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Author Topic: Fantastique new arrivals / distro thread (usa)  (Read 363 times)
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« on: December 23, 2018, 08:46:47 AM »

Fantastique distro update. New arrivals & restocks.

$5 flat shipping in USA.


click here to add yourself to our mailing list:

We are packing up for our move but will have absolutely zero downtime with shipping orders.
Our new location for the distro and our record store will be in Cincinnati, Ohio.
We will reopen for walk in business in February.

new address
Torn Light / Fantastique
356 Ludlow Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45220

On the horizon for 2019:

Fantastique Zine Issue #1 - I have been working on a zine that will be for sale hopefully by May 2019. It will include interviews with current artists and collect information on obscure US industrial and experimental/noise music from the 1980s in Ohio. I have been obsessing over this idea for awhile and have started to conduct some interviews and have friends helping to get together information on some lesser known Ohio experimental & industrial tapes. This all started from me looking into "The Decay Of The Angel (New Strength Recordings International Compilation)" LP and realizing there were connections on this amazing compilation to Ohio. I won't expand more until the article comes out, but it is nice to find another uncovered piece of the tape trading puzzle in my local sphere.

Fantastique Label Releases - In 2019 we will begin to release records/cds and cassettes. Our first four releases will be reissues of early Hijokaidan material, reach back to 1985 at the earliest.

Next update will include the latest Fusty Cunt batch & Noise Receptor issue 6.

:::URASHIMA import LPs - two more reissues of fine Japanese noise:::
Incapacitants "I, Residuum" LP is a reissue of 1997 cassette on Italian LESS THAN ZERO label. "Ripping" harsh noise in the rawest sense.

Masonna "Open your Cunt" LP is a reissue of a late 80s Beast666 tape. Everything I love about noise is here in it's glory. The melding between sample, signal, vocals and the unknown. A total fucking wreck.

Incapacitants present I, Residuum LP - $25

Masonna - Open Your Cunt LP - $25

:::TOTAL BLACK titles:::
I am very excited to have the Government Alpha & Like Weeds tapes in.
Both are excellent and mandatory listening.
I also have copies of the Werewolf Jerusalem / The Rita / Vomir LP from earlier this year, Order of Nine Angels LP and Rosen & Spyddet 7".
No filler here.

Government Alpha - Insanityranny CS - $8

Like Weeds - Not Everyone Alive Survived Childhood CS - $8

Werewolf Jerusalem / The Rita / Vomir - Threesome Slitting LP - $16

Order of Nine Angels LP - $16

Rosen & Spyddet 7" - $8 (yellow cover copies)

Excellent USA noise/industrial label from our same home base.
A great label ran by Andrew Byrne (MBD) putting out quality cassette and vinyl releases.
We also still have some copies of The Rita's Letestu 7" from earlier this year.

Sentenced - Understanding The Gift of Pain - $7

Spiteful Womb - Grey Chamber - $7

We are the USA distro for Alchemy records.
These are the latest 3 titles.
Excellent new INCAPACITANTS and two more odd j-pop noise hybrid Hatsune Kaidan releases.
Incapacitants - Zouvneree CD - $22

Hatsune Kaidan - Best of CD - $22

Hatsune Kaidan - Starring Le Chat CD - $22

click here to add yourself to our mailing list:

mailorder - www.fantastiquehq.com
brick & mortar store - torn light records
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