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Author Topic: Highlights and Lowlights of 2018  (Read 18916 times)
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« on: December 14, 2018, 06:56:51 PM »

I don't think I've seen this thread yet, but if I missed it please merge this with the other.

This year felt particularly good for shows, new releases and reissues. I didn't get to travel as much as I'd like but otherwise, no complaints.


Linekraft @ Hospital Fest, 2018 - best live show of the year for me. an awesome combination of stage presence and performance with fucking perfect sound. a goddamn revelation. i'll post a long clip of the performance to youtube soon.
Ride For Revenge x2 @ Resident DTLA - absolutely worth traveling to the other side of the country to see this. both sets were top notch, but the first night with the opening electronic noise onslaught was my favorite. special shout out to Reptile Womb and Striations who killed the opening slots.
Boy Harsher @ Johnny Brenda's - the best darkwave/synthpop/etc. group going. electric sexual tension and real stage presence. can't wait for their album release party next year @ elsewhere.
Shifted @ Elsewhere - so loud and precise it felt like grains of digital sand were slowly swallowing up my brain.
Cooter, Sects and Legless @ Heaven's Gate and Hart Bar - two back to back nights of killer noise and penis removal. an excellent time with excellent people.

New Releases
Grunt - Castrate the Illusionist LP - are you fucking kidding me? makes me want to give up on CM completely. and the closer, Choir of Corpses has got to be one of the best Grunt tracks ever.
Wonderland Club - I Wish It Never Happened cassette - even better than Pageant to my taste. this one has teeth!
Linekraft - 33 Purgatories cassette - actually prefer this to the new LP on Hospital. real rough and tumble sound and Jim Jones samples. the best industrial artist in Japan currently.
Celebrity Appreciation Society - Selected Case Studies Vol. 3 - Idol cassette - the accompanying materials are as important as the music. and the music is the best from CAS yet!
Zyklon SS - Moral War 10" - again, best ZSS yet. understated but completely effective.
Worth - Blinder LP & The Steps cassette - gonna include the LP because I didn't even hear about it until this year. my two favorite new harsh noise releases. will be picking up anything Worth puts out from this point forward.

Throat - Bareback LP - how do they keep getting so much better?
Portal - ION LP - like having your dick struck by lightning in a haunted house
Vomitor - Pestilent Death LP - if reanimated skeletons played ultra raw thrash
Overlook - All of Them Witches EP / Public Image EP 12" - the best in drum & bass right now, hands down.

Mo*Te - Life in a Peaceful New World & Cuffs CDs - the best reissues I didn't even know I wanted.
Genocide Organ - Mind Control  LP/7" - duh.
Final Solution - Half/Dead cassette - even more duh.
MERZBOW - Noisembryo 2xLP - fucking pricey but it looks and sound excellent. honestly would have preferred a CD reissue though :P
Transgressor - Twisting Brochus Demo II cassette - I absolutely love Transgressor and it's nice to get a faithful reproduction of this killer demo. totally underrated band.

I grabbed a lot of other really good stuff that I haven't listened to enough to put in my top of the year. First mention goes to Force Neurotic / Missing who is just absolutely killing it with his own style and aesthetic. music for those quiet hours and trance states. Cooter is another one to watch, the tour tape was especially good. Agonal Lust and Disgusting Sanctum continue to get better with each release. and if you're into drum & bass the UVB-76 label and related artists are absolutely on fire. they can do no wrong.

about half of the lineup for Hospital Fest '18. I do a full report on this soon but I left scratching my head.
missing the Anenzephalia / Genocide Organ shows in LA due to life obligations...
missing out on the Geography of Hell album earlier this year
going to five funerals


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« Reply #1 on: December 14, 2018, 07:19:35 PM »

Akitsa - Credo
Clandestine Blaze - Tranquility Of Death
Terror Cell Unit - Psalm 137:9
Archgoat - The Luciferian Crown
Lebanon Hanover - Let Them Be Alien
Grunt - Castrate The Illusionist
The Soft Moon - Criminal
Interior One - Revenge Against Society
Mania/Deterge - Lay Waste /Future Of Pulse
Geography Of Hell - Hiroshima 1945/Nagasaki 1945
VA- Missing and Exploited Children
Zusammenbruch - Alterations & New Beginnings
Blackwatch - In The Company Of Death Heros
Sarin Snow - Natural Architecture
Tomb Mold - Manor Of Infinite Forms
Ron Morelli - Disappearer
Agonal Lust - Modern Atrocities
Phrenelith - Ornamented Dead Eyes
Striations - Vietnamization
Cold Cave - You & Me & Infinity
The Rita - Letestu
Kjostad - Glacial Lake


Missing the G.O. show in LA


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« Reply #2 on: December 14, 2018, 07:30:45 PM »


L'eclipse Nue - Lifeblood
Insanely well-crafted Industrial noise. Perfect mixture of structure and free-flowing brutality.

Snuff - IV
Total monster of raw and hateful PE. "Pulp" is one of my favourite Snuff tracks.

Graustich - Morality Ends
Dirty post-mortem / Industrial Noise. Maybe not quite as good as my all-time favourite "Dedicated to those.
.", but still terrific.

Linekraft - 33 Purgatories
Didn't buy the tape and probably won't, since 10 € is simply too much for a tape. However, the rip was absolutely delicious - on hands brutality, old school flanger sounds. Lovely.

Detrimental Effect - Be my Enemy
Holy crap... such a beautiful straight-forward peace of Industrial violence. Zero bullshit, all power. Usually, I am not too big on the whole heavy industrial game, but this is a 10/10.

Celebrity Appreciation Society - Vol 3
Love anything by Fremann, so it would be an instant win simply because of that. The sounds are great too, though. Gloomy atmosphere, great composition - reminded me a bit of N12.

Rudolf Eb.er - Om Kult I & II
Intense psychoactive Electronics, deep crackles, some noise chaos, striking atmosphere.

Entre Vifs - Ontologie
Just what one would expect from EV. Nothing more to be said

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« Reply #3 on: December 14, 2018, 09:27:12 PM »

Cirrhus - Unimpeachable Madness
Best usbm going-refinement of their energetic sound into transcendental territory. Hoping for some shows in 2019.

Current 93 - The Light is Leaving us All
Beautiful, dense compositions with a hallucinatory sense of motif and repetition.

Gateway - Dawn of the Civil Savage
Masterfully crafted noise, taking a pretty kitchen sink approach but never giving in to excess. Huge fan of everything Castle Bravo put out this year.

Jawdropping live set at Hospital Fest-best of the show by far. The lp drifts into a more subdued sound, but I still found it enthralling. Consistently the most interesting industrial coming out of Japan.

Geography of Hell - Hiroshima 1945/ Nagasaki 1945
Another interesting case of extremely intense live show followed by a subdued lp, but I find so much to come back to here.

Vile Gash - Nightmare in a Damaged Brain
About twenty minutes of jet black pummeling hardcore, a perfect summation of their sound.

Universal Eyes
Huge fan of the releases that came this year; dissonant, menacing dubs

Death in June - Essence
Some intersting moments but not much here to hold ones attention.

Dispassionate live performances in general; local and abroad

An extreme glut of exhaustingly boring death and black metal, tourists....away!

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« Reply #4 on: December 14, 2018, 10:21:45 PM »

Highlights for me

XE - 18
Respirator - Burst (reissue)
Various ‎– Elävä Olento Koneena

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« Reply #5 on: December 14, 2018, 11:21:27 PM »

In no particular order, definitely not exhaustive, and restricted to noise and related genres...

Sissy Spacek - Trash Staging LP (New Forces)
Normally I wouldn't include something I released because it's probably an asshole move, but this LP stands above a crowded year of (all excellent) Sissy Spacek recordings. Obliterating the boundary between harsh noise and noisecore. Most extreme record of the 2018.

Chris Corsano, Bill Nace, Steve Baczkowski ‎– Mystic Beings LP (Open Mouth)
One of my favorite sets of the year was seeing Steve Baczkowski performing solo saxophone opening for Aaron Dilloway (another of my favorite sets). Add him to the reliable tandem of Corsano and Nace and you get an absolutely ripping record of noisy free jazz. Highest recommendation.

Skin Graft - Afflict CS (Prime Ruin)
Somehow Skin Graft is reaching even higher levels of excellence with recent recordings. You can dress your industrial music up in all the right imagery and get people excited without recording a second's worth of music, but no one does anger and disgust like Skin Graft, and he does it with sound.

Remnants - Marred By Time LP (Crisis of Taste)
Some of the best American tape music, and this one has more of an edge, which is a good thing in my book. The perfect album for angrily zoning out.

Jeph Jerman ‎– The Bray Harp LP (White Centipede Noise)
This record ignited an obsession with an artist I had previously mostly ignored, much to my regret. Amazing textural noise. A positive influence on my own recording, a reminder that the cliche "less is more" is often 100% accurate.

Limbs Bin ‎– One Happy World LP (Torn Light Records)
Pure American rock'n'roll. No artist was more consistently excellent live in 2018, and this record captured that intensity with an expansive sound honed to a razor-edge.

Mercury Hall ‎– Living Table CS (Joy De Vivre)
One of several excellent recent Mercury Hall releases. Pure tension and anxiety, crystal clear contact-mic'ed objects and field recordings assembled into engaging narratives.

Untitled Compilation on SKSK CS (Featuring Dog lady Island, Forest Management, Skin Graft, Hostage Pageant, Being)
This one flew under the radar, there didn't seem to be much distribution. But it's a gem. Things start out quietly with an anxious introduction from Dog Lady Island and an excellent new-age drone piece from Forest Management (remember 10 years ago when there was a ton of this stuff?). Then the comp gets really brutal with one of the best Skin Graft tracks I've ever heard, followed be three crushing tracks from Hostage Pageant (we need more from Shane) and a great Being cut to round things off. It's hard to do a good noise comp but when they succeed I love them. The Skin Graft, Hostage Pageant, and Being contributions are all long enough to be solo tapes. There's a copy for $6 on discogs, hurry and grab it.

Wince ‎– The Older Generation LP (Tordon Ljud)
Another step in the evolution of a modern harsh noise master. While the previous full length CD on Freak Animal tightened the screws for a more slow-burning approach to noise, "The Older Generation" opens up the floodgates for a torrential, pummeling harsh noise record. We are quite literally starving for noise full length LP's and CD's these days, probably because no one wants to take a chance on them financially, which makes this stand out even more. It was a good year for reissues (Merzbow, K2, Genocide Organ, Masonna, Nurse With Wound...) but the "scene" is better when there is widespread interest in newer artists taking the time to release full-length albums in bigger editions. It pushes the quality of the music higher. I can think of plenty of limited edition tapes that were released this year that deserved 200-300 listeners... All of which is to say that I'm glad this Wince record exists.

Current 93 ‎– The Light Is Leaving Us All LP (The Spheres)
No need to describe this at length. It captures the atmosphere that is totally unique to Current 93. One of my favorite C93 art layouts as well.

I won't put any more New Forces releases on this list, but needless to say, I'm not at all surprised to be seeing the Striations - Vietnamization, Worth - The Steps, and Shredded Nerve - Final Vision cassettes showing up on other people's lists.

Live Highlights
Merzbow, Aaron Dilloway, Jackson-Pratt, Linekraft, Kakerlak, The Rita, Limbs Bin, Reverse Baptism, Steve Baczkowski, Black Leather Jesus, Magnetic Coroner, Ligature, Plague Mother, Scant, and probably a bunch that I am forgetting.
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« Reply #6 on: December 15, 2018, 05:38:39 AM »

Vernichtung Durch Arbeit ‎– Hungertod LP even not enjoying the lengthy samples, the other parts are so appealing that I believe this is the best new PE project out.
Bizarre Uproar ‎– High Risk Lifestyle Recorded straight to an answering machine or something.
Presage Feralheart - A sickening take on PE sounds and themes via harsh noise made almost entirely with an ms20
Gerritt Wittmer ‎– Creation Stories - something different, really dark stuff

I still need to get Rotat's Grease District and the Veprisuicida reissues but I think they would make the list.

Best Live - Young Hustlers, Alfarmania, Russian Tsarlag, Gene Pick, Hogg, Mortuary Drape
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« Reply #7 on: December 15, 2018, 11:50:08 AM »

It's not completely over yet, and there's always some great album that I haven't picked up yet, but...

JEPH JERMAN - The Bray Harp LP (White Centipede Noise)
As much as I love Jeph's stuff, both new and old, the brilliance of this LP owes alot to his collaborators Ben Brucato, Eric La Casa and Oskar Brummel. It still has Jerman written all over it though, albeit being unusually heavy.

TIMO VAN LUIJK & FEEDERIK CROENE - Fortune De Mer LP (La Scie Dorée)
A great sort of morriconish maritime themed album. Dramatic but without being too much.

MNEM - Hegonon LP (Sediment)
A typical MNEM album, but MNEM in concentrated and distilled form, I think. Bareboned and dry. A bunch of tracks without any apparent crescendos or narrative arch, just amazing and very evocative sounds.

WINCE - The Older Generation LP (Tordon Ljud)
I'm not the only one enjoying this. Stefan/New Forces shares my sentiments above.

RUSALKA - Revisualizations CS (New Forces)
This has me thinking of AUBE in his best moments, but without really sounding like him. Something about the very careful and thorough approach. Serious business! Excellent tape.

WORTH - Blood Possessed CD (Prose Nagge)
I probably enjoy The Steps just as much, but I have a soft spot for CD's. Weird apporach on this one, almost like Chop Shop converted into rough harsh noise. As someone on the board wrote, "important noise".

TRERIKSRÖSET - Jkpg 2008/Sthlm 2013 C32 (Hatband)
Side A is of personal importance to me, and the flip (Sthlm) sees Tommy in a different, almost romero:esque mood.

I am sort of biased here, but this is such a great label and this year has been the best this far. Favorite 7" of 2018... hard pick, but KOREA UNDOK GROUP - Continent, I think.

Best noise/whatever shows

Christian Mirande - Kinda Tropical, Austin TX
Heat Signature - Skeleton Dust Records, Dayton OH
Jackson Pratt, White Rhino Taxidermy - Hart Bar, Brooklyn NY
Worth - Heinz Hopf rehearsal space, Gothenburg SWE
Leda - Nejd, Gothenburg SWE

It's been a really good year. I could probably double the length of this list.
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« Reply #8 on: December 15, 2018, 04:47:21 PM »

Linekraft the best industrial artist in Japan currently.

Maybe i'm uneducated but are there really any competitors, besides Grim perhaps?
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« Reply #9 on: December 15, 2018, 09:00:28 PM »

Highlights (chronologically...)
Morton Subotnick @ REDCAT
Consumer Electronics @ Resident DTLA
Marginal Consort @ Zebulon
Peter Brötzmann & Keiji Haino @ Zebulon
La Monte Young & Marian Zazeela @ Walt Disney Concert Hall
Sunn O))) @ Echoplex
Grouper @ First Congregational Church of Los Angeles

New Releases
Portal - ION
Russell Haswell - Respondent
Grouper - Grid of Points
Beach House - 7
SOPHIE - Oil of Every Pearl's Un-Insides
Death Grips - Year of the Snitch
Amnesia Scanner - Another Life
Sleaford Mods - S/T EP
Consumer Electronics - The Weight/Hostility Blues
Heather Leigh - Throne
Brötzmann & Leigh - Sparrow Nights

Sun Ra - Of Abstract Dreams
Prince - Piano & A Microphone 1983
Todd Barton & Ursula K. Le Guin - Music and Poetry of the Kesh

Sorry to Bother You
The Lobby - USA; banned Al Jazeera doc series about the Israel lobby: https://electronicintifada.net/content/watch-film-israel-lobby-didnt-want-you-see/25876

Being unbelievably broke
Yves Tumor - Safe in the Hands of Love
Suspiria remake
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« Reply #10 on: December 15, 2018, 09:02:52 PM »

some highlights for me, trying to not forget earlier stuff from this year.

COOTER Presents...BESMIRCHED 2: UNCUT - c20 of hilarious psycho shit. themed around the guy who got his dick cut off by his vengeful wife, then he spitefully made a terrible porno afterwords to show her he's still got it. side a is crazy samples and weirdo shit while side b is insane full harsh noise.

Bizarre Uproar - High Risk Lifestyle - BU also still has it. this one is concentrated, hi fi and heavy. Less of a live sound and more of a studio quality. spun this one a ton this year

Celebrity Appreciation Society - Selected Case Studies Volume 3: アイドル/*Idol* - maybe my favorite of the year. The packaging is incredible and gives you access into a voyeuristic playground filled with busty asian girls. A giant 80 page book by david freeman really takes the cake, the tone is playful and cute despite the  the content. although the cs itself is short it is raw as fuck filled with pretty piano samples, asian dialect and then heavy electronics/vocals.

Agonal Lust - Modern Atrocities - If I'm in the mood for something really heavy and hard with my morning coffee this is a good go to. Perfect to start off another pissed off day. The tracks are short and concentrated and work great as an album. definitely one of my favorite current PE acts right now and can't wait to see them in chicago in march.

Disgusting Sanctum ‎– Pathology Of Abuse - perfect sounds and imagery. got a ton of plays this year enough said.

Human Agony - Goring Christ - was lucky enough to get a spare copy from my boy C Mumma a couple weeks back and it hasn't left the cs walkman i leave  in my car since. This shit gets me excited about a genre I've slacked on for so many years. Low fi and dirty but still you can make everything out perfectly. fast at times slow at times. perfect album.

Needle Exchange (2) - Kill Em All With Fentanyl - this one blew me away and i listened to probably 3 times in row. crazy cut up noisecore but it flows really well. it is experimental as fuck but also super fast and drum heavy. i guess this cs hits home because i know the guy who does vocals is a total psycho. he used to do a project with me until his mom found our first cassettes artwork and almost kicked him out. He has since quit his job, lives at home and has threatened to kill the other guy he is in needle exchange with. i don't know if they will ever make an album again but probably not seeing as the other member called the cops on his vocalist. good times. this cs is really sick though!

Operation Cleansweep - Release Now! Apathy Induction - so glad i scooped it even though it was a bit pricey with shipping to the USA... worth every penny. When i first got the LP i really didn't know how to open it because i really didn't want to have the cut the strip in center but i was left with no choice. This one is Rhythmic and industrial. lots of slow heavy beats and perfect synth tones that put my ass in a trance. Some tracks somber, some filled with hate and anger but there is an underlying negative tone throughout the LP. Great that this project is still making quality sounds. Xn label always brings the goods.

Snuff - iv - Everytime i finish a new snuff album i think to myself "whew i made it".... a lot like XE this project actually hurts to listen to.  i like making myself give it full attention, listening to the full album on a long car ride or commute and every time there are moments i really want to turn it off... i guess it is that feeling is the reason why i keep coming back to it. This one brought the intensity that iii had but is more raw and has more of a live improv feel.

Various ‎– Stadsbranden 3 - great compilation of some of my favorite artists. Was stoked for Will / worth as he killed it in 2018 with his recorded works and live gigs across the world. Thankfully he got one of these for me abroad. Not worth the retarded 75 dollars on discogs but an awesome document non the less. Young Hustlers tracks are my favorite.

Various - The Pain Factory (A Public Access Tv Noise Show 1995-1997) - had such a blast watching all these old videos. seriously am so thankful for this release and it is mandatory for anyone into the genre.

Mania (4) / Deterge ‎– Lay Waste / Future of Pulse - i was so stoked when i got this in the mail and even though the special edition is a bitch to store it looks fucking cool. These two acts together put a smile on my face. Both acts continue down their wormhole of style with an unflinching 0 fucks attitude. The cassette that came with it is just as good. Highly recommended. Fusty is just relentless... another huge batch just dropped? you can tell he cares so much for what he does and i respect that.

Pissoir Rouge - Pissoir Rouge - This cs is pure psycho shit. when i listened i had to stop what i was doing to kinda laugh and say what the fuck? blown out rough and nasty. it just had a perfect feel for me at that moment. the cover is retarded hand drawings with pen and is scotch taped onto the baggie. OFR has an ear for these kinds acts i would normally probably never otherwise be exposed to. Thanks Benni

Anenzephalia - Magenta - A massively dark and withdrawn album. Creepy and slow moving synth that creates such a scary atmosphere. Never blown out but always full on insane. Music for horror films or the end of the world. A master of his craft. Seeing him perform the day after GO in Los Angeles this summer was such an experience. The night before everyone was going crazy and pushing and fighting during/after GO, but during anenzephalia i had the feeling everyone was tired, burnt out or maybe just mesmerized. This album captures that performance.

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« Reply #11 on: December 16, 2018, 12:01:41 AM »

Thanks to those of you who've given kind words - surprising but quite welcome.

Total agreement on the Final Solution reissue, Cooter tour tape, Mercury Hall C20 from JDV, V/A Elävä Olento Koneena (minus yours truly of course!). Bummed I missed out on the Remnants LP, and still have yet to hear the most recent Grunt and Anenzephalia albums. Dare I say a little envious of those who saw Christian Mirande live.

Being unbelievably broke
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« Reply #12 on: December 16, 2018, 01:43:17 AM »

Highlights for me :
Agonal Lust - Modern Atrocities : Already mentioned by most others here. Splendid release. Dirty, gritty, effective.
Striations : both his Trauma Code and Vietnamization releases. His work always leave in awe. Hope they both get the vinyl treatment.
Graustich - Morality Ends : Being a sucker for heavy electronics, this one just had to hit me full in the face.
Alfarmania - The Waiting Grave : Probably my absolute favourite of this year

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« Reply #13 on: December 16, 2018, 10:28:19 PM »

Tracy Lords Loves Noise - The Ultimate Fantasy
Knelt Rote - Alterity
Striations - Vietnamization
Buck Young - Proud Trash Sound
Concave/Convex -Victory Over Body
Sentenced - Extinguishment
Grunt - Castrate the Illusionist
Basically Anything from any of Josh Peterson's projects
Stoker - Jump Street
Human Agony - Goring Christ
Oozing Meat - Contaminated
Terror Cell Unit - Psalm 137:9 and the accompanying cassingle
Worth - Neanderthal Camera/Blood Possessed/The Steps
Ferro Mortem -Underworld
Disgusting Sanctum - Pathology of Abuse
MK9 - Loss as Loss
BizarreSSMania - II
Celebrity Appreciation Society - Selected Case Studies Volume 3
Nihilist Commando/Neuss - Split
City Hunter - Deep Blood
Vile Gash - Nightmare in A Damaged Brain
Bacillus - Serial Infector
Psycho Ex Girlfriend
AntiChildLeague - Infect Your Gut Infect Your Thoughts
Sissy Spacek - Trash Staging/Ways of Confusion
Basically anything from Punishment Private Release
Striations/Human Agony - Live at Coaxial
Genocide Organ - Mind Control Reissue
Fecallove - Anal Lobotomy
Mania/Deterge - Lay Waste/Future of Pulse
Current 93 - Thunder Perfect Mind reissue
Godcage - Albatross of Faith (probably mostly for my personal connection to the artist and being glad to see his work still being release posthumously)
Vomit Arsonist - Further
Blackwatch - In the Company of Dead Heroes
DJ Speedsick - Death Trip '17
Lille Roger - Undead 1984-1987 Boxset
Agonal Lust - Modern Atrocities
Shredded Nerve - Final Vision
Body Carve - Guts in Red Plastic
Ariana Grande - Sweetener and really just that fucking video for "thank u, next".

Probably many more I've forgotten to add (just looking from my discogs collection by year).

Peter Sotos - Ingratitude (duh)
Everything from Amphetamine Sulphate, particularly Missing by Josh Peterson
David Fremann - AV Project
Whichever Noise Widow came out this year
Embalming Report #1 (I think that was 2018??)
David Fremann & John Gardner - Fucked by Moonlight (shameless, since I had a large part in this release but was very happy to work on this and how the finished product ultimately turned out)
Anything from New Juche that was released this year

Bacteria Field - consistently churning out great (and vile) releases
New Forces - Always purchase whatever new releases they have out
Dead Gods - Another I'll purchase anything from
Black Psychosis - Maybe a little biased as he released a tape of mine this year but Si always delivers on incredible artwork and packaging
Finders - Of course another one I have ties to but indisputably has curated an incredible selection of releases time after time with some of my favorite artwork
No Rent Records - Diverse selection of artists and I love the art style and design the label has developed

Shows, Experiences, Ephemera
Cooter, Legless, Sects tour - absolute blast. Each show had a great lineup, no car troubles, totally smooth, ideal tour. Highlights include: seeing Concrete Mascara nearly make my ears bleed at the Hart Bar and hanging with Frank for the few days he was around for the shows, Persecution Dragonness at Hart Bar, the soundguy DJ'ing Stoner Metal through the PA inbetween acts yet putting a limiter on the PA as to "not damage the sound system over a noise show", Jackson Pratt/Kiran Aurora live collab at Hart Bar, Legless and Stroker collab at Heaven's Gate and Sects' Philly Flyers Jersey at Heaven's Gate, literally just seeing Sects and Legless destroy every show we played, Life Appreciation Renewal in Richmond, going to "Cookout" in Richmond which apparently is the spot there and accidentally completely stepping someone's foot and them giving me the dirtiest look, Material Body Dysfunction headbutting me during his set in Cincinnati, Sects trying to give me MRSA in Cincinnati, Alba Cell, Brad Griggs, and Cominform all in Cincinnati, trying Cincinnati Chili for the first time and having some serious stomach issues with it shortly after. Also shoutout to Rachel's deer chili in Philadelphia.

Genocide Organ/Anenzelphia/and the Preshows in Los Angeles - Absolutely incredible weekend. Pedestrian Deposit was incredible at the first pre-show, basically every act at the second pre-show, specifically Deterge and Terror Cell Unit among all the great acts, seeing Genocide Organ obviously was an incredible experience as well as Anenzephalia and Puce Mary the next night. Pitchers of Long Island Ice Tea were definitely a highlight. Some shitty rave we went to after the GO show I guess was a highlight even though it mostly sucked, maybe that was a lowlight. Psychiatry: An Institution of Death Museum was a great experience; if that was not a propaganda exhibit funded by the Church of Scientology I would've thought it was the greatest art installation piece I'd ever have seen. Also going to some shitty strip club called "Dames and Games" that was recommended to us by some sketchy tattoo artist who advertised it as "Dave and Buster's but with topless women" was somewhat of a lowlight because there were literally no games besides strippers playing mind games...so it goes. They did have some great drink, I think it was like an appletini with a less embarrassing name or something but fuck it, it was delicious and I had about six. Basically just meeting a lot of folks I'd communicated with online was great and the weekend ruled.

Brighter Death Now/Pharmakon/Gnawed/Scant: Another fun trip and I enjoy getting out to New York whenever I can. I think my favorite set of the night was Gnawed who played his signature form of absolutely miserable death industrial. Also Roger from BDN kissed me on the lips so that was a plus.

Can't remember the dates but saw Worth a handful of times this year and he never disappoints live. Total harsh madness, everyone is aware of the praise he's received from the recent releases but his live sets hold up just as well. Jeff Plummer of Creeping did a number of fantastic sets that I saw this year as well, I think my favorite was at the Bad Timing Festival in Providence alongside Jason Crumer and FFH who also both performed great sets.

Seeing Marylin Manson and Rob Zombie were fun trips down memory lane for me, particularly Rob Zombie's hilarious "rockstar" on stage antics.

There was another set at Black Lace in Providence that I really enjoyed, I believe the act was called Isabella, not sure where she is from and was totally not a noise set by any means just a long (as in maybe 40 min-60 min) set of high BPM rave style techno. I'm by no means a big techno fan but was still a great performance.

Anyway, I think that's about it for live performances from 2018, was a great year for me.

Also, I really enjoyed season 2 of The Deuce on HBO, definitely worth a watch, and for anyone who cares about stupid internet bullshit, the Shane Dawson documentary on Jake Paul was pretty good.

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Friends moving far away etc.
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Well, my personal lowlight, which overshadows all possible highlights - my woman and partner for quite some years left me 2 months ago for reasons still not very clear to me. It seems that "she was my better half and I was just a dog", to quote from Tom Waits' "Bad liver & a broken heart". (I have both now)

Will have to think about the highlights, but all my records and stuff are still a huge mess from moving out of our house.
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