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Author Topic: The New Blockaders 'Live At Hinoeuma' CD available now  (Read 1430 times)
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The Voidist
« on: January 12, 2011, 02:43:30 AM »

Available now:

The New Blockaders 'Live At Hinoeuma' CD (Hypnagogia) (ed. 300)

TNB live at the Red Rose, London, 2003:

'I remember it well - the only time I’ve been driven from a venue due to the sheer volume. A huge monolithic wave of never subsiding, relentless barrage of… noise, of course. Full frontal, naked as it gets, pure noise assault. Expect harshness, bluntness and unremitting aural violence in plentitude.' Idwal Fisher

'A relentless wall of noise from start to finish that is more on par with Merzbow’s digital material than the more broken-up grinds of TNB’s earlier work, although where Merzbow’s post-analogue material can reach levels of calm within the chaos, this aural assault was one of the most violent, unforgiving performances I’ve ever experienced.' Second Layer

'This has a vaguely gentler surface than usual, and yet its soothing hoover-noise and metallic bric-a-brac conceals depths of evil, mind-shattering intent. Loops, electronics, swishing and banging. The understated power gathers and grows as the efficient team of demolition men go about their job.' The Sound Projector.

'It doesn’t get more physical than this. Imagine Daniel Menche in a violent mood coupled with English actionism!' Cold Meat Industry

'TNB produce what on the outside is pure noise, but inside everything falls apart, implodes and becomes nothing.' De:Bug

'Totally destroyed Dada noise.' Self Abuse

Available soon from the usual culprits or from TNB direct:


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