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Author Topic: new release on raubbau: salt. invisible. tape / digital album  (Read 311 times)
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« on: November 07, 2018, 01:50:47 PM »

salt. invisible. tape / digital album

01. nothing is everything
02. feeling connector (feat. noiseconcrete×3CHI5)
03. beneath the skin
04. inhale
05. after diner dip
06. cream crackered
07. unhidden content
08. wasuremono
09. fear of yellow
10. be all and end all

released by ant-zen [act399], sssm [sssm-121], pflichtkauf [pflicht 082],
united manipulation broadcasting [umb013], spectre [s33], megahertz records
[mhz-mc25] & raubbau [raub-070]

art by salt. engineered by dan courtman. mastering by manuel g. richter /
leafaudio. release date: 06.nov.2018.  total running time: 44:44.
noiseconcrete×3CHI5 appears courtesy of sssm (www.sssm.bandcamp.com).

nothing is everything is invisible
all conscience goes hand in hand with the certainty of things beyond immediate
perception; all human interaction demands vis-à-vis respect for the hidden
history of the individual. defy the conceptual, the distraction of the manifold,
embrace the dialectic nature of life and the certainty that nothing does not
mean anti-existence, but infinite possibilities, a breeding ground for
everything possible.

noise pop beat massacre with a japanese green tea infusion
it has been done because it’s possible, and because it’s time. salt needs no
introduction for his work as a label owner and graphic artist, but as a music
producer has been inactive for over a decade, and surely few musicians come up
with their debut album no earlier than almost 30 years down the line.
'invisible' is truly genre-defying, and not in the usual sense that it
incorporates aspects of different genres - it is neither noise nor pop in the
sense that it fulfils the usual expectations these terms conjure up. the
japanese infusion (i.e. sonic references) weaves a red thread, the reflection
of positive nothingness is the intellectual backbone, and the music might serve
as a diary.

'nothing is everything', a hum, a metronomic sub-rhythm, distant voices, the track
works like a canvas. 'feeling connector' is the closest this will get to pop,
an anthem of bittersweet minimal electronica featuring japanese artist
noiseconcrete and the haunting, strangely detached vocal performance of his
female partner 3CHI5. so after two tracks the extremes of this album are
fathomed, and it’s from there that the 'massacre' unfolds: undeniably noisy
like 'beneath the skin' or 'cream crackered' (which is cockney slang for
incredibly tired), with a wobbly rhythmic backbone like 'inhale', 'unhidden
content' and 'fear of yellow' - or wildly oscillating between both, like the
aptly titled 'after diner dip', a point in time when different moments
amalgamate. even for the easier sounds of 'wasuremono' (i.e. lost things)
'invisible' is not to be taken lightly, and closes with the sinister organ
sounds of 'be all and end all', the shakespeare-coined phrase that means the
raison d’etre, the essence. running at a classic 45 minutes, this salt album
will be nothing to many, but possibly everything.

salt. webpages:

label webpages:
ant-zen:    www.ant-zen.comwww.facebook.com/antzen.officialwww.ant-zen.bandcamp.com
sssm:    www.geocities.jp/coolanatomywww.sssm.bandcamp.com
pflichtkauf:    www.pflichtkauf.de
umb:    www.umbkollektif.com
spectre:    www.spectre.be
mhz records    www.mhz-records.dewww.facebook.com/mhzrecords
raubbau:    www.raubbau.orgwww.facebook.com/raubbau.labelwww.raubbau.bandcamp.com

ant-zen. audio & visual arts • p.o. box 1257 • 93135 lappersdorf • germany
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« Reply #1 on: November 07, 2018, 01:51:37 PM »

buy it here:
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