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Author Topic: Notes From Chaos: Page 87 - Creel Pone  (Read 186 times)
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Notes From Chaos: Page 87 - Creel Pone


- Lorq Damon - Entry To The Land Of Dreams (Journey To The Land Of Forgotten Dreams CDr)
- Josef Anton Riedl – Nr. 4/1 (Josef Anton Riedl CDr)
- Pierre Henry - Prisme (Prismes CDr)
- Dubravko Detoni - Forms And Plans (Avantgarde CDr)
- Aminadav Aloni - Fulfilment (Once CDr)
- Anestis Logothetis – Fantasmata 1960 ("Hör!-spiel"/Nekrologlog 1961/Fantasmata 1960/Wellenformen/Anastasis/Styx 2CDr)
- Rodolfo Ceasar - Curare II (A Arte Des Sons CDr)
- Edward M. Zajda - Study No.10 (Independent Electronic Music Composer CDr)
- Nikos Mamangakis - Olofyrmos (Lamentation) (V/A - Greek Electronic Music-1 CDr)
- Henry Krutzen - Froid (Silances CDr)
- Frank Garvey - Kriegspiel (Labyrinth (Prison Walls)/Omnicircus CDr)
- Máté Victor & Péter Winckler - Viscositas (V/A - Magyar Elektronikus Zene: Hungarian Electronic Music CDr)
- Gil Mellé – Desert Trip (The Andromeda Strain: Original Electronic Soundtrack CDr)
- Bizarre Ko.Ko.Ko. - Retracting The Reflected Consciousness Of All Having Come To Into Being (Cultural Noise/Bizarre Ko.Ko.Ko. – Aphorisms Insane/00 Time 2CDr)
- Seesselberg – Auszug Aus Einem Konzert In Der Düsseldorfer Kunsthalle 1971 (Synthetik 1 CDr)
- Cellutron & The Invisible – Parisian Frequency Shift (Reflecting On The First Watch, We Uncover Treasure Buried For The Blind CDr)
- Conrad Schnitzler & Gregor Schnitzler - Pro 2 (Conrad & Sohn CDr)
- André Almuro - Phonolithe (Musiques Experimentales CDr)
- Thomas Arras - A.B.C. (V/A – Anthology Of Dutch Electronic Tape Music: Volume 2 (1966-1977) 2CDr)
- Jocy De Oliveira - Wave Song (Estorias Para Voz, Instrumentos Acusticos e Eletronicos CDr)
- Juan Hidalgo - Etude De Stage (V/A - Creelpolation 3CDr)


Notes From Chaos, before takes a break till September, apposes and picks for your listening delight a plethora of the American electroacoustic musician, composer, producer and distributor Keith Fullerton Whitman's bootleg music label Creel Pone's catalogue. A label which concentrates on obscure, trippy, rare, less known or unknown electronic music from early 50s to mid 80s varied from academic and aleatoric (sic!)  to more pop-ish directions. All of which released as limited fac-similé edition CDRs from 50 to 100 copies with a silver foil-stamp on the crystal-clear resealable polypropylene compact-disc sleeve. Label started 2005 and continues till nowadays and can be found on Broken-Music mail-order distribution store operated in Australia ( https://broken-music.com/).

Get some culture & till September...

If anyone's interested for doing a DJ mix or providing a track(s)/album(s), contact me here: otomohava@hotmail.com

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/NotesGuestsFromChaos
Mixcloud Page: https://www.mixcloud.com/Otomo_Hava

In Memory Of Pierre Henry (1927 - 2017)

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