small community.. like go steal some scrap metal dude.
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« Reply #6 on: July 05, 2019, 10:26:13 PM »

Yeah, that original post is suspicious. If he had a buyer already, why give a bunch of others a chance without giving any prices?

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« Reply #7 on: July 06, 2019, 06:13:53 AM »

Shit just got REAL.

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