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Author Topic: Looking For Recent Tapes (completely revamped wantlist)  (Read 704 times)
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« on: May 30, 2018, 08:48:18 PM »

Hello! I've updated my wantlist to the stuff I need that's post-90s and possibly a little more in circulation, haha. As always willing to negotiate prices or trade certain things, including this:

Deathpile - "Gutters of New York City"

My account is "rjmomo" on Discogs if you're interested in checking out my collection, I may or may not be willing to part with things depending on what you're offering. Also a relative newb so. https://www.discogs.com/user/rjmomo

Please get in contact either via PM or email if you have and are willing to part with any of the below! Thanks!

Vestigial Limb - “Apportioned For Wolves”, “Untitled (Scumbag Relations)”, “Cancel the Sky”, “Shambolic Destiny”, “Graveyard of Empires”

Mass Marriage - S/T, “Moda”, “Innocence”

Nkondi - various

Body Stress - "No Flesh Will Be Justified", "Pill Harmonics", "Sodomy In Silence", "A Waste of Time and Space", "Distortions of Time and Perception", "Untitled (Suite Mentale)"

Boar - “Defiance”, split w/Developer

Pyramid Dust - S/T, “Decaying Future”

Reptilian Sexual Predator - various

Surgical Renaissance - “Ritual of the Habitual”

Wonderland Club - “Operation Cathedral”

Worth - “Carpet Changer”, “Research Patient”

Diaphragmatic - “Sour Diesel”, “Wartime Advertising”

Streetmeat - “Dressing Room”, “Pigs and Mules”, “Street 23”

Gene Pick - “Force Majeure”, “Grays Ferry”, “Suspect Ø”, “Bayview”, “Crave and Die”, “Transmission-R”

Malcriado - “Miracles”

Knurl - “Kurtosis”, various others

BT.HN. - “Valastro”, “The Forbidden Barrier”

Peiste - “Shoshanna”, “Braindamage”, “Behind the Rainbow”, “Lambskin”, “Zygote”, “Sender”

Vergraben - “Compensation”, “Quarantined”, “Temperance”

Kakerlak - various

Andrea Pensado - “El Vacío De La Copa”

Disgust - “Where Angels Fear To Tread”

Insurgent - “Qur’anic Purity”, “The 99 Names of God”

Bachir Gemayel - “Assassination”, “HNWar”, “St. Charbel”, “Legacy”

Striations - “Evidence of Overpopulation”, “K.P.”, “To Know Mercy”, “Zebra”, “Piss, Blood, Hypnosis”

Ryan Bloomer - “Unlawful Carnality”, “Bolo”, “Lethal Command”, “Bully Hiss”, “An Old Score To Settle”, “In Response To a Threat”

Vat - “Bitch Quartet”, “ Leak & Wipe”

Droughter - various

Oscillating Innards - various

Weak Sisters - various

Horrible Mess - various

Wrong Hole - “Devitalization”, “Private Lives”

Taskmaster - S/T (Trash Ritual), “Kriemhild Anal Saxon”

Sunken Cheek- various

Phocomelus - “Deus Irae”

Torba - “Crust”
Torba - “Armageddon Polaroid”
Torba - “Salem Tales”

Purity of Essence - “Full Moons & Mouths
Purity of Essence - “Kulturkammer”

Rusalka - “Mother Insect Flesh”
Rusalka - “Missing Skin”

Pusdrainer - “Fixate”

Discretion - “Screams From Beyond”
Discretion - “Sewer Meditations”

Stroker - “Muzzle”

Sick Buildings - “Untitled”
Sick Buildings - “Oblique and Deceptive” 2x

Sarin Snow - “Divine Thrust”

Hostage Pageant - “Negative Symptoms”

Constrain - “Chain of Command”
Constrain - “Default Trade” 2x
Constrain - “Travail”

No Dreams - “Pessimistic Subsidence”

Fecal Dam - “Lodged”
Fecal Dam - “Street Filth”

Straight Panic - “Mapplethorpe”
Straight Panic - “Men’s Room”

Breaking the Will - “German Autumn”

Specific releases, too many to mention individually:
Skin Graft
Climax Denial
Alo Girl
Scald Hymn
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« Reply #1 on: July 12, 2018, 05:34:53 PM »

Big, fat, stankin' update in italics, most important needs in bold. Still searching for old non-italicized titles also.

I'm hyper-obsessive with pristine Discogs feedback. Sell me your tapes!
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« Reply #2 on: July 23, 2018, 09:24:15 PM »

Small update to this list, mostly found things. :) Thanks everybody!
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