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November 28, 2022, 10:01:26 AM *
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Author Topic: Seen and not seen's, recommendations and queries on top films in general.  (Read 1491939 times)
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I also went to see Terrifier 2 at the local movie festival. Everyone's praising it but it's boring as fuck. Art the Clown would be a great villain, but I feel it's wasted in this franchise. The comic book violence doesn't work very well because there is no build-up, no tension, no characters, shitty plot and overall bad direction and the movie is one hour too long.

There were many things that Terrifier 2 does right imo. Against all expectations Art’s character is great, and it has one of the best final girls in slasher movies in general. And there is a general sense of seediness and absurdity that very few horror movies manage to pull off. The deliberately (??) bad looking gore effects didn’t work for me.

I also enjoyed the band posters in the main character’s little brother’s room. Most of the members in the bands are old enough to have grandkids his age. :D
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