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Author Topic: Sale/trade: CDs, tapes, magazines, synth & Pinokkio stripbook - 75% off  (Read 915 times)
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« on: May 21, 2018, 12:07:12 AM »

Hey, I have some stuff I don't use / listen anymore, see below. I'm also up for trades if you think you have something interesting to offer. Contact can go through PM but mail is usually faster via walter@harmonyaudiovisuel.com.

CD + tape

Ansur - Axiom (Candlelight Records, black metal) €1
Black Sun - Fleshmarket (Over Records, industrial / doom / experimental) €20
Burmese - 撚樣 (ugEXPLODE, bare bones grindcore / sludge) €4
Car Bomb - Centralia (Relapse, technical metalcore) €4
The Cherry Point - Misery Guts (Phage Tapes, harsh noise) €3
Crowpath - Son Of Sulphur (Earache, technical death metal) €1
Dir Yassin - Discography (Society Killing Me Records, punk) €4
Dislocation - Carve Another Notch (Scatter, dissonant freejazz from Japan) €4
Earth - Pentastar: In The Style Of Demons (Sub Pop, grunge rock) €4
Flee The Seen - Doubt Becomes The New Addiction (Facedown Records, metalcore by cute teenagers) €1
Gnaw - Horrible Chamber (Seventh Rule Recordings, sludge dirge with Alan Dubin on vocals) €4
Godflesh - In All Languages (2xCD comp, Earache) €4
Guignol Dangereux - Fingermonsterbuzz (CR-r, Organic Pipeline,  I think this one sounded a bit like breakcore light, or IDM) €1
Guru - Jazzmatazz Volume: 1 (Chrysalis, hiphop / jazz / layback music) €1
Half Makeshift - Omen (Profound Lore Records, dark drone) €3
Le 3ème Œil - Hier, Aujourd'hui, Demain (Columbia, hiphop from france) €1
Ligisterna - Miljonprogrammet (Buzzbox Records, punkrock) €1
Lust For Youth - Solar Flare (Avant!, new wave / ambient pop) €4
M.B. - Symphony For A Genocide (Hospital Productions) €4
Mone¥i$god - M.A.R.K.Z (Heart & Crossbone, obtuse noiserock) €1
Naxal Protocol ‎– The Guilty Should Get What They Deserve! (Eibon Records, electronic industrial / power electronics) €5
October File - Holy Armour From The Jaws Of God (Candlelight Records, sounds like killing joke with pepper in the mouth) €2
Poochlatz - Thanks For Giving In (Something On The Road, power electronics from isreal) €1
Thee Plague Of Gentlemen - Primula Pestis (I Hate Records, doom metal or heavy stoner, one of the guys was sentenced for indecent exposure to minors) €3
Tinsel Teeth ‎– Trash As The Trophy (Load, noisy grindcore noise rock) €4
Wiley - Treddin' On Thin Ice (XL Recordings, grime / hiphop) €1

Convalescence - Convalescence (Vanity Pill Tapes, ambient something) €3
Craow - C-Bank (Nostilevo, lo-fi, dark new wave / synth pop) €3
Deconstructivism - Grafiet (Levertraan, static wall noise) €3
German Army - Worthless Spectrum (2x tape, Cønjuntø Vacíø, ambient and experimental electronic) €10
Hex Marrow - Latham (Vanity Pill Tapes, ambient / noise light with techno beats) €3
Ikodora '65 - Na-apen En Voor-beren (Muzikaal Kabaal, dutch wall noise) €1
Secular Identity - New Jersey Turnpike (the тide øf тhe εnd, label says its power electronic but really nothing more than samples + thin / buried synth lines) €3

CD + tape + magazine

AxemRangers - A Crack In The Concrete (CD-r, Hoarse, harsh noise) €1
Discard - Firmly Clenched Fist (Autumn Productions, industrial rock / nu metal) €1
The Goosegoosigagaga - Geee Gooo Giii (CD-r, Turbinicarpus Records, The Gerogerigegege coverband from Ukraine) €1

Svaixt - LO (Terror, ambient + field recordings from tibet + booklet with details about the how and why of recording) €6

The Convivial Hermit #7 - black metal zine with interviews from the following bands: Ancestors Blood, Canaan; Empyrium, Fauna, Funeral Moth, Manes, Rotting Christ, Summoning and more; a review section for both releases and magazines; 132 pages! €7
Arise #4 - black metal zine with bands talking about the beginning and the end, interviews with In The Woods, Aluk Todolo, Shataan, My Dying Bride, IC Rex, Sink and more €4
Arise #3 - black metal zine with bands talking about spirituality, interviews with Macabre Omen, Agalloch, Tähtiportti, Batushka and more €4
Thora-Zine #2 - Punk/Stoner zine from 1993 with interviews of Trance, Sat N Smooth, Crash Worship; small section with reviews of records, magazines and video; lots of advertisements and graphics €2
Expedite Death #1 - Punk zine with interviews of Instinct of Survival, Antisect, Sauron, Warfear and Alehammer €3
Expedite Death #2 - Punk zine with interviews of Doom, Sore Throat, Shitfucker and Visions of War €3
Expedite Death #3 - Punk zine with interviews of Skeleton, Kontrasekt, Killbite, Agnosy and Perversion €3
Expedite Death #4 - Punk zine with interviews od Massgrave, Disgust, Crutches, Heavy Nukes and Femacoffin €3
Or get them all for €20.

synth & gear

Roland A-01 + keyboard - small synth in the Roland Boutique series; 8-bit synth / sequencer / midi/CV controller; has midi + midi over usb + CV/gate out, ideal for modular; can be controlled over Bluetooth €140
Audio Technica ATH-M40x - Headphones for monitoring audio, but can also be uses for general use for moderate use (definitely not to wear all day); short soundstage/very direct sound; excellent mids and tight, not boomy bass; good for small details in your sound; I like them but they are to small for my ears and they become painful to wear after 30 minutes; including carrying case €70
Klotz MIDI-cable 3M €5/cable or 2 for €7
Keith McMillen MIDI/CV keyboard - MIDI over USB out, CV out, MIDI in, CV in; great controller/keyboard for portable setups and modular use; comes with 2 cables for CV/Gate out and 1 cable for gate/CV in. €50

Pinokkio (stipbook by Winshluss)

Violent, cynical & perverted version of the Pinocchio classic in stripbook format. Beatings, suicide, sexual perversion, implied rape, backstabbing heroes and burning children, it's all here. High quality, excellent drawings and thick pages. However there is little text, the dutch version is the dutch version and all text is in dutch. €35

Traitors - Cities Of The Red Nights (dutch wall noise) €2
TRAITORS (2) / horsing - TRAITORS/horsing (also dutch wall noise!) €2
Wolves - King Fragile (a third for dutch wall noise) €2

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« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2018, 07:50:11 PM »

Ikodora '65 - Na-apen En Voor-beren (Muzikaal Kabaal, dutch wall noise) €1
Traitors - Cities Of The Red Nights (dutch wall noise) €2
TRAITORS (2) / horsing - TRAITORS/horsing (also dutch wall noise!) €2
Wolves - King Fragile (a third for dutch wall noise) €2
Nice :)

My side of the TRAITORS/horsing tape is actually harsh noise, by the way, for those who care ;) I hope you don't mind I've taken the liberty to x-post your post to the HNW boards on FB, there may be some interest in some things here :)

AxemRangers - A Crack In The Concrete (CD-r, Hoarse, harsh noise) €1
Released this forever and ever go! Still a cool little release, if I may biasedly so.

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as possible as loud
« Reply #2 on: May 28, 2018, 09:40:13 PM »

Heh, so you are still alive, that's good.
« Reply #3 on: June 10, 2018, 10:02:06 AM »

small update. Roland A-01 can depart for €140 or make an offer.
« Reply #4 on: July 27, 2018, 08:47:12 PM »

So, because I want to make some room. 75% off everything except for gear and the comic, those are 25%. ofc. it's not worth the effort to ship a cd for 50 cents, so only orders for €5 or more please.
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