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Author Topic: Satan 88 "Satanicommand" (Outsider Music Part 3 of 3)  (Read 606 times)
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« on: March 29, 2017, 01:35:03 AM »

This is part 3 of 3 of our presentation regarding the outsider black metal sub-genre this label has invented and created for the world. I thank everyone for their cooperation. Obviously there is more knowledge but I don't think the internet can handle a part 4 or 5 without some break. People exist that are either not ready, or unable to be unplugged and deprogrammed from the globalist pyramid of manipulation.

To recap.

Part 1 – Various “right-wing” labels exist today selling materials and advancing a movement who's owners have been replaced by the CIA/globalists or where puppets to begin with. The reason this is done is so that they can define the construct of racism within the spectrum of political correctness. The purpose of these labels is to brainwash and discredit people.

Part 2 – Such online metal databases like metal archives and discogs.com exist to indoctrinate people with a type of Autism, to thus weaken their inner spirit. To demonstrate this, the word “Deplorables” was purposefully typed incorrectly on many graphics and nobody noticed until this was done in an old English typeface similar to the Bathory logo. People have slowly become conditioned to distortions of the Alphabet, soon these people will be unable to read standard roman letters. This corrosion of the brain/psi-ops campaign will be dissected in greater detail at a later date by a yet unknown industrial project for the Lunar Heathen Front sub-label.

Part 3 will now explain black metal as a whole.

Satan 88 & Granatus are the project of a man, a visornary from Brazil who has invented the idea of Hitlerist-Futurism and further moved black metal away from it's original Communist intent into the outsider realm. To understand Satan 88 & Granatus, you must understand what it is these projects stand against.

The idea of Christianity is a mass manipulation/perversion of Zoroastrianism. All Abrahamic religions are a product of the Globalist mass conspiracy. Black Metal is a subject of this, and was originally created to worship Satan. Satan is an Abrahamic (thus Globalist) construct and Øystein Aarseth was an agent of the Globalist conspiracy. The goal of  Deathcursh was to hijack black metal and fuse the worship of Satan with Communism in an attempt to create a liberal grievance culture within the Scandinavian music similar to what we have in the United States.  Had he not been murdered, black metal bands of today would sound very similar to such leftist avant-garde projects & punk bands as Henry Cow or Crass. These projects would create a fake counter culture to brainwash the youth, spewing out endless releases to spoon feed to the sheep that would be their audience. Eventually this would fuse with the other prong of their plan (discussed in part 2) and thus create a group/scene/sub-culture/tribe of people whom are then primed for Assimilation into the man-machine conscious being built by Elon Musk as we speak. This will lead to thought control, the denigration of the human species, implementation of a progressive/mixed racial cosmology and overall ex-communication of the lower classes/regular people to appease the New World Order in their worship of an all seeing masonic eye for their unknown secret religion.

Satan 88, Granatus, this label and the entire outsider black metal movement is the resistance to these things. By purchasing these products/supporting this band you are taking the first step to spiritual freedom. Upon listens to this music, slowly the veil of reality will recede and you will understand the world as it really is. Winter Solace will eventually flood the underground with more Propaganda related to these concepts.

SolaceDCD001 - Satan 88 "Satanicommand" - Pro Diamond DCD. $10 USD
- All tracks on one release. See links below for samples.

All tapes are 5 USD per tape.

Solace201 - Aryan Wood "Magic Forest" – Sample
Solace245 - Satan 88 "Satanic Fury" -  Sample
Solace246 - Satan 88 "Tormentor" -  Sample
Solace247 - Satan 88 "A Vingança De Satanás" – Sample
Solace248 - Satan 88/GBNS "Heil!" - Samples:  S88GBNS
Solace251 - Granatus "Acriores Qvippe Caedes" -  Sample
Solace252 - Granatus "The Blood Preserver" - Sample
Solace253 - Granatus "Vt Svperivs Dictvm Est" - Sample
Solace254 - Granatus "Satvrnvs" -  Sample

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