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Author Topic: wanted items: will pay crazy sums of $$  (Read 1613 times)
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« on: November 22, 2010, 02:04:28 AM »


here's a list of some stuff i'm looking for. it's all pretty obscure and
realllly rare. but, just in case anybody out there has any of these or knows
where to find 'em...

1.  gland shrouds [alias for lemon kittens (karl blake/danielle dax) project].
offer: $1000.00 per cassette. includes the following DIY cassette titles:

    a. staff in confidence/toyshop universal. 1979. cat # DI 3. daark inc label.


    b. animal dance. 1980. cat # DI 4. daark inc label. uk

    c. your animals. 1980. cat # DI 5. daark inc label. uk

    d. everyone wants to win. 1981. cat # DI 6. daark inc label. uk

    e. furtive cheats. 1981. cat # DHSS2. DHSS label. uk

    f. a telescope in the sky. 1981. DHSS3. DHSS label, uk

    g. morgue dreams (released under alias "homunculus"). 1981. DHSS4.  DHSS
label. uk

2.  various artists. "estado de la nacion". cassette. 1984. cat # PMP9. issued
in spain (?). features danielle dax, lydia lunch, laibach, 10,000 maniacs,
whitehouse, red crayola, savage republic, jazz butcher. offer: $1000.00.

3.  various atists. "dance hits". double vinyl lp. 1989. cat # FILP20. label:
frazer finnlevy. finland. features danielle dax, bananarama, nina hagen, de la
soul, fine young cannibals, swing out sister. offer: $300.00

4.  certain live performances (bootleg) by the following groups (ask if i am
interested. some i may already own); will also do trades:

    a. amal gamal ensemble (featuring members of coil, shock headed peters,
guapo, miasma. alabama 3, cyclobe, arkkon). offer: $300.00 per concert

    b. the reflections [1981-82 DIY post-punk group w/ mark perry (atv), karl
blake, dennis burns, etc]. offer: $500 per concert

    c. shock headed peters (karl blake). offer: $300 per concert

    d. gae bolg/seven pines (eric roger, karl blake). offer: $300 per concert

    e. sol invictus (2006 or earlier). offer: $75.00 per concert

    f. left hand right hand (andrew brown, tim brown,karl blake). offer: $300
per concert ($500.00 for concert from "page of madness" performance)

    g. danielle dax. offer: $50.00 per concert

    h. lemon kittens. offer: $500.00 per concert

5.  various test pressings by the following (offer: $50.00 per test pressing):

    a. shockheaded peters

    b. danielle dax

    c. sol invictus

    d. the underneath (karl blake)

    e. lemon kittens

6.  danielle dax. "inky bloaters". cassette. 1987. cat # AOR13CS. awesome
records. uk. offer: $500.00

all the best...jay
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