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Author Topic: ABGVRD ^ ROKOT: COMFORTER, UR, YELLOW6  (Read 1443 times)
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Some December news from ABGVRD and ROKOT.

COMFORTER Voice of the Voiceless CD-r
Old Russian Harsh Noise project that was very active in the beginning of 2000’s but is on hiatus nowadays. Swift, superdispersed analogue noise powder of feedbacks and metal junk. Recorded in 1999. Limited to 50 copies.

YELLOW6 Heavy with Snow 3”CD-r
Minialbum by a rather well-known project from UK was recorded in the beginning of 2010 as an impression by heavy snow clouds floating away. Warm, humid, wrapping piece by this great musician. Post Rock / Ambient in the vein of BOSCH’S WITH YOU, LABRADFORD, PAN-AMERICAN, GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR!: otherworldly, melodic, melancholic, as a natural accompaniment for rain, snow and mist. Limited to 100 copies.

UR The Day Of The Lord - 060606 Session CD-r
Italian project started in 2005. UR has released a number of albums through Topheth Prophet, Afe Records, Mask Of The Slave. Music is mostly free-improvised in the style of Industrial of 1970’s. Four long pieces recorded in 2006 create a hellish maelstrom of black shadows, heartrending groans, bloodletting rave in a throng of ashletting horny and caudate entitites. Sometimes more scary than TG, early CURRENT 93 and STALLAGH. Limited to 100 copies.



ONDO started in 2007 under the rule of C-J Larsgarden who had been performing under name PACTA before that. Since then the project has released several albums ranging from good to excellent. Style of the project is varying from work to work from raw Drone Doom with Industrial touch to abstract Drone Ambient with melodies and melancholy. Sol album is filled with bells, reversed sounds, spectre piano melodies and other hissing and whistling beauty of unknown source as well as sounds of bonefires and voices from afar. The most similar projects as we see it are OMENYA, raison d'etre and, of course, some tracks of TROUM. 100 copies in a colored sleeve.

HAARE Exogenesis MC
After a year of delay we have released the album by this finnish project recorded in the end of 2008. Abrasive, thunderous, psychodelic Drone Noise. A lot of long oppressing feedbacks, abyss of reverberating acoustic noises and guitar scratches are spread all over 53 minutes drowning you into thick resin of anthropomorphic terror. 100 copies in a colored oversized sleeve.

SOBRET_IZDAR is an incantation and a rough test of the strength that are destined to stagger a human at the crucial point. Everything collapse except the one with the solid transcendent foothold. Awfully buzzing, morbidly dissonant and clattering guitar-and-synth-based Drone of the distant explosions with terror-struck meditation. Recorded in 2006. 100 copies in a colored sleeve.

CORPOPARASITTA L'affannoso Respiro Del Gatto CD-r
Itialian Dark Ambient project. Surrealistic macabre. Soft harmonic drones and ambiences, bass-guitar, gloomy scratches. Contemporary tales of parallel worlds. 100 copies in half-dvd box.

DS MATTER Harmonia CD-r
After releasing two albums (Untitled and Pinky Lips) this project of Denis Shapovalov (SUNCHARIOT, ADRIVA, ENMERKAR) added two symbols to its name and one album two the discography. "Harmonia" is an oversimplification of frequencies or "supercompression" as an interpretation of author's point of view on the nowadays digital mastering in the mass-music that makes the final mix sound unified. The album presents only saturated frequencies on rise and fall. This sort of averaging allows disclosing new aspects of pure acoustic sounds of glass, plastic, wood, metal recorded with microphones and digitally processed. The album contains three long meditative tracks in a sophisticated electroacoustic manner with interesting variations of frequencies and warm droning backgrounds.100 copies in half-dvd box.

TZESNE Defrost CD-r
Spanish duo is well-known for its high-class albums released by some excellent European labels. Five untitled tracks of "Defrost" walk through different genre fields: electroacoustic experiments with clicks, scratches and macrosounds, static resonating mezmerizing drones and brutal final chord of 12-minute-long abrasive droning wall. Accurate and monolithic work.100 copies in half-dvd box.

TROUM Ljubimaya | Daur CD
Reissue of two 10" from the years 1998 and 2003. Daur is the very first release of TROUM and it resents very post-rock sounding material wth a lot of decipherable guitar parts and good drive. Ljubimaya was released by the Russian label Waystyx and carries you towards lyrical and touchy eternity of everbeginning melodies without an end, into emptiness of existence with all the uterine roar provided by YEN POX project in one of the tracks. The covers uses psychodelic image manipulations by Dmitri "HUM" Chistov. Edition of 500 copies in a jewel-case.

TETRAGOR Made in Madness CD-r
TETRAGOR is a siberian project from the city of Kemerovo. In 2005 it recorded Made in Madness which can be described stylistically as mystic Dark Industrial. Archaic symphonies sound from millions miles away, obliterating tread of Time, rigidity of Chaos, primeval essence of heteroaseity. The album brings reminiscences of the early albums released by mighty Cold Meat Industry - ILDFROST, MEMORANDUM, MENTAL DESTRUCTION - with its aesthetics of introvertive religion of Kali-Yuga. 100 copies in half-dvd box.
American artists JEREMY BIBLE & JASON HENRY work in the field of electroacoustics, digital sounds and field recordings constructing deep and smooth Drone Ambient with light touch of experimental and slightly noisy sounds. During the year 2008 they released some albums throught their own label Experimedia and through other labels: Gruenrekorder, Resting Bell and Gears of Sand. The last one is known for its releases of NETHERWORLD, OOPHOI and AIDAN BAKER, in which ranks the JB&JH duet stands proud and self-confident without any allowance for the yet short musical career. 100 copies in oversized sleeve.

THE INFANT CYCLE Trialism — Clear Shapes Stereo 2x3"CD-r
Reissue of the "clear forms" lathe cuts that were released by The Ceiling in 2002, 2003 & 2004, and B-sides of those that were put online by mp3-label Sonus in 2005. Format: 2x3"CD-r Edition:

URNA Liber Lelle CD-r
Obscure art of Gianluca Martucci makes a big step towards shining eternity with every new recording. He started in early 90s with raw, dirty, blasphemous and fetid Black Ambient. Two of his recent albums that were released by Slaughter productions turned to acoustic sacral rituality. The new album is devoted to the life and death of Angela da Foligno who was a Christian author, nun, and mystic. Voice, heart, breath, blood, bells, cymbals, percussion, mandolin, balalaika, zither, accordion and flutes weave of superfine ether strings a smooth covering canvas of acoustic music. 100 copies in half-dvd box.
Crucial Blast webstore review: Fans of the much-missed Italian noise/death industrial label Slaughter Productions might recognize the name Urna. It's the solo project from Italian artist Gianluca Martucci, whose industrial dark ambience had been featured on a couple of CDRs under the Urna name that Slaughter Productions released between 2004 and 2005. Those early Urna discs showcased a primitive death industrial stench that fit right at home with the general SP aesthetic, but since then, Martucci's music has gradually moved away from clanking factory-floor dread and into a more expansive field of haunting ritualistic blackness, and this new Urna album on Abgurd unveils a luminous abstract ambience that may surprise fans of Urna's early work. The five tracks on this disc are inspired by the experiences of Angela de Foligno, an Italian Christian mystic who was known as "the saint of the double abyss" and who drank water from the sores of lepers in an effort to become closer to God. The story behind de Foligno is pretty fascinating, and pretty disturbing, and Martucci captures an appropriate air of mystery and unease through these delicate arrangements of airy drones, tinkling chimes and melodious metallic shimmer echoing through fields of sparse black ambience, and strange, otherworldly avant-folk. Ghostly voices drift in and out of these dark, minimalist tribal jams filled with bells, cymbals, breathing sounds, hand drums, mandolin, recordings of heartbeats, accordian, flutes, zither, and balalaika, all of these instruments woven into fragile expanses of , hazy blissed-out drone-folk and blackened subterranean rumblings, somewhat like a dreamy combination of glistening dark ambience, lush harmonium-like drones, Gregorian chants, and the witchy avant-folk of Charalambides. Limited to 100 copies, and packaged in a black plastic snapcase with black artwork on a parchment-like cover.

REMOTEBAND Pinche Madre CD-r
Moscow project with a short but rich history. The only person standing behind REMOTEBAND began his experiments with sound as REMOTE and created mindblowing Harsh Noise and some bizarre electroacoustics. In that short period there were some performances with Nikita Golyshev of CD-r. It's a pity but we think there is not a single chance to listen to any recordings from that period though those were really fascinating. In some time the musician became interested in softer kinds of electronic music, changed his name to REMOTEBAND and gave a few concerts in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg charming audiences with Space Drone Ambient/Noise. We offer six tracks from the latest period of REMOTEBAND art. Guitar, voice, analogue synthesizers, lots of effects, various pre-recorded samples. All these means of soundexpression very smoothly, skilfully and gently interlace into thick and rich intellectual Drone Ambient with some noisy touch and futuristic moods. 100 copies in a cardboard sleeve. Factory-made silk-screened CD-r.

One of the very first tracks recorded during the summer of 2004. Grand static Drone Ambient for sleep experiments.50 copies in a sleeve.

ANTI-VERSTAND Song Like a Wind CD-r
ANTI-VERSTAND - side-project of YAO 91404 D - is pretty known among adorers of Russian Noise due to tapes released by YAOP and a couple of CDR re-releases made by Abgurd and Fight Muzik. With "Song Like Wind" the project introduces absolutely new and fresh point of view on its Art. The first recordings of ANTI-BRAIN were on the verge of boundless madness and unprejudiced aural challenge, while the new album appears to be more expressive, strict and catchy, burning with romantic-totalitarian lunacy of the best works by YAO 91404 D, e.g. "Heroes of the Coal Age" and "Key to Abyss". Love-poetry of soviet-era, disco-songs, accompanied by a captured metal impress, soviet-era variety art, rough and rigid feedbacks, concorporated into percussive ritual noise loops and abrasive distorted tapes emerge monumental piece of art. 100 copies.


MAAAA Human Waste CD-r
This Karelian project has been very active giving gigs and producing studio works during 2006-2007 but as the founder moved to Poland there has started a sort of hiatus for MAAAA.
"Human waste" was issued by Rokot in 2008 as a tape with additional bizcard CDR and got a lot of good response from listeners worldwide. Due to some wishes of people who were late in getting a copy of the first edition, we decided to make a CDR version to provide everybody with a great piece of Power Electronics. Don't be confused if you heard some of MAA(AA)) early works that contain raw and chaotic Noise. On Human Waste nicely constructed tracks are pulsing directly through your liver right to the spine. The sound is thick and mangling. Maybe the whole picture is not that agressive and insane but if you want a nice "CONTROL making ATRAX MORGUE-like throbs" album -- you'll be satisfied. 100 copies in half-dvd box.

New album of recently reactivated noisician Kirill Stoukalin from Leningrad — you must forget about Saint-Petersburg here for it's pure concrete hash, rusty metal, killing cold humidity and mouldiness of Soviet era city on the banks of Neva. Kirill was a founder of REDUCTIO AD ABSURDUM — one of the very first Russian Industrial projects which started in the same time infamous Alexander Lebedev-Frontov did (early 1990s). If you still haven't heard a track from it -- you are loosing some great experience of feeling pure old-school madness and simplicity in the vein of M.B. and M.O. "Quiet insanity" includes 8 tracks of decomposed vinyl records, analogue sound sources and various schizophrenic samples. 100 copies in half-dvd box.

VOMIR [untitled] CD-r
HNW. 77 copies in half-dvd box.

N. Boring Noise 2002 4xCD-r
Collection of 4 live recordings made during 2002: three sessions at Radio K Centrale and one at Conteiner Club. Raw Italian Power Electronics. Limited to 56 copies in a DVD-box.

VELEHENTOR Bleaching of Penury CD-r
The album that is tributed to the events of poisoning of a human by a human. Two long Harsh Noise tracks in the all-burning style of GOVERNMENT ALPHA and two short interludes with ear-mangling glitches. 100 copies in half-dvd box.

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