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Author Topic: 1-11-11 New Cathartic Process Releases  (Read 2838 times)
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« on: January 12, 2011, 03:10:47 AM »

1-11-11 - 8 New Cassettes from Cathartic Process and a new artbook from Cabal

(sorry for the duplicate post - just saw the announcement after the fact)

CP-21 - Clew Of Theseus / Buckettovsissors - Split - C-40
Clew Of Theseus starts off this split with a track ("Eve I") that will remind listeners of some of the eerie droning tracks on "Oran." Things shift significantly in "Eve II" when the track shifts from electronic buzzes and guitar drones to bowed screeches then give way to a field recording of a storm.
Buckettovsissors of Germany produces two masterful tracks of synth-based drone that will conjure impressions of a more minimalist version of early M.B.

Sound Samples - http://catharticprocess.com/cp/?p=225
Video - http://catharticprocess.com/cp/?p=113
More info and Order - http://catharticprocess.com/cp/?page_id=3&category=3&product_id=43

CP-22 - Haare - Doomsday Sunrise - C-40
Finland's Haare is known for merging the aesthetics of ritual industrial, psychedelic noise and apocalypticism into something uniquely his own. "Doomsday Sunrise" is a high point in an already stellar career. This release got a unique treatment with a unique oversized case and double-sided full-color printing to highlight this truly stellar tape.
Sound Samples - http://catharticprocess.com/cp/?p=190
Video - http://catharticprocess.com/cp/?p=125
More info and Order - http://catharticprocess.com/cp/?page_id=3&category=3&product_id=45

CP-25 - Death Agonies - Dust in the Lungs of God - C-20
This C-20 is the shortest release on the label, yet this release by the Canadian members of The Endless Blockade covers massive territory. "Dust in the Lungs of God" is excellently composed and paced, and after a quick listen, your left with a powerful impression.
Sound Samples - http://catharticprocess.com/cp/?p=218
Video - http://catharticprocess.com/cp/?p=115
More info and Order - http://catharticprocess.com/cp/?page_id=3&category=3&product_id=46

CP-27 - The Teratologist - Cabinet of Curiosities II - C-30
The follow-up to The Teratologist's first tape on Cathartic Process is heavier, delving into further dark ambient territory. "Cabinet of Curiosities II" maintains the mysterious aura of the first cassette, creating a esoteric feeling generally stimulated by ritual music. DM Turner again brings forward some very dynamic yet subtle sounds that defy categorization. Mastered by James Plotkin.
Sound Samples - http://catharticprocess.com/cp/?p=232
Video - http://catharticprocess.com/cp/?p=117
More info and Order - http://catharticprocess.com/cp/?page_id=3&category=3&product_id=40

CP-29 - Endless Sea - Complotto - C-40
Matteo Castro of Italy is rare in that he is both prolific and consistently excellent in his releases, both on his label, Second Sleep, and in his various projects (i.e. Kam Hassah). "Complotto" reminds us of that indefinable yet unmistakably Italian variety of industrial music. It is broken, raw, and sleazy, yet at once has a rare level of refinement.
Sound Samples - http://catharticprocess.com/cp/?p=211
Video - http://catharticprocess.com/cp/?p=109
More info and Order - http://catharticprocess.com/cp/?page_id=3&category=3&product_id=44

CP-30 - Dajjal - De-Evolution in Simulation Generators - C-90
Dajjal presents the sound of a world beyond digitization but pre-mechanized, a world that is corrosive and elemental, yet knowledgeable of the world that is: a world of degeneration, deprivation and inhumanity, of gears and digits, of pornographic fundamentalism and religious perversion. This album was recorded live to cassette and features some frequencies you're not accustomed to hearing on a cassette release. This isn't noise or power electronics - this is industrial music!
Video - http://catharticprocess.com/cp/?p=123
More info and Order - http://catharticprocess.com/cp/?page_id=3&category=3&product_id=42

CP-31 - Skullflower - The Paris Working / La Noche de Walpurgis - C-100
In 2008 and 2009, Skullflower self-released two CD-r albums for short tours. I am happy to present both of these releases on a single cassette - 100 minutes of top-notch Skullflower material, with a full-color j-card reproducing the original artwork
Sound Samples - http://catharticprocess.com/cp/?p=201
Video - http://catharticprocess.com/cp/?p=121
More info and Order - http://catharticprocess.com/cp/?page_id=3&category=3&product_id=47
Almost sold out already.

CP-32 - Clew Of Theseus - Live July 3, 2010 - C-60
July 3, 2010, Clew Of Theseus performed twice at Vesica Piscis Cathedral in Flagstaff, Arizona, in 7 channel sound. This C-60 captures both live performances and includes a recording made during the sound check. The first performance features field recordings, multiple acoustic (bells, chord organ, flutes) and electric instruments (electric guitar, effects, synths). The second performance features looped electric guitars. Other than field recordings, no pre-recorded sound was used.
Sound Samples - http://catharticprocess.com/cp/?p=204
Video - http://catharticprocess.com/cp/?p=119
More info and Order - http://catharticprocess.com/cp/?page_id=3&category=3&product_id=41

Nnerves "The Great Imitator - Dajjal" 48-page perfect bound artbook
48-page perfect bound, black & white artbook. Language alone is incapable of conveying the apprehension of lifting the veil and seeing the human form dismantled. Representations, visual, linguistic and otherwise, while inadequate to demonstrate the totality of the psychic damage, nonetheless provide a map into the constellations of madness and reality. The nexus between these two regions becomes illuminated as a synaptic pulse flickers across neural pathways of the overmind. A new circuit is opened and the membrane of the multi-verse is charged for an instant.
Video - http://catharticprocess.com/cp/?p=184
More info and Order - http://catharticprocess.com/cp/?page_id=3&category=7&product_id=48

There are many distro titles on sale now, including all M.B. titles in stock.

New site at: www.catharticprocess.com
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2011, 10:30:23 PM »

Check out the Nnerves website too, at http://dajjalrising.blogspot.com/
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