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Author Topic: New Modern Decadence: Hymenal Opening, Swollen Organs, Contagious Orgasm  (Read 240 times)
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« on: December 07, 2018, 02:32:23 AM »

OUT NOW via Modern Decadence

MD 012 - Hymenal Opening "Trick"
(Description by Miguel Perez)
There is no much to say, this is total harsh noise terror smashing a big industrious machine and pure high pitched electronic Mayhem. Expect heavy and violent electronics. C20 limited to 100 copies.

MD 014 - Swollen Organs "Religious Foreplay"
(Description by Miguel Perez)
A release that goes from Power electronics in a very conservative way of doing it to a more mechanical effort from the get go with a laminated and scrap metal in a very slow, menacing way like if you needed anything more than total electro torture with commanding vocals, and finishing the release with one of the the most apocalyptic of the tracks, starting with someone preaching and is answered by the terror and aggression of real hell. C20 limited to 50 copies comes in a ziplock bag.

MD 013 - Contagious Orgasm "White Lace Curtains In The Window"
(Description by Miguel Perez)
A very rewarding release, that reminds to those early 90’s Italian industrial tapes not very far removed to early Maurizio Bianchi, Side A is a good dosage of old school synth, a real cerebral pounding hammer nightmarish music not for the weak. While Side B is the darkest side of Fulci’s soundtracks along some Giallo. A very cinematic side for the imaginary movie you craft on your headspace. This side compliments the first in the best of ways. This truly is recommended for those into the old school of this art. C30 limited to 50 copies.

003 - Slashed Pretty Girls "Delitto Carnale"
(Description by Miguel Perez)
Richard Ramirez project, one of the main founders of the genre and an implacable noise generator that is a master of his craft. He never seems to overthink or to overproduce anything leaving a feel of minimalist greatness that characterizes most of his work. Not in a bad way. But in the way a master crafts art. Expert in all senses he does not need a shitload of pedals or big pretentious concept to make some of the best work in the whole genre history. This is another example of what he does best. This release goes from the Minimalistic, granular and windy feel, to the Corrugated small signal transmissions and machinery and industrial pounding static to finish it with a track full of terror night drone.

002 - Train Cemetery "Pessimist"
(Description by Miguel Perez)
Minimalistic ambient noise wall that builds more like the sound of slow lava crawling down the hill burning all in its way. A really calm, depressive and unchanging wall. A very GREY and sad release. Not for those in the joyful side of life.

Buy it via Bandcamp or Discogs
Contact: mndecadence@gmail.com
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