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Author Topic: Lots of noise tapes for sale  (Read 273 times)
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« on: March 24, 2019, 06:54:04 PM »

Here's the list of tapes I have for sale, prices in euros:

A.B.N.T.R. "Demo MMVIII" CS (reissue)   6,5
Ahlzagailzehguh "Recycled" CS   6,5
Alo Girl "Bangkok" CS   6,5
Alo Girl "Gently Before She Dies" CS   8
Alo Girl "Statutory Limitations" CS   8
Anemone Tube "Forget Heaven" CS   6,5
Bbblood "Visions of Lizard Ecstasy" CS   6,5
Bereft "First Degree Of Separation / Removed From Security" 2 CS   13
Bianchi, Maurizio "Violichte" CS   16
Bianchi, Maurizio & Ryan Martin "As Strong As Death Is" 2 CD BOX   19
Bianchi, Maurizio / Roadside Picnic split CS   8
Bianchi, Maurizio + Roadside Picnic "The Mind Is An Ancient Capital" CS   11
Bizarre Uproar "3/10/2014 Lily The Flesh Live" CS   8
Bizarre Uproar "Likainen Ehtoollinen" CS   8
Bizarre Uproar / Pogrom split CS (purple)   10
Boar / Circuit Wound / Skin Graft / A Snake In The Garden split 2 CS   13
Body Stress "CCC" CS   8
Chernobyl Rose "Slavic Water Porn" CS   6,5
Christian Cosmos "Cadence Upon The Threshold Of Judgement" CS   24
Citizen 2-13 / Swollen Organs split CS   6,5
Cold Cave / Prurient "Stars Explode" CS   24
Cremation Lily "The End of the Pier" CS   16
Cremation Lily "Lines of Golden Light" 5 CS BOX   65
Cremation Lily "Photography Ring" CS   16
Deathkey "Segmented God Plane Extrapolation" 2 CS BOX   80
Deterge "Verbatim" CS   5
Dogliveroil / Government Alpha "Pop Stars Larking About" CS   16
Doro Bengala "s/t" CS   5
Edge Of Decay "Murrostila" CS   8
Edge Of Decay "Raped, Boiled and Butchered" CS   8
Exoteric Continent "Referendum Volume 1" CS   32
Exoteric Continent "Referendum Volume 2" CS   32
Exploring Jezebel "Performs For Her And Her Bulls" CS   32
Feuertaufe "Baptism Of Fire" CS   8
FFH / Force Publique Congo "War Crimes And Natural Resources" CS   24
Force Publique Congo "Civil War Follows Colonization: Investment 2" CS   24
Force Publique Congo "Civil War Follows Colonization: Investment 3" CS   24
Force Publique Congo "Civil War Follows Colonization: Investment 4" CS   24
Goatlab "Sevigny / Eris" CS   5
Government Alpha "Insanityranny" CS   7
Government Alpha "Splendid Depravity" CS   7
Government Alpha / Electro Surgery // Noise Unit split CS   7
Grim "Divine Music For Sleeping + Field 1987" CS   40
Grim "Vital 1983-86" CS   32
Grunt "Sacrosanct Imperium" CS   8
Harshcore & Der Einzige "Live Bujun Dokument | Graz | June 11th 2009" CS   6,5
Hutchinson, Hal "Recycled" CS   6,5
Irma Vep / Levenshulme Bicycle Orchestra / Amon Düde "split" CS   3
Ke/Hil "LifeDeKay" CS   13
Last Dominion Lost "Mort Aux Chiens" CS   8
LCB "Lust Murders (Il Mostro di Scandicci) 2 CS   32
LCB / Lyke Wake "Exhale." CS   8
Lussuria "Sunken Meadow" CS   48
Masonna "Exploring Self-Corrosive Noise With Coquette" 7 CS BOX   145
Meyers, Justin "Albuterol Auteur" CS   6,5
Minamata "Mit Lautem Geschrei" CS   8
MK9 "Interim: Unused Sounds From The 2010 Tour" CS   10
Mutant Sex Quartet "Chapter IX" CS   6,5
N. "s/t" CS (Angst_26)   10
Necrofilia "Sein Zum Tode" CS   57
Ninni Morgia "Ladyboy Sonata" CS   6,5
Pharmakon "Deserve It: Live in Chicago" CS (3rd press)   10
Plantation "They Saw It Gleaming There" CS   8
Pollutive Static "Live In Tilburg & London" CS   5
Praying For Oblivion "Bookburner's Anthem" CS   16
Priest In Shit "Recycled" CS   6,5
Prurient "Despiritualized" 2 CS   48
Prurient "Pleasure of Ruins" CS   145
Prurient "White Magic" CS   48
Pussyfooter "Transition" CS   8
The Rita "The Nylons Of Laura Antonelli" 8 CS BOX   121
The Rita "Toe Cleavage" 7 CS BOX   97
Sacher Pelz / Suction Melena "Neutropenia" CS   8
Scatmother / Wonderland Club split CS   8
Streetmeat "Show Me Your Work" 2 CS + bizcard   10
Stringere Gulam ‎"4YDF" CS   13
Tongues Of Mount Meru "The Delight of Assembly" CS   6,5
Tortured Hooker "An Offenders M.O. Can Change. Static And Rigid Remains The Signature" CS   6,5
Uncodified / L.C.B. "Dilatatorium" CS   8
Unsustainable Social Condition "Your Strife Means Nothing To Me" CS   8
Vasculae "Anxiety Blackout" CS   8
Vatican Shadow "Death Is Unity With God" 6 CS BOX   129
Vatican Shadow "Pakistan Military Academy" 2 CS   40
Vatican Shadow / Contrepoison "The Serpent Carries Him Back Into Paradise" CS   11
Violet Poison "Voices From The Hell" CS   15
Werewolf Jerusalem "Church Songs" CS   11
Werewolf Jerusalem "Eye of the Spider" 4 CS   65
Whiteswan "To The Point Of Exhaustion" CS   8
Wince "Sekt" CS   11
Writhe "Forlorn" CS   8
Yggdrasil / Anemone Tube "Wald" CS   16
ZFK "Mashina Yest / Medizinisch" CS   3,5
V/A "4th World: Afterworkpopsongsforchildsoldiers" CS   13
V/A "4th World:Vital Comments On Recent Conspiracy Practices" CS   13
V/A "A Bird's Eye View Into A Machiavellian World Of Secrecy" 4 CS   65
V/A "Tied To An Abuse" 2 CS   13

Most of them mint / near mint, in some cases VG+ because of poor packaging style or cracked cases.
If interested, contact me here or use email mm@radionoise.ru or zhelezobeton@inbox.ru.
Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/seller/Kryptogen/profile


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