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Author Topic: new release on raubbau: michael idehall. aion reborn. tape. raub-065  (Read 408 times)
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« on: September 13, 2018, 11:01:22 AM »

michael idehall. aion reborn. tape / digital album. raubbau raub-065

tracklist: 01. aion reborn, 02. the dead must be silent, 03. samsara, 04.
humbug, 05. in the black tower of alamut, 06. 098t, 07. canopy, 08. radiation
from a distant gnosis, 09. cbd alchemy, 10. the world moves

this tape includes an mp3-download-code. release date: 12.09.2018

to those who enjoyed michael idehall's 'prophecies of the storm' release on
ant-zen, raubbau is proud to present a further outing of this outstanding
artist's self-coined 'seancetronica' sound exploration - a one-of-a-kind
combination of death industrial, apocalyptic tunes with a subliminal song
structure and dark, structured ambience. once again the swedish producer/
performer evokes a crude, vicious force carrying intense tempers of menace,
aggression and sadness with a strong streak of esoteric themes and personal
poetics shaping the mood and tone.

idehall's rich baritone intoning ritual chants and secretive whispers with a
solemn atmosphere, highlight the arcane bent of the heavy electronics pushed
with striking tautologic sequences. from sparse throbs and slow paced beats to
cinematic ambient elements and industrial overtones, 'aion reborn' displays a
captivating mixture of alluring vocals, throbbing bass, pounding beats, ominous
drones and metallic tremors.

an engaging album that provides a gripping and sometimes horrific tale from
start to finish where the lack of an easy path for pursuit is part of the
experience - hypnotic, forceful and savage. highly recommended.

discography (excerpt) 09.2k18:
aion reborn. tape. raubbau raub-065. 2018
prophecies of the storm. cd. ant-zen act369. 2018
four prophecies. tape. belzebez blzbz0018. 2017
machine spirit transmission. tape / digital album. raubbau raub-053. 2017
retrospective 1999-2003. digital album. ant-zen dig039. 2017
svartkonster. tape. cloister recordings crus-13. 2017
solar symmetries. digital album. ant-zen dig038. 2016
no man's land. cd. ant-zen act349 / beläten ϫ. 2016
retort redux. lp / lp+cd. :retortae: venenum 2 / venenum 3. 2015
words of power. digital album. belzebez blzbz0007. 2015
chavajoth. digital album. belzebez blzbz0006. 2015
deep code sol. cd. ant-zen act329. 2015
the house of flames. lp. the ajna offensive / ajna bound flame86. 2015
egon. digital album. belzebez. 2015
deep code. tape. beläten. 2014
svartkonster. digital album. beläten. 2014
three bull kings for three golden kings. 3cd. belzebez. 2013
sol. tape. beläten. 2012
split w/ thomas martin ekelund. tape. geiger-gramofon gg003. 2011

michael idehall official website: www.facebook.com/idehall.gbg
raubbau official websites: www.raubbau.org & www.facebook.com/raubbau.label

ant-zen. audio & visual arts · p.o. box 1257 · 93135 lappersdorf · germany
info@ant-zen.com · www.ant-zen.com · www.mailorder.ant-zen.com · www.facebook.com/antzen.official
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